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Young Marketers Elite 3 - Assignment zero - Đình Giang + Phúc Hậu + Văn Hiển

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Young Marketers Elite 3 - Assignment zero - Đình Giang + Phúc Hậu + Văn Hiển

  1. 1. Group 4 Assignment Zero Young Marketers Elite Development Program 3 #DinhGiang #PhucHau #VanHien 1. Consumer Insight 2. Market Research 3. Brand Positioning 4. Brand Communication 5. Brand Activation 6. Brand Innovation
  2. 2. 1. CONSUMER INSIGHT Marketing was born to make product become brand, proposing consumer a relevant & inspiring choice . Marketers can only do this when we understand the consumer at the highest level - Insight Some basic definitions + Need: The basic human requirements which are consumer’s desires for a product’s or service’s specific benefit, whether that be functional or emotional. + Want: The desire for products or services that are not necessary, but which consumers wish for. Someone will need food but may want a hamburger, fries and a soft drink, but someone else will also need food in just the same manner but will also want a mango, rice, lentils and beans. Wants are therefore shaped by one’s society and surroundings. + Desire/dream: A sense of longing or hoping for a person, object or outcome. When a person desires something, their sense of longing is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of the item or person, and they are motivated to take actions to obtain their I am thirsty, I need to drink water I want softdrink Pepsi is my choice • Need, want, desire/dream • 4 key steps for consumer understanding • What is Insight • Why do we need insight? • How does good insight look like? • Insight exploration technique
  3. 3. Four keys step for customer understanding Information Understanding INSIGHT Action About what people think and do Develop understanding why human do it Get INSIGHT to to find out what business can do to satify need and desired Put these solutions into business operations
  4. 4. What is INSIGHT ? In: deep inside, emotions, expectation, dream, fear Sight: what we see outside, behavior, habit, attitude --> Insight is a penetrating understanding which provides hooks or clues that lead to brand building opportunity Brand’s consumer insight is formed from three elements: consumer truth, category truth, brand truth/product truth . - Apple: A lot of time people don’t know what they want until you show it to them - Nike (Find Your Greatness): There is a fat kid in all of us.Working out is good for all of us, no matter what your own personal goals are. We don’t have to push to win a gold medal to be motivated to get out there and run. - Benylin (Take a Benylin Day) : Having a cold really sucks, trying to fight through it and get to work really sucks, I know in the back of my mind I should call in sick and get better - Oreo Double-Stuff : Children love what they instinctively discover for themselves Examples
  5. 5. Why do we need insight From consumer understanding “when women are out drinking, they want to loosen up and have fun but stay in control and look sophisticated, Bacardi Breezer produces a kind of product (less alcohol), pack design (nice, elegant), bottle design (long bottleneck), price (high)… Example:Insight is very important because it is the guiding principle for all marketing activities such as : brand positioning, brand communication, brand activation, portfolio planning, innovation, trade marketing…
  6. 6. How good insight look like Fundamental truth Deep emotional drivers Personal Category specific 4 factors that create a good insight Fundamental truth Category specific Deep emotional drivers Personal. Example Whenever i stay up late enjoying over-night parties or fried food, i feel hot inside my body which makes me uncomfortable. I am in need of a product that can help me cool down my body so that I can play happily without being worried about my health (Dr Thanh) Whenever i stay up late enjoying over-night parties or fried food, i feel hot inside my body which makes me uncomfortable a product that can help cool down my body play happily without being worried about my healthI am in need
