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NomadiX Media in the DOOH landscape

  1. NomadiX Media in the DOOH Landscape DOOH MEDIA SYSTEMS www.nomadixmedia.com PCT/ GB 2010001978
  2. What is Digital Out Of Home Advertising (DOOH)? • Out of home (OOH) advertising refers to marketing and advertising targeted to consumers when they are “on the go” in public places, events and specific commercial locations. • Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) is a flexible medium that allows consumers engagement, generally focused on place-based networks in venues and outdoor. • Typically, DOOH networks refer to screens, kiosks, e-board as well as mobile screens such as the ones offered by NomadiX Media.
  3. What is Digital Out Of Home Advertising (DOOH)? Don’t get things mixed up! DOOH is certainly nowhere close to a television outside the home. It is a 3D environment where consumers experience situations and are engaged in interactive brand experiences.
  4. What is DOOH all about? •The essence of Digital OOH is being constantly connected to consumers. •It is essential to know: •Where they are •When •What they want •What they do •Where they go •This is what NomadiX Media does best! •Move with the audience •Take the message directly to them
  5. What is DOOH all about? • NomadiX Media occupies a unique position in the DOOH advertising landscape and specializes exclusively in digital roaming media platforms. • Nomadix i-Walker is the most sophisticated roaming media in the market to date. It has all the features a traditional digital signage platform has to offer, including centralised content distribution, timely content scheduling, secured feedback loop and the latest in the DOOH technologies such as inbuilt camera, automated audience measurement and augmented reality with the added value of portability.
  6. Trends •Digital out of home has changed the Out of Home advertising landscape over the last few years. •However, it is only since recently that the technology has started to take off to another level. •The DOOH experienced issues in the past and showed limits in terms of standardised measurements, isolated networks and bad metrics. •This is now over with the creation of features and softwares such as Automated Audience Measurement. •Digital technologies have dramatically changed products, OOH devices and industries.
  7. Trends • Have a look out there! • Digital screens now recognise faces and are able to adapt content accordingly • NomadiX Media, with the launch of the new i-Walker, is helping this growth and has integrated the latest DOOH features that allow optimised digital campaigns and accurate metrics.
  8. Not to forget ROI! These new ways of monitoring and measuring data allow a real efficient return on investment as brands are able to reach their specific target audience at the right time in the right location.
  9. Why choose DOOH? •Brings traditional advertising “to life” •Cost efficient •Flexible •Huge creative potential •Eye-catching and engaging •Innovative •Target people by location •Target audience by circumstances •Target by time and day •Target by segment •Accurate metrics and instant reporting available