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Informatica 9.5 an overview and placement assistance

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Newyorksystraining has conducted a lot of training classes in Informatica. We have the renowned and experienced informatica trainers.

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Informatica 9.5 an overview and placement assistance

  1. 1. Informatica Training at your Pace from Newyorksystraining Newyorksystraining is the Leading Online Training Company and the right place for IT aspirants. Our courses are accessible for learners from any part of the globe. We have online Training classes for the following courses like Data warehousing, SAP, Microsoft , Hadoop and Testing Tools. Our other services include On-Job Support, Staffing and Corporate training. www.newyorksystraining.com
  2. 2. Informatica 9.5 Online Training at your desktop from Newyorksystraining We have experienced and Real-time Trainers for delivering an in-depth training experience to our students. Our training packages are customized to suit the pace of learner. So what are you waiting for, just Enroll at Newyorksystraining and give wings to your Career and Dreams. Wishing every student a Bright Future www.newyorksystraining.com
  3. 3. What is Informatica ? – An Overview As we know that Informatica power centre is an ETL Tool, now we need to know what is ETL stands for ? ETL stands for Extract Transforms and Load. Informatica is used to read data from various sources which includes many Relational databases like Oracle,DB2,,Sybase,MySQL,SQL Server Exadata,Greenplum, vertica,Neoview,PostgreSQL,Netezza ,VSAM, Web Services and Teradata . Informatica Power Centre can also supports to read XML files, flat files. Informatica supports most operating systems and platforms line Windows, Linux, Solaris,HP-UX,AIX,Tru64. . www.newyorksystraining.com
  4. 4. Informatica Tools Informatica is a company that offers the following tools  Informatica Power Centre  Informatica Power Exchange  Informatica Reporting Services www.newyorksystraining.com
  5. 5. About Newyorksystraining NewyorkSys is one of the leading Online IT Training Company. We are the leading online IT training company which specializes in SAP online training along with other IT courses. We have the state of the art training facilities for delivering the best online training classes for all major IT courses which are in demand We have a team of Professionals and Trainers who are well experienced and industry experts
  6. 6. www.newyorksystraining.com USA : +1-718-313-0499 , +1-718-305- 1757 Email: enquiry@newyorksys.us Web: http://www.newyorksystraining.com/