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Curriculum Vitae - Nico Knoesen

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Curriculum Vitae - Nico Knoesen

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e Nico Jacobus Knoesen 12 Zambezi Crescent Norkem park Kempton Park 1618 Mobile Number: 082 898 1122 Home Number: 082 898 1122 Email address: nico.knoesen@vodamail.co.za nicoknoesen@gmail.com PERSONAL INFORMATION Born on the 3rd of February 1985; South African Citizen Marital Status: Married Health: Excellent Driver’s license: Yes Dependents: One EDUCATION Matriculated in 2002 at Koster high school Subjects: Afrikaans English Technical drawing Wood working Business Economics Maths ABILITIES • Excellent command of English; oral and written • Afrikaans as mother language and matriculated from an Afrikaans high school • Good command of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio Outlook and SharePoint and SharePoint Designer infopath, metadata • Created and maintained Customer Operations SharePoint site on our Intranet. • Effective Business writing skills – diploma received from Dynamix. • Ability to work under pressure and without supervision. • Out of the box thinking • InfoPath designing • Workflow creation • Basic HTML Coding • SharePoint Error identification, investigation and resolution • Analyze requirements submitted by business, map and build on requirements • Identify new areas on an ongoing basis where SharePoint can be leveraged • Assist business with the migration of documents from file shares • Design landing pages for team sites on request from business. • Review sites for excessive complexity and suggest streamlined alternatives to business. • Monitor site usage, follow up on dormancy on a monthly basis, and contact site owner to determine status. • Ongoing research to determine what SharePoint can do. • Edit and customize pages using SharePoint Designer. • Troubleshoot corrupt Quick Launches using SharePoint Designer. • Assist users in setting up My Sites. • Creating InfoPath forms. • Development and support of solutions built using SharePoint. • Communication internally on updates and new releases within the departments
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e Achievements / Qualifications: • Matric - Koster High School • Effective Business writing (certificate) - Dynamix • Project management (Diploma) – Da Vinci • Core Solutions of Microsoft Bytes Technology SharePoint Server 2013 Bytes Technology SharePoint Site Collection Bytes Technology SharePoint Site Administration Bytes Technology • Excel level 2 Intermediate IT training institute • InfoPath Designing • SharePoint Site design and end user PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Current employment Employer: Lonrho LTD Position: SharePoint / Exchange O365 administrator Duration: August 2015 to Current Responsibilities SharePoint: • Maintain SharePoint Site Collections • Plan and apply recourse allocation per site collection • Understand existing processes within our Business Units • Develop solutions to decrease admin tasks and increase productivity • Design Workflows to assist administration of tasks • Design and implement Digital forms • Provide reports to show SharePoint uptake • Consult Digital Content Manager and provide solutions for storage • Develop Web parts according to Business Requirements • Train Backup Resource • Assist with Skills transfer • Configure and deploy Service desk (Ticket System) solution for Business • Configure and deploy HR system for Business • Configure Develop and deploy Project sites across Business Units • Develop and configure a purchase order application linked to workflow automation for the finance department • Develop and configures User On-boarding application and workflow for HR and Business Units • Maintain Access rights to Board sites • Configure Content document sets per Business unit/Site • Customize GUI for end users • Develop Nintex workflows • Maintain and streamline Nintex workflows • Update Nintex forms • Develop Nintex forms • Update Infopath Forms • Develop Infopath forms Exchange (O365) • Maintain Active directory • Creating of Users, Distribution Groups and Resources • Configure DirSync from local AD to Azure • AD Management • AD house keeping • AD Maintenance Reporting • In the absence of reporting mechanisms in the business I took it upon myself to understand PowerBI and its features and how it can be used to roll out to the business. We are now reporting on Purchase order, Service desk, Funds request and Group reporting. These reports are automated and configurable by the end user. • Phase 2 is to understand all databases used within our business and creating a central SQL database which will pull the information to a central point to start reporting on.
