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Pharmaceutical Marketing Case Study2

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This is about how to differentiate and improve our brand.

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Pharmaceutical Marketing Case Study2

  1. 1. Index No 0000026619 M W Niranjan Somathilaka Business Development Manger Titan Pharmaceuticals
  2. 2. Titan Pharmaceuticals  Our Mission To be the premier, innovative biopharmaceutical company  Our Purpose Innovate to bring therapies and Medicines to patients that significantly improve their lives. Our Values  Customer focus  Community  Respect for people  Performance  Collaboration  Leadership  Integrity  Quality  Innovation
  3. 3. Brand Name – DIPOT Molecule – Diaclofenac Potassium Relieve pain and swelling (inflammation) from various mild to moderate painful conditions Tablets – 50 mg Tablets Target Doctors – Rheumatologist Dental Surgeons GPs
  4. 4. Brand Name – ESOME Molecule – Esomeprazole Proton pump inhibitors (PPI)are used for the prevention and treatment of acid-related conditions . Tablets – 20/40 mg Target Doctors - GI Surgeons Physicians GPs
  5. 5. Brand Name HI-Vit Molecule- Multi vitamin  Multivitamin product used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency due to poor diet, certain illnesses, or during pregnancy Tablets – 50mg Target Doctors- Pediatricians Physicians Surgeons GPs
  6. 6. Brand Name - COLOCLEAN Product – Colon Cleanser Coloclean is use for flush everything out of intestine to get it clean and completely empty. 100ml Bottle Target Doctors – GI Surgeons VOGs General Surgeons Oncho Surgeons
  7. 7. Brand Name – SARTEL Molecule Name – Telmesartan  Telmisartan belongs to a class of drugs called angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs). This medication is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Tablets 20/40 mg Target Doctors Cardiologist Physicians GPs
  8. 8. Brand name Manufacture Local Distributer Strength Price Pack Size Diaflam Dankos Labs.Indonisia Hemas 50mg 17/= 5x10 s Maxit Hilton Pharma, Pakisthan Sunshine 50mg 20/= 2x10 s Klodic Nabiqasim Industries, Pakisthan George Steuart 50mg 7/= 10x10 s Cataflam Novartis, Turkey Baurs 50mg 37/= 10x10 s Klic Tabros Pharma,Pakisthan Associated Laboratories 50mg 20/= 2x10 s There are 16 diaclofenac potassium brands registered in srilanka. It is 16th top selling molecule in worldwide. In year 2011, 1.61 billion US dollar worth tablets has been sold in international market. During last few years there are huge transformation in diclofenac pottasium, now days it is available as  Extended release tablets(ER)  Delayed release tablets(DR)  Intravenous(IV)  Ophthalmic and many more. Diclofenac exists in two forms - the sodium salt (diclofenac sodium) and the potassium salt (diclofenac potassium). Each has the same amount of diclofenac base - the main difference is that diclofenac potassium is slightly more soluble in water than diclofenac sodium. So Diclofenac potassium is generally considered to be more quickly absorbed and have a faster onset of analgesic activity than diclofenac sodium..
  9. 9. Brand name Manufacture Local Distributer Strength Price Pack Esome Getz Pharma,Pakisthan Hemas 20mg 40mg 22/= 38/= 2x7 s Nexpro Torrent,India Edna 20mg 40mg 29/= 53/= 10x10 s Espra CCL Pakisthan CCL srilanka 20mg 40mg 38/= 14x7s Esomac Okasa Pharma,Pakisthan Breath Free Lanka 20mg 40mg 18/= 3x10 s Eprazole Brooks pharma,pakisthan Mansell 20 40mg 47/= 4x7 s PPIs Opeprazole PentapazoleRabiprazole Esomeprazole
  10. 10. Multivitamin market in srilanka. Brand name Manufacture Local Agent Pack size Price Gardian Catalent ,Australia Sunshine 30 s,100 s 22/= Megavit Acme,bangladesh Mega Pharma 10x10 s 17/= Supervit Zure,Cyprus Canova 7x10 34/= Zincovit Apex,India Baurs 15x2 s 14/= Zegavit Kalbe,indonisia Hemas 10x5 s 22/=  Vitamin products promoted as neutraceuticals  There are 53 products available in sri Lankan market just as multi vitamin and minerals.  In India estimate growth value of neutaceutical market is 2731 million us dollar by end of 2016  There are many products are register under multivitamin, and Multivitamin with mineral supplement. Most of them are selling over the counter.
  11. 11. Product name Foam Content Local agent Manufactu re Price Ingredients Klean Prep Powder- Oral solution 4 sachets. Each 69g Hemas Helsinn Birex - Ireland 1414/= POLYETHYLEN E GLYCOL 59.0G,SODIUM SULPHATE 5.685G SODIUM BICA Fleet- Phospho soda Oral saline 45ml Ceyoka Fleet labs USA 679/= SODIUM PHOSPHATE SOLUTION USP 7.2g ,2.7g/15ml Unima Enima 133ml sunshine Unison, Thailand 220/= SODIUM BIPHOSPHATE 19GM+SODIUM PHOSPHATE 7GM  Bowel Cleansers Market in Srilanka
  12. 12. Bran Name Manufacturer Local Agent Strength Price Pack size Telday Torrent, India Hemas 40mg 19/= 10x10 s Tel OD Cadila, India Sunshine 40 13/= 10x10 s Tazloc USV Labs, India Hemas 40mg 18/= 3x10 s Evosart Pharmaevo, Pakistan CIC 20mg 32/= 1X10 S T Sar CCL,Pakisthan CCL 40mg 21/= 10 s,10x10 s  82 Telmisartan products(20/40mg) are available in srilankan market .  Another ARB Valsatan gradually penetrate the market.by today there are 10 valsartan 80/160mg poducts available in market. Both are angiotensine receptor blockers. Telmisartan's half life is much longer than losartan's  Both telmisartan and losartan were found to be safe and well tolerated.  telmisartan 40/80 mg is superior to losartan 50/100 mg in controlling DBP at the end of the 24-h dosing interval.  Telmisartan was also more effective than losartan in controlling SBP at the end of the dosing interval.
  13. 13. Promotional activities in Doctor Level  Events- Group meetings, Clinical meetings, Snacks meetings  Sponsorships – For foreign conferences , Annual sessions, Regional Sessions,  Academicals Contribution– Registers and Senior Registers  Foreign Medical Magazines, Medical Apps  Complement – Brand name printed Pen drives, wall clocks , tissue box ,Paper weights Promotional Activities in chemists Level  Designed table tops to place in pharmacy  Posters  Pens and T-shirts which brand name printed on  Attractive Bonus Plan(10 to 1,12 to 1)  Gift vouchers for purchasing officer in pharmacy for target quantity or value in each products.
  14. 14. Among all Five given products , Esomeprazole has more potentiality.  Growing Therapeutic segment. Age, Diet NSAID Cause  Latest Molecule Tolerability Rapid relief/Othe PPI  Market Growth Market position of value Annual Growth With all the facts here it has more chance to get highest market share rather than other molecules.