  7. 7. Insight exploration techniques Why we have to use these techniques to find the insight? Consumer is such as an iceberg and we only see 20% outside of them. What they say is completely different from what they do, we can not directly ask the consumer to find out their insight. Those techniques will help us find the answer to why they do what they do. 1. Word Associations Records the first thoughts that come to a consumer in response to brand Ex: What will consumers think when talking about Pepsi: blue, young spirt, …. 2. Collage Building Ask respondent to assembles pictures that represent their thoughts/ feeling about brand 3. Personification Ask respondent to quickly pick the shape that they most associate with whatever or whoever you are exploring. Then ask for feedback about their choices- that is, what make the shape they picked the most appropriate choice 4. Third party projection Ask 3rd people (not loyal to any brand) to compare their feeling about two brands that they have know ( are using or have used) 5. Plan Exercise Ask people to imagine a brand as a planet. What is the the colors of that planet, how about people in that planet look like .. 6. Sentence Complete
  8. 8. 2. MARKET RESEARCH MARKET RESEARCH Methodologie s Desk Research Quantitative Qualitative Source of Data Primary Secondary Client Request Syndicated Customized Definition Market research is an organized and systematic way of finding answer to question; its aim is to reduce the uncertainty & to measure performance. Role • Define research problem • Devise best way to obtain meaningful information • Provide such information • Support management decisions Types • Definition, roles and types • Brand Development Process • Syndicated Research • Customized Research • FGD/Concept test/Advertising test
  9. 9. BRAND DEVELOPEMENT PROCESS Advertising development/ Media campaign planning - Product testing - Packaging research - Pricing research Product development - Advertising pre-testing (qual/quant) - Media research Sales forecasting Launch - Retail audit - Distribution check - Customer satisfaction - Qualitative U&A - Quantitative U&A - Segmentation Concept development - Concept test (qual/quant) - Desk research -Brand tracking (continuous U&A) Re-launch / Extension - STM - Test marketing Market, brand, consumer understanding & opportunities
  10. 10. SYNDICATED RESEARCH is conducted by the market research agencies serving for multiple companies with the same need, interest RETAIL AUDIT • Retail audit is the continuous tracking of product movement through retail outlets, volume movement plus in store activities. • Providing us the opportunity to:  To measure the internal efforts of Sales Team, Trade Team.  To monitor the market trending and to measure our performance vs. competitor via key facts • Key factor types CONSUMER PANEL • Consumer Panel is also the continuous tracking of the sample to measure and observe consumer behaviors. • Providing us the opportunity to understand about WHO- WHAT-WHERE-HOW MUCH at the final consumer level. It can tell us how many consumers buy your products, how often they buy them and how loyal they are • Key factors: • Penetration: the percentage of a brand/product users. • Consumption: to increase the consumption, we can increase the pack size, net weight … • Share of requirement: the percentage of a brand/product loyal users. o Volume/ Value sales o Volume/ Value share o Volume/ Value share of trade o Share in handlers Volume/ Value o Numeric/ Weighted distribution o Net Weighted distribution o Numeric/ Weighted out of stock Distribution o Stock share o Forward stock o Reserve stock o Stock cover day Stock Off-take/ SPPD/ Consumer Support Niche market, having loyal users Good product, good brand equity, market leader Potential, low frequent purchase SOR Penetration
  11. 11. CUSTOMIZED RESEARCH is specifically conducted for a SINGLE company and the result is proprietary for that company. U & A • U&A research is a research to understand about consumer usage and attitude toward the product/brand/category. • It’ a valuable tool to provide a comprehensive picture for segmentation. Some methodologies for U&A: Quant, qual to have user profile, Screening, Brand/Advertising awareness … • When conducting ATTIUDE research, we will the brand attributes list – key drivers to impact on consumer usage/behavior. In which, the attribute and driver will be in important rating. EXAMPLE In Energy Drink (ED) category, the key brand attribute is ENERGY KICK. And ED is the competitive and stable category, ―ENERGY KICK‖ is a must-have attribute. The new brand with that attribute tapping into this category will lost the uniqueness and competitiveness. And if it is the new category, the brand building on that attribute is important BRAND HEALTH TRACKING • Brand Health Tracking is to understand about the health of brand: awareness, brand equity, loyalty,.. • Providing us the opportunity to: (1) Monitors performance of your brand over time vs. competitive set (2) Identify the impact of all aspects of media mix.. (3) Informing what‘s next for the plan. • Some BHT models: (1) Brand pyramid: the connection between consumer and brand (Presence  Relevance  Performance  Advantage  Bonding). (2) Brand signature: define the strength, weakness of brand (3) Brand map: the full picture of market, our brand and competitor.
