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Nichole R. Andrews Resume2

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Nichole R. Andrews Resume2

  1. 1. 65 Regal Drive Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852 732-558-6448 Nikki4God@gmail.com NICHOLE R ANDREWS SUMMARY In applyingfor this positionI will be using extensive knowledge and experience that I have acquiredinmy18 + years in the healthcare system andmytrainingas administrative medicalassistant. I have developed a broadknowledge and understanding regardingmedicalinsurance, medicalterminologyandcustomer service. Myexperience working for the last 5 years inhospital financial services, patient registration, billing and collections. Utilize mypatient service andinterpersonalskillsto provide the highest level of care for the patient. SKILLS & ABILITIES  Proper use of ICD-9 andICD10, CPT and HCPCS codes  Proper use of Insurance Verification, Precertification andBilling  Current HIPAA Compliance  Strong verbal andwritten communication skills withsupportive service skills with levels ofmanagement  Advocating for Patients withInsurers, Abilityto communicate effectivelywithclients empatheticallywhile maintainingprofessional boundaries.  Analytical thinking, planning  Organization and Prioritizationskills  Problemanalysis, use of judgment andabilityto solve problems efficiently.  In-depthknowledge of performingallcollectionrelatedprocesses at same time maintaining exceptional customer relations.  Hands-on experience in verifying accurateness ifinsurance anddemographic data, and managing denials andrejectedbillsaccordingly.  Proven record of maintaining professional knowledge of all state andfederal regulations for all insurance types.  Typing speed60 wpm EXPERIENCE PSYCHIATRIC ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 06/2015 TO Present Participate in planningand executionof Psychiatric service’s efforts as andwhen required. Define andcultivate services providedby Psychiatrist including use ofelectronic media (i.e. website, PowerPoint). Participate and contribute to anyandall special projects or duties definedbythe Coordinator of Psychological Services. Responsible for fulfillment ofinformationrequestedof this agencyby outside agencies, inaccordance withcontractualandHIPAA requirements. Responsible for physical records management withtyp ing up initialevaluation and the progressnotesfrom MedicationMonitoring. Coordinate withPrimarycounselors and medicalpersonalon clients care. Callinginandelectronicallysend over prescriptionfor clients to pharmacies. MonitoringMethadone andBenzodiazepine Clients withdailyreports. Coordinate withbilling Clients insurance and funding source. Identifiesandsolve incongruent demands in keepingwith our core valuesinmind. FINANCIAL COUNSELOR, PRINCETON HOUSE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH 06/2013-03/2014 Assist patients inseeking alternative financing and /or assistance; provides support to patients incompleting financialstatements, Medicaidandother federal program applications, andfiling of applications. Establishing payment plans and collection ofpayments. Provides patient educationof financial policies;provides ongoing support for Point-of-Service initiatives:focuses onuninsured, underinsured and credit risk patients. Document actions taken, answer inquires involvingindividualaccounts, andresearch esproblem accounts to assure resolutionfor payment. Exhibit role model behavior and provide excellent customer service at all timesto both internal andexternal customers. Interacts effectivelywithPatient Accounting, Medical Records, Nursing, Care Coo rdination, andother Admittingco-workers to ensure patient billing questions are answeredin a timelymanner. As a Financial Coordinator I demonstrated
  2. 2. Page 2 computer system proficiencyand specific technicalability/skills inreporting, tracking capabilities/spreadsheets anddatabases. PATIENT ACCESS REP PART TIME, PRINCETON MEDICAL CENTER 05/2012-09/2013 Obtains insurance eligibility, benefits for inpatient and outpatient, scheduled and nonscheduledvisits. Updates demographic andinsurance informationin system as needed. Initiates collectionprocess bycontacting patients/representatives about date of service deductibles, coinsurance andcopayments. Establishes financial arrangements with patients accordingto policy. Primarydocumentation source for access andbilling staff. Interacts ina customer focusedandcompassionate manner to ensure patients andtheir representative’s needs are met, andthat they understandthe medical center’s policiesfor the resolution ofpatient financial liabilities andthe various available payment