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Sustainable 3D Printing

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Thinking of purchasing your first 3D printer but not sure where to start? Already own one but feel it’s underutilized? This talk is dedicated to ensuring that 3D printing at your library is successful and sustainable! This short presentation offers tips for training staff, developing programs and services for the public, marketing your library’s 3D printer and communicating value to your stakeholders.

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Sustainable 3D Printing

  1. 1. Sustainable 3D Printing Nick Tanzi, Assistant Director of Technology Services Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library
  2. 2. Evaluate your library before selecting a 3D printer  What do I plan on doing with it?  Programs * Services * Displays  Which materials?  Will the printer travel?  What is my budget?  How tech savvy is my staff?  What is my library’s mission statement?
  3. 3. Tips for training staff  Division of labor  Everyone doesn’t need to know everything  Develop a limited number of “printer whisperers”  Take advantage of online learning opportunities
  4. 4. Marketing your 3D printer  Don’t hide your printer!  Consider a public display  Make it mobile  Reach out to hobbyists  Tabletop miniatures  Model railroad fans  Time-lapse video  iPad + tripod + social media
  5. 5. Programs & Services  Consider a broad range of ages  Include classes in design  Tablets can improve ease of use  Not just “printing”  3D Scanning  Assembly  Lectures & Demonstrations  Art shows  Public Printing Service
  6. 6. Communicating Value  Library 3D print services can be a cost-saver!  Compare to commercial sites (e.g. Sculpteo)  Educational applications  Introducing a 21st century manufacturing process  Entrepreneurship  Prototyping  Engage with the business community
  7. 7. Shameless Plug "Libraries that are not yet offering digital services would be well served by Tanzi's book. Those wishing to enhance patron experiences with digital resources are guaranteed to find inspiration.” Library Journal *Starred Review*
  8. 8. Contact Nick Tanzi ntanzi@communitylibrary.org (631) 399-1511 ext. 398 the-digital-librarian.com