  12. 12. FGD/CONCEPT TEST/ADVERTISING TEST GROUP DISCUSSIONS …are the primary interview approach used in qualitative research They provide: • free flow of debate • interchange of ideas • flexibility • an environment which encourages discussion Standard groups are normally: • 6 - 8 people • 2 hours long • conducted in a dedicated viewing facility ADVERTISING TEST Qual research recommended at early stage of creative development to: • Provide understanding of how different ad approaches are working • Identify which is most likely to be effective when developed to final film stage • Provide guidance as to any improvements required • Since qual research diagnostic rather than evaluative should never be used to ‗authorize‘ production of final film • Though not appropriate as communication check, group discussions run amongst target consumers are most commonly used approach CONCEPT TEST Need qual to: • Understand how concept is working e.g. relevance, uniqueness, credibility, coherence etc of proposition • Explore potential expressions • Sort stronger concepts from weaker ones • Refine best concept(s) prior to Quantitative Concept test  Concept most likely to succeed in quantitative concept test  to check whether an idea has potential and is worthy for further development
  13. 13. Leverage your organization‘s strengths Give you a competitive advantage through differentiation Inspire, energize, and mobilize your people. BRAND IS A PROMISE Manifest itself in your organization‘s products and services Address important consumer needs Drive organizational decision, system, action & process BRAND AND THE ANSWERS OF HOW does brand does WHAT it does HOW brand create VALUE& INFLUENCES WHAT brand does = ART + SCIENCE of identifying & fulfilling human physical & emotional needs by capturing attention, dreams long enough to create business value. BRANDING 3. BRAND POSITIONING
  14. 14. • Identifying & fulfilling human physical & emotional needs: provide specialized product for men and the masculine fragrance for them. • Capturing attention, dreams long enough: Looking, feeling and smelling masculine can build up the confident for men. • Create business value: bring profit for business. • What X-men does?  The perfumed men’s shampoo with masculine fragrance for the elegant and confident men. • How X-men does ?  The leading men shampoo in Vietnam market. • How X-men create values and influences?  X- men – The real man. EXAMPLE
  15. 15. BRAND POSITIONING TO WHOM WHAT NEED WHY BELIEVE HOW DIFFERENT OUR TARGET Who is your core target? - What is the appropriate insight? - What is consumer problem we are addressing? OUR PROMISE - Key things to look into: consumer insight, product features, rational/functional benefit, emotional benefit - Challenge yourself to find a point of difference where you can win against your competition OUR RTB - Rational truth (attributes & association) - what the head says - Emotional truth (values & personalities) – what the heart says OUR UNIQUENES - The driver of every part of the organization connected to the brand - Key things to look into: Personalities, products & services, consumer view, internal beacon BRAND POSITIONING FORMULA Man and woman 18-30 suffering the heat inside body due to beer, smoke, fast food, polluted environment… and It affects to health and appearance (acne..) DR THANH – RTD TEA The need of purifying and cooling the body to bring back the balance Tea + 9 royal herbs (9 loại thảo mộc cung đình) Aseptic Technology The new taste/flavor in RTD Tea besides the core – lemon taste. The 1st brand tackle the inside heat.
  16. 16. BRAND KEY …is a tool to capture a brand‘s future desired positioning and what we want to build. It‘s including what the brand does, how it does, and what‘s its uniqueness. BRAND KEY PROVIDES: 1. Direction: for all marketing activities 2. Focus: the brand cannot be mass for everyone, and we need to make decision. 3. Consistency: keep the same image on how consumer will see the brand – especially for global brands. 4. Inspiration for all working on the brand. HOW TO BE A EXCELLENT BRAND KEY: FOCUS - STRETAGIC INTENT – SALIENCY - SIMPLE 1. Root strengths: The perfumed men‘s shampoo with masculine fragrance for the elegant and confident men. 2. Competitive environment: Romano, Nivea, Axe,.. 3. Target: 14-25 year old men, seem to be cool, and want to be masculine, attractive toward women. 4. Insight: Mating is also a key factor to make me more masculine, confident in life. 5. Benefit: + Functional: masculine perfumed fragrance. + Emotional: Be more confident and attractive 6. Value, belief & personality: cool, confident, masculine, sexy, attractive 7. RTB: men specialized product, perfumed fragrance, cool/bold packaging, communication 8. Discriminator: It‘s a masculine brand 9. Essence: Đàn ông đích thực – The real man. X-MEN BRAND KEY
  17. 17. Ways to create BRAND COMMUNICATION IDEA 1. Common Interest: Coming from a shared voice ,something that you can relate to ,being the same shoes 2. Something completely different: Going against the category norms; Addressing something in a different way 3. Speaking the same language: Communicating in a way language that our target will get 4. An insight: Finding that real human truth. Something that people may not know they’re thinking. 5. Authentic: Showing real world situations, that people say that could be me Samsung – Underwater selfies Having a cold really sucks, trying to fight through it and get to work really sucks, I know in the back of my mind I should call in sick and get better  Benylin : Take a Benylin Day Midnight is a time when drunk-driving accidents triple  Uber Safe : You drink, We drive Brand communication” is the rope building relationship between "brand" and target customers. EXAMPLE FiFa World Cup: 32 countries – 32 flags are represented in the World Cup  Coca Cola “The happiness flag” Volkswagen's Think Small 4. BRAND COMMUNICATION
  18. 18. Role of communication Is to enhance the great stuff and conceal the weak elements. Communication works with current motivations and trends. Communication must follow brand positioning and keeps evolving hence. It is important to learn from the current masters & not just follow the old norms. Why brand communication is important ? Brands are valued based on the influence they have on people & inflence is created across a few of the 6P – COMMUNICATION IS ONE CRITICAL ELEMENTS."
