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Debt presentation 1

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DIY Credit Score Tips, Free Downloadable PDF for everyone. Learn a couple tricks from my tips to get yourself on the path to a better FICO score and all the benefits that a good score entails.

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Debt presentation 1

  1. 1. The current recession is wreaking havoc on good people and their ability to provide food and shelter for their families and themselves. Is Your Credit Score Hurting You?
  2. 2. Folks are using credit cards and other unsecured credit options to pay for basic needs like food and shelter. This is causing debt issues and their credit score takes the hit. Debt Is Linked To Your Credit Score!
  3. 3. Your credit score is based on your financial past – payments, credit, and it provides lenders a look at your current financial state and habits. Your credit score lets lenders know quickly how much of a credit risk you are. What Is A Credit Score?
  4. 4. These misconceptions hurt your chances for some jobs, good interest rates, and even chances of moving into some apartments. There are many misconceptions about credit scores. Some believe they don’t have a credit score, others think that credit scores don’t really matter. Why Is My Credit Score Important?
  5. 5. Employers can use your credit score to decide whether you can be trusted in high-responsibility jobs that require you to handle money. Your credit score gives lenders info on what rate of interest you'll pay when applying for loans. Apartment managers can use your credit score to decide whether you can be trusted to pay your rent on time. Low Credit Score Issues
  6. 6. Why pay 'experts' any money? It's very possible to pay down debts and boost your credit your- self, with minimal assistance. The problem with credit scores is the mis-information circulated, especially from unethical firms claiming they can help you with your credit score - for large upfront costs. Can It Be Fixed?
  7. 7. ...But that's not all – you'll need to deal with the debt issues involved in your credit score and I'm here to provide information on this also. Follow me... On the next page is the URL for the site where you can pick up a copy of my new report: “ 10 Tips For A Better Credit Score ” How Do You Do This?
  8. 8. Below is the URL to pick up your co py of: “ 10 Tips For A Better Credit Score ” Http://bit.ly/10tipsreport I'm Mr. DebtFree and I'm here to help You start living a better life. The Light At The End Of The Tunnel!