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Open U Talk from the Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia

Founder of Institute of Financial Technologists, Mr. Paul Pong's, talk for MBA students at the Open University of Hong Kong. Outlining opportunities and effect from Chinese depositary receipt and weighted voting rights. Also urging the needs of lack of fintech talents in the industry!

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Open U Talk from the Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia

  1. 1. Journey to CFT for Financial Technologists
  2. 2. Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia (IFTA) is an NGO established in HK in Sep 2017 Witness of ITB, HKMA, FSTB, and City of London Collaboration agreement with the CFT UK for the first CFT certificate program to Asia About IFTA
  3. 3. Founders of IFTA Wilson Kwok Paul Pong Andy Chung
  4. 4. Recent Trends in Finance & Technology Industry
  5. 5. $897B $760B $738B $721B $532B TODAY Technology Industry Trends
  6. 6. Rank Company Market Cap (Billions USD) Country 1 Apple 897.19 US 2 Alphabet 759.75 US 3 Microsoft 737.59 US 4 Amazon 721.01 US 5 Tencent 531.87 China 6 Facebook 528.49 US 8 Alibaba 465.11 China 14 Samsung Electronics 283.64 Korea Technology Industry Trends
  7. 7. FAAMG
  8. 8. Source : Bloomberg, 27/06/2018 AMZN GOOG FB AAPL MSFT FAAMG
  9. 9. Chinese Depositary Receipt
  10. 10. Dual-Class Share Structure Unequal voting rights Corporates have more control Investors more keen on capital gains Weighted Voting Rights
  11. 11. 2015 70 Unicorn 2016 52 Unicorns 2017 57 Unicorns Biotech companies Second Listing Win-win situation for corporates ,PE equities & investors Uprising Demand
  12. 12. Expanding Scope & Industries Proactive Government & New Regulations Rapid Growth around the World Rising Demand and Shortage for FinTech Talents Booming Fintech Development
  13. 13. Expanding Scope & Adaptation 82% expect to increase Fintech partnerships for next 3- 5 years 20% expect annual ROI on FinTech related projects 77% expect to adopt blockchain by 2020 88% increasingly concerned losing revenue to innovators Pwc Global FinTech Report 2017 : FinTech’s growing influence on Financial Services
  14. 14. FinTech Consumer Adoption Around the World “FinTech funding availability and regulatory support identified as key drivers for FinTech growth in ASEAN “ – EY, 2017 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% China India UK Brazil Australia Hong Kong Singapore “EY FinTech Adoption Index 2017”
  15. 15. Mainland China as most established FinTech market in the world The Mainland government supporting FinTech as to improve unbanked segments of the population Alipay subsidiary boasting more than 800 million registered users in 2016 Lufax, a p2p service, launched in 2012, and by 2016 the unit was valued at almost $19 billion Indian government demonetize 2 high denomination cash notes to crack down corruption and tax evasion Drastic change in payment behaviour: from cash to digital banking/fintech SoftBank invested $1.4 billion in parent company of Paytm, digital payment and ecommerce service , to hit 500 million customers by 2020 eMarketer estimates the number of smartphone users in the country will grow by 19.5% this year to hit 267.1 million.
  16. 16. Rapid Growth around the World “Venture capitalists, private equity firms, corporates and a number of other players have poured an unprecedented amount of money in the global FinTech start-ups.”- Accenture 2016 Global Fintech Financing Activity Number of > $50M Fintech Deals
  17. 17. Rising Demand & Shortage for FinTech Talents “The demand for [both Fintech development and regulatory commerce’s] candidates is high, meaning banks searching in this talent short market are finding it difficult to fill positions with people holding the necessary recent knowledge or skillsets.” – Hays Singapore, Nov 2017 “Unprecedented growth in fintech industry. Candidates with strong architecture skills would no doubt be in demand, even those who do not have experience working in Finance.” – Hays Japan “4 fintech trends: Blockchain, Robo Advisers, Mobile Wallets, P2P e-lending transforming recruitment in Asia” – Michael Page, Nov 2016 "The fintech sector's tightening labour market is a side-effect of its rapid growth. With stiff competition among recruiters, it's a seller's market for professionals with the most in-demand skills; they are now highly employable and can secure seize the opportunity to earn a big salary.” – Business Insider UK
  18. 18. Roles and Actions of IFTA
  19. 19. Focusing Building 3 Main Pillars Global Standard Highest Ethical Standard Innovation & Skill Set “Create a globally recognized standard for nurturing talents, unclosing international opportunities to Hong Kong talents, and promote development of the industry with the highest ethical standard“
  20. 20. Ethical Standard
  21. 21. Capacity building and uphold standards of FinTech field Share information on developments, concerns, and opportunities related to FinTech field Develop channels and networks to enhance the dissemination of FinTech-related information Assist interested parties to access FinTech professionals and local FinTech requirements Mission of IFTA
  22. 22. Corporate Founding Members
  23. 23. The qualification for FinTech The CFT Accessible globally, anytime, through any device 100% Online Price PointFinTech Qualification Meeting the demand for existing technologists within finance and the growing disruptive FinTech sector US$1,985 per level
  24. 24. Certificate in Finance and Technology Content Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Intro to Financial Services Derivatives Asset Management Debt Foreign Exchange Risk & Capital Equity Alternative Investments Data Science Project Management Payments & Cryptocurrency Enterprise Security Business Analysis System Architecture Cloud Computing Software Engineering UX Design Programming Languages Legend Finance subjects Technology subjects
  25. 25. Leadership Sanjay Bhandari, CEO, Co-founder Sanjay is a globally recognised leader in the technology space of financial companies. He runs training in finance and technology for the world’s leading organizations such as Credit Suisse, Nomura, RBS, Barclays and JP Morgan. Sanjay was head of technology at Fitch Learning where he helped develop finance and technology programs for the worlds’ global investment banks. Before this, Sanjay was head of the eTrading platform at Bank of America and worked at Merrill Lynch London where he built and maintained trading and risk platforms for their rates desk. Rob Woods, Commercial Director, Co-founder Rob is an accomplished financial trainer with 20 years of experience designing and delivering training programs to firms across investment banking, sales and trading, wealth management and asset management. These include Credit Suisse, Barclays, Nomura and Terra Firma. Rob majored in computer science and brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience that enables him to create tailored, focused course content and examinations that address the needs of technology staff within financial services companies.
  26. 26. Accreditation/Affiliation
  27. 27. Upcoming CFT Examination : 17 September 2018 Online Exam Online& Offline Study Materials Executed & Monitored by CFT UK Level 1 & 2
  28. 28. IFTA Recent Activities
  29. 29. C F T B O O T C A M P F E A T U R I N G M R . S A N J A Y B H A N D A R I C F T C O - F O U N D E R Exclusively Reserved for March 2nd-4th, 2018 9AM-5PM Registered CFT Candidates W HEN W HY JOIN? Expose to Relevant Knowledge for CFT Level 1 Networking with Your Peersin FinTech Industry Meet BusinessExpertsand Co-Founder of CFT
  30. 30. • CFT Founder Sanjay Bhandari • More than 100 attendees+ including special guests, exam candidates, general attendees, and staff Fintech & Blockchain Seminar and CFT Bootcamp
  31. 31. Insurance Authority SFC Meeting with 4 Regulatory Organizations MPFA HKMA
  32. 32. cftasia.org Thank you !