  19. 19. Integrated Brand communication (IBC) Integrated Brand Communication (IBC) IBC is a new way of developing brand communication which is designed to help us deliver our objectives and therefore get a better return on our investment. Communication IBC should: - Be integrated around a SINGLE idea. - Encompass ALL touch points with the consumer. - Exploit the idea across the most APPROPRIATE channels, and be phased, to meet OBJECTIVES. - Have planned-in TALKABILITY. The big idea which translates the Brand Essence from the Brand Key into a communication theme The single minded creative idea that plays out in all executions over a defined period of time and is objective led. Cover all of the communications activities Key elements of IBC Brand Communication Idea Campaign Ideas Campaign Executions
  20. 20. 50% 70% 60% 90% CLIENT BRIEF CONTAINS (Written by client, to brief agency) Business background; Market competition Consumers; Brand strategy Marketing plan; Requirement for agency Budget; Timing AGENCY BRIEF CONTAINS (Written by agency, to brief creative team) Get (Target Consumer) Who (Detailed Target Consumer Profile) To (Call to what Action) By (How communicate) The Brief 9 COMMON WRONG BRIEFS 1. Rumor briefs – verbal brief without any writing down 2. Faceless briefs – brief without facing, easy to misunderstand 3. Cut, copy & paste briefs – hurried, not thought through 4. Jungle briefs – too much information, not single minded key message 5. Jargon briefs – dull and full of client jargon 6. Fat briefs (broad objective) – too broad 7. Prison briefs – no creative freedom, too many mandatories 8. Blind briefs – using fancy words, but impossible to deliver 9. Warehouse briefs – the brief could be for any brand
  21. 21. Evaluating creative work (for client side) Prepare for it Get it ( idea& execution ) - Is it based on an insight? - Does it “release” the message, and speak to the product/ brand truth? - Is it interesting and fresh? - Can it lead to executions in many media? Feel it Love this idea or not, base on emotional judging at first Check it - Is it on brief? - Is it on brand? - Attention? - Comprehension? Spark it
  22. 22. Example: The Magic of Flying - British Airways Challenge When flying to Europe, many travellers think first of those airlines which position themselves primarily as low cost carriers. BA want to communicate both the breadth of its destinations and its competitive prices Insight For most of us, our first experience of how special flying is happens when we are kids Idea Give a way to bring back to people the amazing experience flying is at a time when it has become normal Communication idea The Magic of Flying
  23. 23. 5. BRAND ACTIVATION Brands should have clear actions to prove what they have talked on advertisements. Therefore, many brands are using activations to build popularity and give the consumer an experience that will make them feel a real personal connection to the company. “Advertising is about communicating promises Activation delivers on those promises” = Bring a brand to life ROLES of BRAND ACTIVATION 1 Changing the way consumers see our brands Changing the way those consumers behave Influencing their purchase behaviour 2 3 Pirelli Tires relies heavily on a strategy built on key partnerships with F1 grand prix events, in order to promote its tires as being high performance. Because F1 racing circuits are associated with high performance vehicles and expert driving, having the name and logo as a part of these events emotionally engages all fans of racing and changes way consumers see Pirelli brand (premier, more quality, etc… Compaign “All people wear qualified helmets” of Clear Vietnam encourages people to carefully choose and wear qualified helmets. To have the ticket of “So good” music concert organized by KFC on Dec 2015, consumers have to buy a “So good” combo
  24. 24. Brand Experience = the meet of Consumer Channels Brand+ + “Speakable Billboard” in “Share a feeling” campaign of Cocacola met the consumer’s need (I don’t want to feel bored when waiting at a traffic light), was conveyed through the right channel (crossroad Nguyen Van Troi and Tran Huy Lieu) and brought Cocacola brand to consumer (Open happiness).
