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How Software Developers Can Tansform Organisations

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Managers and executives go crazy about agile and digital transformation, but it's the superhero software developers who are the key enablers of successful transformation. This talk was presented at XP2017 in Cologne.

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How Software Developers Can Tansform Organisations

  1. 1. How Software Developers Can Transform Organisations Nick Tune - @ntcoding
  2. 2. @ntcoding THE AGILE TRANSFORMATION DANCE Credit: Capital United Entertainment
  4. 4. @ntcoding “[company] send their developers to regularly spend time on farms understanding their users [farmers]. Melissa Perri @lissijean
  5. 5. @ntcoding “Consistently the best source of new ideas are the developers!... Good teams ensure their engineers contribute to make the product better Marty Cagan @cagan
  6. 6. @ntcoding How can you become a superhero developer who transforms organisations?
  7. 7. Transforming Your Perspective #1
  8. 8. THE PROJECT FROM HELL - Continuous meetings - Constantly blocked by other teams - Blamed for missed deadlines - Nobody is happy Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/flydime/4671890969/
  9. 9. @ntcoding “I wish the managers would do their job and fix all these problems so I can write some beautiful code -- Ex-colleague
  10. 10. @ntcoding Don’t wait for managers. You already can fix business and organisational problems.
  11. 11. Becoming an Organisation Designer #2
  12. 12. @ntcoding “If the architecture of the organization is at odds with the architecture of the system, the architecture of the organization wins -- Ruth Malan @ruthmalan
  13. 13. @ntcoding “Domain-Driven Design should really be called “boundary-aware design” Mathias Verraes @mathiasverraes
  14. 14. @ntcoding Bounded Contexts Resubmit Case Management Ratepayers Caseworkers Review Renegotiate
  15. 15. @ntcoding Bounded Context Clues • contextual language • data: flow, ownership, uniqueness • domain expert boundaries • core to business strategy • business process steps
  16. 16. @ntcoding Problem Solved Resubmit Renegotiate Review Ratepayers Case workers
  17. 17. @ntcoding Organise to Eliminate Bottlenecks Resubmit Case Management Ratepayers Caseworkers Review Renegotiate
  18. 18. @ntcoding Use Theory of Constraints to create autonomous teams by identifying bottlenecks.
  19. 19. @ntcoding DDD = model hypothesis ToC = model validation
  20. 20. @ntcoding Finding Service Boundaries: The One Rule that Matters… Maximise your ability to frequently deliver and get feedback ntcoding.co.uk/blog/2017/01/finding-service-boundaries-one-rule
  21. 21. @ntcoding “We had 10 teams… we analyzed the bottlenecks… we ended up with 3 teams… lead times improved massively Anna Dick, Coop Digital @Dixi_chick
  22. 22. @ntcoding BoundedAutonomy Contexts MS UI UI Product and tech things that change together for business reasons, owned by a single team.
  23. 23. Becoming a Continuous Organisation Designer #3
  24. 24. @ntcoding “Organisation design is a fundamental, continuing process, not a repair job Naomi Stanford @naomiorgdesign
  25. 25. @ntcoding Operating Context Always Changes Management Context Optimisation ContextMVP
  26. 26. @ntcoding “Trade off collaboration costs [between teams] with innovation speed, based on current organisational needs Matthew Skelton @matthewpskelton
  27. 27. @ntcoding Discovery Team & Highly-Aligned ‘Tribe’ Management Context Optimisation Context MVP Campaigns Tribe
  28. 28. Becoming a Superhero Tech Strategist #4
  29. 29. @ntcoding To design the best strategy, you need to unwind all assumptions and understand the real problem
  30. 30. BINGO! We found the real problem. Photo: Bad Boy Bingo
  31. 31. @ntcoding Understanding “The Business” Business Vision Business Strategy Product Strategy Organisation Design Technical Strategy - Mission statement - Vision Statement
  32. 32. @ntcoding Salesforce.org Mission Statement Salesforce.org is based on a simple idea: leverage Salesforce’s technology, people, and resources to help improve communities around the world. We call this integrated philanthropic approach the 1–1–1 model…
  33. 33. @ntcoding Understanding “The Business” Business Vision Business Strategy Product Strategy Organisation Design Technical Strategy - Business Model Canvas - Wardley Maps
  34. 34. @ntcoding Understanding “The Business” Business Vision Business Strategy Product Strategy Organisation Design Technical Strategy - Product Strategy Canvas - User research/testing - Impact Mapping
  35. 35. @ntcoding Understanding “The Business” Business Vision Business Strategy Product Strategy Organisation Design Technical Strategy - DDD - Theory of Constraints
  36. 36. Customer segments Customer relationships Channels Value propositions Key activities Key resources Key partners Cost structure Revenue streams Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur
  37. 37. @ntcoding Why use tools like BMC? • Learn to think like business/domain experts • Learn to talk like business/domain experts • Create company-wide shared vision • Understand what really is core to business
  38. 38. @ntcoding To create the optimal strategy, you also need a wide understanding of the current landscape
  39. 39. @ntcoding Creating Wide Understanding - Show and tells - Cross-team pairing - Cross-functional pairing - Event storming
  40. 40. You are Now Transformed… #5
  41. 41. @ntcoding Theory of Constraints, Business Model Canvas? My manager will never let me try that stuff…
  42. 42. @ntcoding Time to Transform - Learn Theory of Constraints - Learn Business Model Canvas - Run workshops in your organisation - Think of the pyramid - [optional] wear a superhero outfit
  43. 43. @ntcoding Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lizswezey2/15314187570 YOU NOW HAVE SUPERPOWERS
  44. 44. @ntcoding Want More? - ntcoding.co.uk/blog - Becoming a Tech Strategist - bit.ly/2qCcyTg - ntcoding.co.uk/workshops @ntcoding ntcoding