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Addressable TV 101

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The what, how, and why of addressable TV.

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Addressable TV 101

  1. 1. Addressable TV Overview
  2. 2. Addressable TV 101  What is Addressable TV?  Addressable TV Marketplace  How does it work?  Why Addressable TV?  Attribution  Efficiency  Engagement
  3. 3. What is Addressable TV?  2 of the 8 minutes of advertising per hour are dedicated to addressable TV.  Households with addressable TV capabilities viewing the same show will see different ads.  Addressable TV is a marketing practice that uses household-level analytical profiling and segmentation to deliver TV ads to your prospects. Addressable TVTraditional TV Households viewing the same show see the same ad Households viewing the same show see different ads
  4. 4. Addressable TV Market Place Current Marketplace • Comcast: 18 million • DirecTV: 12 million • Dish: 6 million • Cablevision: 3 million Through strategic partnerships, DataLab has access to the full 39+ million universe. 39+ Million Households
  5. 5. How does it work?  The software sits inside the DVR (set-top-box) allowing the network provider to serve custom ads to that household  There is no additional activity required by the viewer to view the ad to them it is just a normal commercial. Regardless of what programming they are watching they will view the ad.  To identify the households, the addressable network provider subscriber database is matched against a third party database to identify which households will receive a commercial Current Customer Set Top Box ID: 90024 100 Main St. Bob Smith High Propensity Prospect Set Top Box ID: 90026 300 Main St. Mike Johnson Current Customer Set Top Box ID: 90025 200 Main St. Jane Doe High Propensity Prospect Set Top Box ID: 90027 400 Main St. Sarah Davidson
  6. 6. Why Addressable TV?  Closed Loop Attribution  Knowing who was selected and saw the commercial makes it possible to match the campaign to CRM data for clear attribution.  Efficiency  Less media waste – as only highest propensity prospects are targeted.  Engagement  Homes receiving addressable TV ads tuned away 38% less than homes that received non-addressable advertising.* *Statistic based on a Kantar Media Study
  7. 7. Please contact Nick Lockard for more information 240-243-1941 nlockard@datalabusa.com