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Employer: Altech Autopage Cellular (Pty) Ltd Position: Knowledge Management | SharePoint administrator Duration: June 2012 to August 2015 Responsibilities: • Departmental SharePoint Administration for SharePoint site collections • Applying best practice to our SharePoint sites • Implementing of SharePoint governance within our division • Monthly reporting – Departmental and user uptake and access on SharePoint. • Administrating the Customer Service SharePoint site. • Managing of Webparts • Assisting when documenting process and tracking of progress of the project • Testing and implementing workflows on SharePoint to automate the processes Out of box thinking to ensure efficiencies are met in all departments • Managing of projects within our division using SharePoint as the platform. • Project management skills as needed to work with other departments to drive the rollout of changes and to get the buy in of staff on these changes. • Coaching / Mentoring SharePoint administrators in other departments to reach our goals. • Quality conscious on what we deliver as we only have one shot at doing so to get the buy in of our staff. • Strong written, verbal and presentation skills. • Planning, scoping, and organizing. • Multi task as needed with the administration part of SharePoint as well as mentoring staff on how to use the system. • Inherent project culture within the business. • Stress tolerance with the pressure form the business not only to meet expectations but also to deliver on targets set on executive level. • Communication skills at both staff and executive level • Operational decision-making. • Innovation and resourcefulness • Leading through vision. • Customer focused and sensitive to other ideas and suggestions. • Information monitoring. • Managing conflict with business to ensure that end vision and goals are met • Developing and building a successful team. • Delegating responsibility to team members within the project to ensure up skilling. • Drive execution with team to the business. • Building relationships and partner ships with other departments and project team members. • Contributing to team success. • Energetic. • Willingness to share information with team members and business which allows effective buy in and up skilling • Effective communication on executive level and to business. • Culture interpersonal sensitivity. • Work within a team and without supervision. • Trustworthy as I do have access to the entire platform and to sensitive information. • Ability to create and design forms on infopath • Database monitoring • Load balancing of servers • Implement of Search on sites • Managing search crawlers • Implementation of metadata on site collections. • Implementation of standard features of SharePoint and rollout of out of the box features. • Maintenance of Site creations • Monitoring of dormant sites. • Managing monthly governance meetings with networks as well as chairing monthly governance meetings with SharePoint administrators • Analysing business requirements and implementation of requests • Creative aspects in designing the UI that our internal clients access. • Demo sites and available technology to departments for implementation • Assigning permissions to site collections and implementing process to request access and approval thereof • Alert monitoring
  4. 4. 4 | P a g e Employer: Altech Autopage Cellular (Pty) Ltd Position: Partner Operations consultant Duration: June 2010 to June 2012 Responsibilities: Partner enquiries, requests, and credit vetting issues • Assisting our business partners when calling the contact centre • Assisting with account, retention, MNP, cancelation and general queries. • Liaising with management to provide pricing for retention quotes. • Providing retention references to the business partners. • Providing sim swop reference numbers to business partners. • Escalating queries to the networks for investigation and following up on the logged requests. • Ensuring adherence to turn around times. • Educating our Business partners on queries. • Providing feedback to our Business partners within the advertised turnaround time. • Assisting management with escalated queries through our business channels. • Assisting our regional offices with escalated requests and providing feedback. • Constantly improving means of communicating to our business partners as well as within the business and internal departments. • Providing feedback to our business partners with regards to new contract applications. • Liaising with our vetting department with regards to declined applications. • Assisting with process flows in the department to ensure maximum Service level agreement being met. Standing in as 2IC when the team leader is not available. • Providing statistics on the day’s performance. Ensuring SLA is met. • Ensuring that schedules are adhered to by staff members. • Assisting with ad-hoc