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Nina Carter 2015 Resume

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Nina Carter 2015 Resume

  1. 1. Nina M. Carter Program Management 1539 E. Wayne St., Fort Wayne, IN 260-418-6032/ninamcarter@icloud.com “You are ‘Extremely Brilliant’ and ‘Creative’…” LinkedIn Testimonial. See more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/nina-carter. Profile 5+ years of success with non-profit and government organizations such as the City of Fort Wayne. Results Include:  Increase web access for engineers at the City of Fort Wayne through digitalizing over 5000 essential records.  Started a non-profit organization that enhanced the lives of girls and women.  Authored and published a book called Extraordinary Parent, empowering single parents.  Completing a second Masters in Counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University while working full time. Experience Enforcement Specialist City of Fort Wayne NCE August 2014  Enhance health and safety by community involvement in face-to-face interaction as well as answering phones to assist NCE clients.  Accela Automation, Lagan, and Interaction Client operations.  Manage NCE code officers’ daily schedules and calendars. CEO/Founder Mirror Me Foundation, Inc. September 2011  Developed an organization with a primary focus to enhance the community through various programs and community involvement.  Generated marketing, financial, corporate, and feasibility reports.  Raised over $5000 in first year through fundraising, networking, and engaging donors. GIS Intern City of Fort Wayne August 2004  Direct liaison for access to scanning equipment and digitalizing software.  Collaborated with engineers to ensure balanced workflow and efficient organizational operations.  Managed data on all city hydrogens maintenance. Education Marion, IN Indiana Wesleyan University August 2011  M.S.M. in Health Care Administration, March 2013, GPA 3.7 Fort Wayne, IN Indiana University January 2008  B.S in General Studies, minor in Communications, December 2010, GPA 3.2