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Advanced Health And Nutrition Webinar

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Advanced Health And Nutrition Webinar

  1. 1. Welcome to “The Advanced Health and Nutrition” Webinar - Presented by Nick D’Urso
  2. 2. Please wait… the presentation will start in a moment
  3. 3. Introduction “The Advanced Health & Nutrition Webinar” Email: advanced@TheNutritionalSource.com
  4. 4. What is The Nutritional Source? “The Nutritional Source is a website where we can offer you detailed health related information in a fun way, with real research from credible sources.”
  5. 5. “Why not make learning about health, FUN?” After all your HEALTH is probably the most important thing in your life!
  6. 6. So who is Aron? Avid runner and fitness professional 10 years experience in health and fitness Collegiate boxer and member of National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA) Motorcycle Ducati 899 Penigale and outdoors man (camping, baseball, rock climbing)
  7. 7. Who is Nick? Healthy Food Activist - Teach how to eat right 4 years - Experience in health and training with a background in diabetes Avid weight trainer and fitness enthusiast. Snowboarding and riding my motorcycle
  8. 8. The Purpose? Is to help you and a lot of people looking for some help whether it is to lose weight or just gain more knowledge on health, fitness. We have worked with personal trainers at well known gyms to help clients lose 10 -15 lbs. by eating the correct foods and working out properly. Tactics and information I provide to you today can teach you: 1. Simple strategies to help build your health and proper eating techniques 2. If you implement these strategies on your own, you will begin to see results
  9. 9. Today’s Agenda 1. 5 Everyday Foods You Need To Cut Out Of Your Diet 2. Developing Healthy Eating Habits 3. Gain Support, Accountability and Motivation For The Gym 4. 5 Apps To Help You Stay On Track With Your Health 5. Advanced Health and Nutrition Forum
  10. 10. My Promise to You
  11. 11. “It’s our passion to help you lose weight, get fit, and have access to highly researched information to live the life you deserve.” Sarah Sarah’s Story
  12. 12. “I know I'm buying all healthy foods because the label says so!” I know “cardio is super important” I know I need to count calories because i can lose weight when i eat almost nothing.” Sarah Sarah Is it because I am getting older and my metabolism is slowing down? She asked? “What am I doing wrong?”
  13. 13. Sarah Depressed Embarrassed Hated Diet Chart
  14. 14. 1. No Carb Diet 2. Exercise at Gym
  15. 15. Sarah Jazzercise Zumba Body Pump Boot Camp
  16. 16. Here at The Nutritional Source, I was able to tell Sarah that the formula for successful weight loss is really only 20% exercise, and 80% what you eat. Sarah Nick
  17. 17. “It’s almost like a trap, you go to the gym, you think you are eating right, but yet you lose some weight, then it comes back, or you just can’t seem to get ahead at all.” So, today I want to show you some foods to cut out of your diet that will help you maintain your current weight, and even help you lose weight and avoid health problems down the road.” MODERATION means MODERATION. Once in a While
  18. 18. 5 Everyday Foods You Need To Cut Out Of Your Diet 1
  19. 19. Processed Meats
  20. 20. Processed Meats
  21. 21. ​Artificial Sweeteners
  22. 22. ​ Artificial Sweeteners Try and stay away from anything “FREE” foods and drinks
  23. 23. CANDY
  24. 24. CANDY If you notice in the commercials, they NEVER EVER let you know that this candy is artificially flavored.
  25. 25. Dark Chocolate and Cacao can be added to your oatmeal, cereal, and stuff like that
  26. 26. White Floured Foods
  27. 27. White Floured Foods causes you to store excess fat because of the high sugar content.
  28. 28. White Floured Foods Harmful Ingredients ● Processed salts ● Preservatives ● Trans fats (like hydrogenated oils) ● High fructose corn syrup ● And others
  29. 29. Fried Foods
  30. 30. Fried Foods “These foods are just a ridiculous source of trans fats and also contains a cancer causing substance called ACRYLAMIDE” Not just cancer, but diabetes, obesity, & high blood pressure the list goes on.