  25. 25. BRAND ACTIVATION PLATFORM A physical or emotional space in consumers’ lives that enables the brand to interact in a distinct and meaningful way. A brand should define activation platform to: keep consistency, keep focus, keep relevancy MAKING LOVE PLAYING SPORTS BRAND ACTIVATION IDEA A creative theme derived from the Activation Platform, that can work across different channels, to achieve the brand’s marketing and communication objectives Consumer Immersion Brand Immersion Activation Platform Marketing Objectives Analyze what consumer do through 24h a day to find the “touchpoint” where brand can jump in Desired change in consumer behavior Criteria for choosing “Brand activation idea”: 1. Fit with Activation Platform 2. Attention (Will the idea cut through? How involving is it for the consumer?), Branding (Can the activation idea be intrinsically linked to the brand?) and Communication (Will it achieve the marketing and communication objectives for the particular brand activity it is intended to support? Is the key insight identified well addressed in the idea?) 3. 360 Degree Approach
  26. 26. BRAND ACTIVATION CHANNELS Social network (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+,…) Newspaper, magazine, PR Online website Word of mouth… Definition: A system or method that is used to interact and give customer integrated brand experience to bring the spirit of brand to customer’s life in a distinctive way ACTIVATION’S SEQUENCE Invitation Experience Amplification Maximizing awareness of the Brand Experience among the RIGHT consumers A motivating and meaningful Experience for consumers that reflects the essence of the brand and delivers against objectives Driving the Experience to achieve impact and reach with a much bigger audience Ex: Romano VIP Activation – Dinner in the sky (on Nov 2015 in Vietnam) Send Invitation throug: Advertorials in leading titles, radio, In-store posters, Regional PR, LCD elevators 1 dinner party in the sky Make amplification through: Youtube, Advertorials in leading titles, PR
  27. 27. RECAP by 1 example Sheer driving pleasure The joy of driving with the values: innovative, aesthetic and dynamic Brand essence Brand activation platform BMW does not stand for "technology" (that is Audi’s brand essence), or for "longevity" (Mercedes), "sportiness" (Porsche) or "fun" (Mini). Brand activation idea BMW Powder ride Foxtail Based on the design of BMW’s special edition of the X1, Millhaus developed the campaign “Powderride” which included the creation of a key commercial as well as the implementation of multiple consumer activation measures and their documentation. The fox, which functioned as the key design element of the X1 special edition, was adopted and transformed into a very unorthodox consumer reward item: the BMW Powderride Fox Tail. It enabled the holder the enjoy a range of freeride-related benefits: free heli-lifts, first chairs on powder days, front row parking or reduced lift-tickets throughout the winter season. In a short time, the Foxtail became a must-have item amongst freeriders and helped position the brand within the desired target group.
  28. 28. Creativity is the thinking process by which we generate ideas Creativity Innovation Innovation is the process of harnessing creative ideas to meet business needs = Brand Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas, it refers to both radical and incremental changes to products, processes or services, and like most business functions, is a management process that requires specific tools, rules, and discipline. Brand innovation help to increase competitive advantage, achieve business goal – profit INNOVATION PRINCIPLES Fit the Brand Strategy Help address the Innovation Direction Fit within the pre- defined brand boundaries In the past, Pepsico in Vietnam had failed to lauch new product line called “Aquafina with fruity flavour” because this new product line was out of “pure” positioning of Aquafina and made consumer to feel afraid about it. 6. BRAND INNOVATION
  29. 29. BRAND INNOVATION MIX 1. Product Innovation 2. Communication Innovation 3. Channel Innovation Product innovation is the creation and subsequent introduction of a good or service that is either new, or an improved version of previous goods or services Ex: TGM Corporation created Ubrand which is the first ―e- learning social network‖ in the world to help people gain valuable knowledge everyday by motivating them to raise their ―personal brand mark‖. Ex: This fun digital subway ad in Sweden for hair-care products (Apotek brand) was rigged up to recognize when trains entered the station— and then showed a woman's hair blowing all around, as though windswept by the train. It's a simple, delightful effect—playful, responsive and seemingly magical in the way it erases the line between ad and environment. Channel innovations encompass all the ways that you connect your company‘s offerings with your customers and users. Ex: In Vietnam, Vexere.com is the first ―bus booking center‖ that allows customers to buy tickets online with competitive price.
