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ELIXIR Webinar: Introducing TeSS

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This presentation was recorded as part of the ELIXIR Webinar series and can be viewed at http://www.elixir-europe.org/documents/elixir-webinar%3A-introducing-tess-february-2017 - The presentation covers an introduction to the ELIXIR Training platform TeSS - some of it's features, functions and future works. It also has a whistle-top tour of Bioschemas - the group developing schema.org for the Life sciences.

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ELIXIR Webinar: Introducing TeSS

  1. 1. www.elixir-europe.org/excelerateELIXIR-EXCELERATE is funded by the European Commission within the Research Infrastructures programme of Horizon 2020, grant agreement number 676559. TeSS: The ELIXIR Training Portal Niall Beard Carole Goble, Teresa Attwood, Susanna Assunta-Sansone Finn Bacall, Milo Thurston ELIXIR Webinar series 2pm GMT - 15th February 2017
  2. 2. ELIXIR Platforms + Use Cases
  3. 3. ELIXIR: A (very) distributed infrastructure for Life science information
  4. 4. Institutions and organization providing training materials, courses, and eLearning + many, many, many more
  5. 5. Training discovery platform v0.0.1 Aka, Google it
  6. 6. Great discovery tool… •If you know the specific name of the thing you’re looking for (e.g. ‘EuBIC Winter School’). •Not so great if you just want to see what proteomics related events are available
  7. 7. The Long Tail of Training Resources Number of websites Volumeofmaterials Large institutions and repositories >30 training resources Significant online presence Favoured by search engines Smaller websites <30 training resources Often buried in search results
  8. 8. Quick TeSS Overview • Aggregation and registration of training events and materials • Tools to filter, search, and discover • Users can organize into packages and training workflows • Interlinking with other ELIXIR registries • ELIXIR Node ‘shop window’ view • https://tess.elixir-europe.org
  9. 9. TeSS Materials index page Filter By: Content Provider Scientific Topic Tool Standards Policies Target Audience Keyword Difficulty Level Author Contributor Licence ELIXIR Node Search for text and order results
  10. 10. Link to other resources (from ELIXIR registries and other)
  11. 11. Subscribe to calendar feeds
  12. 12. Embed in your sites using iAnn widget
  13. 13. Visual Workflows • Developing workflows to represent typical data analyses. • Attaching tools, training, and other resources to each stage.
  14. 14. Registry integration • Associate TeSS resources with bio.tools and Biosharing.org resources. • Search for all training materials about a specific tool, standard operating procedure, database etc. • Tool-centric search
  15. 15. Usage statistics •From 33 Content Providers • 244 Upcoming Events • 5900 Past Events • 569 Materials •1 completed workflow (EMBER) • Construction of 3 new workflows underway • Many existing workflows being converted to TeSS format soon •541 users in past month • 4,704 since analytics began Jan 2016 •Workshop feedback surveys have reported some attendees discovered the event through TeSS
  16. 16. TeSS summary •Primarily Aggregated + some registered Materials and Events • Search and Filter features to help discovery • Training workflows to help educate and navigate • Subscription services to consistently keep people updated • iAnn events widgets to expose in other websites • Integration with bio.tools and biosharing.org • ELIXIR node views to show what •Upcoming: • More curation tools community aided annotation, automated • Collaboration with BD2Ks training portal • More integrations with other information services •Datasets, Containers, VMs
  17. 17. Aggregation – Not a very API situation
  18. 18. Medium/Small sites - Manual entry
  19. 19. HTML scraper • Difficult to write. • - Every site is unique • - Some have more treacherous HTML • Very susceptible to change • - Fixing is re-implementing. • - Build up of technical debt http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server100/367cc/p <p>Mon, 27 Feb 2017, 12:00 –</p>
  20. 20. Enter: Schema.org
  21. 21. Metadata model ie. Recipe type
  22. 22. <div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Recipe"> <div itemprop="nutrition” itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/NutritionInformation"> Nutrition facts: <span itemprop="calories">144 kcal</span>, </div> Ingredients: - <span itemprop="recipeIngredient">800g small new potato</span> - <span itemprop="recipeIngredient">3 shallot</span> . . .
  23. 23. <script type="application/ld+json"> { "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": ”Recipe", "name": ”Potato Salad", “NutritionInformation”: { "calories”: “144 kcal”, "recipeIngredient”: “800g small new potato”, "recipeIngredient”: “3 shallot” . . .
  24. 24. Tools to parse
  25. 25. Tools to parse
  26. 26. Mark up using schema.org – Google Markup Helper
  27. 27. Mark up using schema.org –Google Markup Helper
  28. 28. TeSS can then parse the schema.org structured data
  29. 29. Other ways •By hand •By one of the many CMS extensions •Many online tools
  30. 30. What is Bioschemas • Developing schema.org specifications to work for Life sciences • Proposing amendments and new schemas to be able to describe Life science resources. • Events and CreativeWork (materials). Also for tools, data, data repositories Image: http://bioschemas.org/
  31. 31. Minimum information Controlled vocabula Cardinality Data model New properties
  32. 32. Bioschemas compliant Bioschemas compliant API API
  33. 33. Special thanks to TeSS and Bioschemas’ collaborators, our guinea pigs, and community TeSS Team Finn Bacall Milo Thurston Aleksandra Nenadic (past member) Susanna-Assunta Sansone Teresa Attwood Carole Goble Thanks to The ELIXIR Training Co-ordinators Rafael Jiminez Martin Cook Premysl Veselyk Gabriella Rustici Dominique Batista Christof De Bo Alex Botzki + Many more https://tess.elixir-europe.org and http://bioschemas.org