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Lufft Resume v2 (1)

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Lufft Resume v2 (1)

  1. 1. 973-945-8134 LinkedIn: NicoleLufft nickmang13@yahoo.com - PROFILE Decade plus experience within the industry who leverages ability to build relationships with vendors and clients. Passionate about merchandise buying and execution in order to provide customers with the most meaningful shopping experience. Driven to elevate talent to ensure year-over-year business growth. EXPERIENCE Purchasing Manager and Sales Leader, The Dain Shoppe 2004-2013  Daily store management responsibilities; opening and closing, stock management, managed merchandising within the floor plan as well as window displays  Responsible for customer needs analysis to identify necessary inventory and stock; participated in trade shows for buying and trend spotting  Responsible for fulfilling special orders ACCOMPLISHMENTS  Cultivated Metro NYC vendor relations with: Walcoal, Eveden, Cosabella, Chantelle, Hanky Panky, Le Mystere, Simone Perele, NYDJ, Lysse, etc. to drive year-over-year sales 125%.  Initiated “Thong of the Month Club” in 2007 which led to 300+ clients  Launched shoppe’s Social Media Platform in 2009 for FaceBook, Instagram and Website blog  Elevated sales and customer service of 6-10 sales associates to maintain sales growth during 2009 recession  Nominated multiple years, including 2011, 2013 for Best Reference/Specialty Shoppe by The Best of Intima magazine. SKILLS  Client/Vendor Relations Management  Merchandise Forecasting/Purchasing  Event Planning/Management  Visual Merchandizing  Inventory Management  Customer Fulfilment  Social Media Marketing & Advertisement  Microsoft Office Suite  Visual Graphics Design CERTIFICATION  Certified Corsetiere and Bra Fitter EDUCATION Rowan University BFA, Graphic Design 2004 Captain of Soccer Team NICOLE LUFFT I N T I M A T E A P P A R E L E X P E R T
  2. 2. 973-945-8134 LinkedIn: NicoleLufft nickmang13@yahoo.com PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES Cathleen Earnhardt Owner, The Dain Shoppe (973) 539-7586 www.thedainshoppe.com www.facebook.com/thedainshoppe www.instagram.com/thedainshoppe Dodie Scharf Sales Manager, Walcoal Eveden Inc. Robert Foster (908) 902-9616 Senior Manager, Walcoal Eveden Inc. PERSONAL REFERENCE Randall Theerman Sales Manager, Macy’s Inc. (508) 579-8507 Randall.theerman@macys.com President, Theerman Consulting LLC www.theermanconsulting.com