  30. 30. BRAND INNOVATION MIX 4. Process Innovation 5. Packing Innovation 6. Pricing Innovation Process innovation means the implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method (including significant changes in techniques, equipment and/or software) Ex: Uber supported ―sharing economy‖ by connecting ―customer‖ who wants to move and ―taxi driver‖ who is free and wants to drive through technology platform. Customer simply sends requirements to the app, taxi driver who meets these requirements then will come. Ex: That people have to turn ketchup bottle upside-down to take the last drop makes them uncomfortable. Top-DownTM ketchup bottles of Heinz pave the way for clean ketchup convenience and easy storage. Ex: Nanosolar (America) invented solar battery that uses nano technology to produce electricity with half- price compared to normal technology. Packaging innovation seeks to increase resource efficiency, eliminate waste and reduce environmental impact through improved design and the use of alternative materials.
  31. 31. OUTCOME OF BRAND INNOVATION Expand brands beyond current category Launching brands in new territories Reading new consumer groups: With UBrand, TGM has successfully expanded business field to ―e- learning category‖ business. With ―buy 1 get 1 on Tuesday‖ and ―30 minutes or free‖ unique promotion campaign, Domino quickly occupied the pizza market when penetrated Vietnam in 2010. In 2009, Masan launch Omachi noodles to respond the need of new consumer group who wants to enjoy noodles but are afraid of feeling hot inside (pimples may appear, etc…) thanks to the fact that with Omachi noodles is made from potato fiber, very tasty without fear hot. Moreover, Omachi noodles package was design in ―vertical layout‖ which made it different from all other noodles brands in Vietnam with ―horizontal layout‖.
  32. 32. INNOVATION TYPES Refresh Compete Break-through Inspiring consumer‘s on how to use the right combination of products for a specific need or regime has been what has set L‘oreal apart from some of it‘s key competitors in men‘s skincare. There is no change to product, only the way in which they are bundled together and presented to the consumer. On Dec 23th 2015, VINASUN launched ―Vinasun App‖ to allow customers to order taxi online. Moreover, customers who use this service will be driven in a new car with the same price as traditional taxi. Through this innovation, VINASUN wants to compete with Uber and Grab Taxi. In 2007, Iphone was launched. Apple made a new technology for smartphone by mixing ―an iPod with touchscreen‖, ―a cell phone‖ and ―an innovative Internet device‖. After that, Apple officially jumped into smartphone market. Keep existing benefits but refresh the offer Add new benefits to existing offers New-offer/ New benefits
  33. 33. INNOVATION PATH CONTEXT INITIATIVES CONCEPT In this step, we have to define clearly: Brand, Financial Target, Direction Description, Benefit platform, Innovation Program, Scope, Initiative Areas. Output: Identify Possible Innovation Initiatives build on Brand Strategy House define each initiative in more detail create concepts for each initiative In this step, we have to define clearly: Launch date, opportunity, trends, P+L, innovation type. Output: Act as the brief for concept development. In this step, we have to define clearly: Name, description, insight, emotional benefits, reason to believe, visualization. Output: Prepare successful concepts for Innovation Funnel. Concept: “2nd Lives” of Cocacola EXAMPLES Consumer insight: I actually want to reuse and recycle Cocacola bottles to help protect environment, but I don’t have time to create new function for them. Benefits: Cocacola will show you how to reuse bottles in many ways. Reason to Believe: With different kinds of screw-on cap, we can add more valuable function to normal bottles: ketchup bottles, weightlifting tools, painting brushes, etc… Detail: created 16 red screw-on caps that transform the otherwise-useless left-over plastic bottle into something creative, fun and usable.
  34. 34. CRITERIA FOR CHOOSING A CONCEPT B – Benefit M – Meaningful M – Mind-opening D – Differentiations “PROVOCATIVE CREATIVITY” Go beyond stating the obvious Make sure you have dilemma pivot point Be positive Avoid absolutes/ culturally sensitive Concept ―Toilet is so clean that you can test by your hands‖ in communication of VIM met with opposition from community due to its unhygienic sensitive. View Cocacola example in previous slide. Trigger people to think
  35. 35. Thank you and merry christmas