queries from Management. Promoted internally to the Escalations HUB • Assisting internal client with resolving of escalations. • Dealing with networks on a daily basis to resolve escalated requests. • Reporting on a weekly, daily basis to management. • Processing of network ports. • Assisting our Business Partners on all escalations and ensuring resolution within confirmed SLA. • Assisting management on Root Cause Analysis on all escalations received and identifying trends in failures. • Standing in as Supervisor for the team of 5 when the Supervisor was not available. • Assisting Supervisors and Management on the monthly management reporting. Employer: Altech Autopage Cellular (Pty) Ltd Position: Electronic Administration Helpdesk Agent/ Customer service agent Duration: September 2007 – 1st of June 2010 Responsibilities: Administer E-Desk requests and enquiries • Acknowledge receipt of e-mail • Liaise with relevant department • Adhere to 24 working hour turnaround time • Update customers with progress • Log requests on SSS (in-house systems) and fax documentation where required • Liaise with other departments when required • Analyzing and managing staff resources to facilitate service delivery on various queues • Acting as a liaison between various departments in the company and the service team • Constantly improving means of communicating to clients as well as within the business • Following up on redirected queries • Ensuring customer satisfaction • Stand in team manager for a team of 20 when team manager was not available. • Liaising with management to improve (FCR) first call resolution • Assisting team members with escalated queries • Completing the daily attendance register • Compiling daily and monthly statistics for Directors Credit Control Collection Project GP005 • I recently started assisting with the collection project provided by the Credit Control department under GP005. I assisted with collecting monies due to Altech Autopage owed by clients on the overdue book. Customer service • Assisting clients that contacts the customer service line • Dealing with complaints routed from management and team leaders • Taking ownership of queries • Adjusting to the various changes within the department • Ensuring that I am updated with new products and services launched • Assisting with improving systems and process flows
  5. 5. 5 | P a g e • Ensuring FCR with every client that is dealt with Accounts help desk • Assisted our accounts helpdesk department with processing of credits as well as refunds. • Ensuring the clients received their requested credit and confirming with the client the relevant banking details. • Liaising with our finance department to confirm that payment was processed within the specified turnaround time. Ensuring customer satisfaction. Employment history Employer: Secure Group Position: Site manager Aucor Auctioneers Duration: 30 October 2006 to 11 May 2007 Achievement: Was the youngest site manager in the company Responsibilities: Ensuring all temp sites are covered Investigating theft claims Liaising with different companies and Police Rostering Managing over 30 security officers General banking duties for the Auction Company Dismissing and hiring of security officers Dealing with payroll and payroll queries Assisting in seizing of property and goods by the bank Opening and closing of temporary sites Employer: Secure group Position: Control room operator Duration: 15 November 2005 – 27 October 2006 Responsibilities: Ensuring that all sites are covered with security officers Ensuring that all hourly reports are done Relaying all instructions from management Dealing with pay queries Rostering of security officers Managing over 300 security officers Client liaising Issuing of firearms Managing of company vehicles Employer: Corps of commissioners Vodafone UK Position: Control room operator Duration: 13 September 2003 to 15 May 2005 Responsibilities: Arrange bodyguards for CEO’s and MD’s of Vodafone UK Relaying instructions from Management Following up on instructions Client liaising CCTV Monitoring Control room operator Employer: Metso Minerals Position: Reliner Duration: 1st January 2003 to 31st of August 2003 Reason for leaving: Went to work in the United Kingdom _______________________________________________________________________________________________ REFERENCES Name: Shawn Pretorius Position: Call Centre Manager Organisation: Altech Autopage Cellular (Pty) Ltd Tel: (011) 650 5060 Name: Gillian Palmer Position: Manager Affinity Help desk Organization: Altech Autopage Cellular
  6. 6. 6 | P a g e Tel: 0116503470 Name: Gavin Weanie Position: Executive – Customer Service Organization: Altech Autopage Cellular Tel: 0116502128 Name: Maans Knoesen Position: Reliner Organisation: Metso Minerals Tel: 0783926403 Name: Theuns van der Merwe Position: Control room operator and Site manager for Aucor Organization: Secure group Tel: 0827731206 / 0118261876