  31. 31. Developing Healthy Eating Habits 2
  32. 32. “​ The Little Known Secret To Eating Healthier” Nutritional Source is filled with healthy information to help you out with picking the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones
  33. 33. Avoid Fast Food Replacing dangerous trans fats with healthy fats (such as switching fried chicken for grilled fish) will make a positive difference to your health. Now, Switching animal fats for refined carbohydrates, such as switching your breakfast bacon for a donut, isn’t going to lower your risk for heart disease or improve your mood. Make your right choice now.
  34. 34. Avoid Packaged and Processed Food Manufacturers often hide large amounts of sugar or unhealthy fats in packaged food, even food claiming to be healthy and even organic. “Some natural products will have high fructose corn syrup and companies will argue that since it comes from corn, it’s healthy,” ​ Read the labels
  35. 35. No sugar added​ products Contains added ingredients like maltodextrin which is a carbohydrate. Add berries to breakfast cereals, eat fruit for dessert, and snack on vegetables such as carrots, snow peas, or cherry tomatoes instead of processed snack foods. You gotta Eat plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables
  36. 36. Gain Support, Accountability and Motivation For The Gym 3
  37. 37. Find your “Workout Buddy” A study from the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University surveyed married couples who joined health clubs together.
  38. 38. Download the Nike + Running App Find your “Workout Buddy” ● Tough Mudder ● Spartan Race ● Different types of 5k’s and marathons
  39. 39. 5 Apps To Help You Stay On Track With Your Health 4
  40. 40. My Fitness Pal 1
  41. 41. 30 Day Fitness Challenge 2
  42. 42. ​ Nutrition Data by soft sysdroid 3
  43. 43. FitBit 4
  44. 44. Evernote 5
  45. 45. These are just a few of the tactics I use…
  46. 46. Advanced Health and Nutrition Forum It’s something that we use to cultivate like minded people like yourself to connect everyone with certified professionals such as dietitians, personal trainers, nutritionists, and more. 5
  47. 47. 1. You expect results without effort This is not for you if: 2. Believe that you have no control over your health situation
  48. 48. 1. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired 2. You are sick of counting calories and points 3. You are ready to make a serious investment in your personal health 4. You are ready to learn a new way of thinking about food and exercise 5. Have health concerns such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, and / or diabetes
  49. 49. What’s Inside? So here is what the forum looks like… Topics includes… • Health • Nutrition • Fitness • Supplements • Weight Loss And tons more….
  50. 50. The Price
  51. 51. $59.99
  52. 52. PAYMENT OPTION #1 FIRST 40 people THIS WEEK ONLY you will get the membership for $19.99 per month!!
  53. 53. PAYMENT OPTION #2 3 months for $119.94 just $43.18 -- That’s a 28% savings
  54. 54. PAYMENT OPTION #3 12 months for $239.88 just $143.93 -- That’s a 40% savings
  55. 55. Here’s what you need to do next… Click the get started button right now Complete the checkout process Check your email Begin your journey!
  56. 56. This won’t be open forever
  57. 57. 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
  58. 58. Let’s Recap everything you are getting “The Advanced Health and Nutrition Forum”
  59. 59. Bonus #1 Access to my team
  60. 60. Bonus #2 Exclusive Meal Plan with Recipes
  61. 61. Bonus #3 1 year membership to our private Facebook group
  62. 62. 1. First 40 people THIS WEEK ONLY will get the SPECIAL price of $19.99 per month!! 2. 6 months for $119.94 just $43.18 -- That’s a 28% savings 3. 12 months for $239.88 just $143.93 -- That’s a 40% savings RECAP
  63. 63. 14 Days Money Back Guarantee RECAP
  64. 64. FRIENDLY WARNING 40 % Discount -- END OF THIS WEBINAR Enrollment won’t be open much longer
  65. 65. Q&A TheNutritionalSource.com/notes
  66. 66. Q&A TheNutritionalSource.com/notes
  67. 67. Q&A TheNutritionalSource.com/notes
  68. 68. Q&A TheNutritionalSource.com/notes
  69. 69. Q&A TheNutritionalSource.com/notes
  70. 70. Q&A TheNutritionalSource.com/notes
  71. 71. Q&A TheNutritionalSource.com/notes
  72. 72. Q&A TheNutritionalSource.com/notes
  73. 73. Q&A TheNutritionalSource.com/notes
  74. 74. Q&A TheNutritionalSource.com/notes