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Aadarsha talking pen

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Aadarsha talking pen

  1. 1. TEAM TIST presents…..
  2. 2. Review on….AADARSH TALKIN PEN
  3. 3. WHAT IS ADARSHA TALKING PEN?It’s a device with an in-built speaker, which USES LISTENING SKILLS along with traditional reading.
  4. 4. HOW DOES IT WORK? It uses MPR(Multimedia Print Reading Technology).When the MPR pen is held over a book that has been embedded with MPR codes, it activates the pre-loaded audio files. Now while students are reading a sentence, they will hear a pre-recorded voice.
  5. 5. Key Features In-built speaker Headphones Lithium ion rechargeable battery Microphone for recording USB cable for syncing 18 in-built languages
  6. 6. ADVANTAGES Aid the young and old readers to enjoy literature. Assist the visually challenged. Improve learning abilities of neo-literates. Help promote literacy in any language. Provide invaluable help for distance learning. Enhance expertise of trained teachers. Train the trainer. Develop IEC material to communicate with varied sections of society. Be a powerful tool for language study.
  7. 7. FLOW OF MPR
  8. 8. Advantages over competents:• Maximum efficiency• Perfect accent used in recordings
  9. 9. AWARDS WON LIMCA book of records TRAILBLAZERS innovators award Appreciated by NAB, NCERT and other prominent organizations
  10. 10. Cons High cost (Rs 5000-7000)
  11. 11. Pros All this without any support from the government
  12. 12. Rating For its innovation and uses,it gets a 4.5/5 …