options. INPATIENT INTAKE REP, THE CHILDRENS SPECIALIZED HOSPITAL 07/2011-11/2012 Supported clinic operations bychecking in patients at front desk, verifying demographics and insurance information, obtaining referral/authorization, collectingcopay/deductible, schedulingappointments, enteringdailyclinic charges and other front d esk functions. Interacts with members ofthe professional staffandancillarypersonnel ina professional manner. Acts as liaison between physicians, nurses andpatients. Interacts with patient and patient familymembers ina professional manner. Helps develop and maintaincamaraderie betweenall office coordinators. Works throughandsolves patient issues professionallyandina timelymanner. Follows proper protocol in contacting direct supervisor whenquestions or problems arise. Verifies andupdatespatient demographic and guarantor informationensuringclean claims processing. Verifiesinsurance benefits/eligibilitythroughIDX or other means when necessaryandmanuallylooking at the patient's insurance card ona monthlybasis. Verifytype of insurance and identificationof financial class. A/R BILLING SPECIALIST, ROBERT HALF TEMP @ MEDICOR CARDIOLOGY 11/2010-02/2011 Using codeddata to produce and submit claims to insurance companies. Workingdirectlywith the insurance company, healthcare provider, andpatient to get a claimprocessed and paid. Reviewing andappealingunpaidand denied claims. Verifyingpatients’ insurance coverage. Answered patients’ billingquestions. Handlingcollections on unpaid accounts. Managingthe facility’s Accounts Receivable reports. THIRD PARTY BILLING REP, PRINCETON MEDICAL GROUP OB/GYN 01/2010-07/2010 Responsible for collecting, posting and managingaccount payments. Responsible for submitting claims andfollowingup withinsurance companies. Prepares andsubmits clean claims to various insurance companies either electronicallyor bypaper. Answers questions from patients, clericalstaff andinsurance companies. Identifies andresolves patient billingcomplaints. Preparesreviews andsends patient statements. Evaluates patient’s financial status andestablishes budget payment plans. Follows andreports status of delinquent accounts. Reviews accounts for possible assignment andmakes recommendations to the Billing Supervisor, also prepares information for the collectionagency. SECRETARY I/II & ADMINISTRATIVE ASSITANT, ADECCO TEMP @ UMDNJ 1/2005-4/2007 & 3/2008-12/2008 Preparedandorganized paperworkand other materialsas neededfor meetings, conferences, travel arrangements and expensesreports. Maintained office scheduling and event calendars. Composed, typed, anddistributed meetingagendasand minutes, routine correspondences andreports. Set upandhandledincoming mail and office filing systems. Collectedandcoordinatedthe flowof internal andexternal information. Managedoffice equipment and office space. Establishedthe administrative work procedures for trackingstaff’s daily tasks. PATIENT ACCESS & ACCOUNTING REP, EXPEDITIVE TEMP 07/2007-03/2008 Performedper-qualificationof third partycoverage of predefinedprocedures. Managedbillingandfollowed upwith third partypayers and patients for services. Handledclerical tasks. Followed uponaccounts withoutstanding balancesinappropriate manner. Assistedin
  3. 3. Page 3 the compilationandfollow-up ofpatient surveyresponses. Executedmonthlyreports. Handled inwardclient andpatient requests INSURANCE COORDINATOR/ MEDICAL A/R REP, MCKESSON HBOC 03/2004-08/2005 As a Medical Collector followed uponclaims frombillingthroughfinal resolution. Reviewed and prepare claims for electronic and hard copybilling submission. Identifyandcorrect billing errors andresubmit claims to insurance carriers. Reviewedandremittance advice for payment errors, denials andunder payments and Initiate appeals when necessary. Act cooperativelyandcourteouslywithpatients, visitors, co-workers, management andclients. EDUCATION RUTGERS UNIVERSITYCONTINUING EDUCATION ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST MEDICAL CODING & BILLING Presentlyattendingpart time graduate in December 2015 RARITAN VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE SOCIAL WORK ATTENDED Obtained23 credits towards mydegree. SOMERSET VOCATIONAL & TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA 1995 Obtaineda Diploma inHealthOccupations. I learnedhands on how to care for patients takingvitals, height and weight, drawing blood, CPR. TECHNOLOGY SKILLS MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), Affinity, IDX, Medical Manager, Sunrise Disease Manager, Nextgen, Primesuite, Banner Oncore, Sql, EMR, Passport, Navinet, NJSAMS, SMART, 270 and271 for Patient registration, Practice Fusion EHR