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SharePoint, Nintex and DocuSign - Putting it all together

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“When Workflow Automation and Electronic Signature processes are combined, you have a very good thing.” – Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex VP of Product Technology.

Incorporating electronic signatures ensures greater automation into existing forms and workflows. Learn the capabilities of Nintex, DocuSign and SharePoint and how the three can be integrated for greater collaboration.

Reach out to info@netwoven.com for more information!

Click on the link below to jumpstart your custom workflow solutions for FREE.


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SharePoint, Nintex and DocuSign - Putting it all together

  1. 1. Thank you for joining us as we explore Welcome Everyone! Netwoven Confidential & Proprietary Information SharePoint, Nintex and DocuSign - Putting it all together
  2. 2. How to Ask Questions • Webinar content will last for 50 minutes followed by Q&A session which we will try to address key questions or we will follow up after the webinar. • If you have a question or an issue: o Type your question in the question window of the GoToWebinar control panel on the right side of your desktop o We will sort through the questions real time and present those most frequently asked to our panel at the end of the presentation o If you have any issue, click on the hand • If you have a question that does not get addressed, we will post answers in our Netwoven blog or contact us via email. Walt De Petris COO Netwoven Issues Questions
  3. 3. Who is Netwoven  Netwoven is a solution consulting firm serving large & mid-size enterprises  We were founded in 2001 by former Microsoft executives  Top domain experts from multiple industries and technology firms like Microsoft, Accenture, Oracle & Intel  U.S. headquartered company with global development center
  4. 4. Netwoven Services • Office365 & SharePoint Architecture, Planning & Implementation • Business Process Management (Nintex) • Migration Services from earlier versions SharePoint or similar systems • Social and Search based solutions • Enterprise Content Management • Web, Intranet & Collaboration Sites • Big Data Management& Visualization • Integrated Digital Marketing • Platform Managed Services Customers TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION CONSULTING
  5. 5. Rajesh Agadi • Worked for clients like Federal Reserve Bank, Chevron, Charles Schwab, Bank Of America • Served both Fortune 500 & Mid-Market clients as an ECM strategist • Has worked with SharePoint and O365 since its inception • Extensive Experience with third-party tools…Nintex/K2/Metalogix/MetaVis….. • Extensive knowledge in Infrastructure to Information Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Portals, Workflows, ECM/WCM, Branding, Custom Solutions, Migrations. Engagement Director at Netwoven ECM Practice Lead MCSD,MCTS,MS P-TSP Board member of Silicon Valley SharePoint User Group http://rajeshagadi.blogspot.com/ @rajeshia
  6. 6. Today’s Agenda • Solution Approach • User Experience Demo • Nintex Platform Overview • DocuSign Platform Overview • Nintex and DocuSign Integration • Workflow Challenges • Q&A
  7. 7. 2 Legal Request and Approval Solutions • SharePoint Document Signature – SharePoint/Nintex centric review process with DocuSign signature integration – Legal team maintains Word document templates – Benefits: • Easy for legal team to maintain document template on SharePoint • Review control managed via SharePoint • DocuSign Template Signature – More advanced use of DocuSign templates and fields – SharePoint/Nintex process plus some DocuSign workflow steps – Benefits • DocuSign templates can easily define entry fields and roles for simple workflows • Several documents can be send in one signature request • End user guided document review and signature assistance by DocuSign
  8. 8. USER EXPERIENCE DEMONSTRATION SharePoint DocuSign Nintex
  9. 9. SharePoint Document Signature Scenario Finalization (Nintex Workflow) Signed Document is sent to both parties Signed Document is stored in SharePoint External Party Signature (DocuSign) Document is sent to External Party External Party signs the document from DocuSign Review & Approval Process (Nintex Workflow) Contract Specialist updates draft as needed Decision Maker Approves/Rejects Assemble Document (Nintex Workflow) Contract templates managed by Legal New Legal document is assembled review Submit New Request (Nintex Forms) Initiator submits info based on type of contract
  10. 10. SharePoint, Nintex and DocuSign Templates Workflow List List Lookup Completed Documents Workflow Form Nintex Connector for DocuSign Signature Signed Legal Documents
  12. 12. DocuSign Template Signature Scenario Your receive Document (DocuSign) Signed Copy is sent to both parties Send to External Party (DocuSign) Party Receives Email Notification Party Reviews the document Party electronically performs Signature and approves Request for External Party Information & Signature (Nintex Forms & Workflow) Choose Contract Type
  13. 13. SharePoint, Nintex and DocuSign Workflow List List Lookup Workflow Form Nintex Connector for DocuSign Templates Roles Signature Signed Legal Documents
  16. 16. • Professionals need access to content from everywhere • Increased collaboration is imperative • The workforce is distributed and mobile Current Process Challenges Automating Processes Between People and Content Everyone Professionals Information Workers PEOPLE
  17. 17. • Processes are often manual and siloed • Everyday processes are most time consuming CurrentProcessChallenges AutomatingProcessesBetweenPeopleandContent PROCESS Simple to Sophisticated Approvals Provisioning Mobile Data Collection Content Generation Everyone Professionals Information Workers PEOPLE
  18. 18. • Documents, Records, Media • Structured, Unstructured data • On-Premises, Cloud-Based CurrentProcessChallenges AutomatingProcessesBetweenPeopleandContent CONTENT EverywhereEveryone Professionals Information Workers PEOPLE PROCESS Simple to Sophisticated Approvals Provisioning Mobile Data Collection Content Generation
  19. 19. Everyone Professionals Information Workers PEOPLE Simple to Sophisticated Approvals Provisioning Mobile Data Collection Content Generation PROCESS AutomatingProcessesBetweenPeopleandContent GreatlyImprovingProductivityandControl CONTENT Everywhere
  20. 20. Nintex Workflow Automation Platform Give people the ability to work anywhere, anytime, on any device Connect to the cloud for content collaboration Create, publish and deploy forms anywhere Automate business processes quickly and easily
  21. 21. › Design Workflows quickly and easily › Leverage your SharePoint investment › No code solution › Governable Powerful, yet easy, workflow tool
  22. 22. › Design forms quickly and easily › Generate forms for browsers, including tablet and mobile › Publish to the cloud with one click › Build comprehensive mobile business applications Forms for Everyone on any Device
  23. 23. › Deliver pictures, videos and other data directly into your processes › Give users access to forms, even when they’re not connected › Enable users to stay productive everywhere with real-time synchronization › Optimize for your device and platform of choice Seamless Workflow at Your Fingertips
  24. 24. › Rapidly connect workflows to a wealth of cloud services › Connect your platform to support hybrid deployments › Deliver anonymous forms to users outside your firewall › Publish custom workflows without deploying code Harness Mobile, Social & Cloud Capabilities
  25. 25. The Nintex Solution
  26. 26. Why Nintex? Nintex is the world leader in software and cloud services that empower organizations to automate everyday business processes quickly and easily of customers 22 languages Millions of licensed users 90+ countries Thousands
  27. 27. New Forrester Report • Multi-company, Global Study • Pharmaceutical (USA) • Engineering & Transportation (Europe) • Bank (Asia Pacific) • Non-Profit (USA) • Aerospace, Defence, Building (USA) • Results • ROI: 176% • Payback Period: 10.5 Months
  28. 28. Workflow Use Cases HR IT Ops Finance & Mgmt. Job Requisition On/Off boarding Leave Reviews Sales Benefits Helpdesk Provisioning Issue Management Access Budget Management Contract Management Service Management Facilities Management Asset Management Conference Room Mgmt Board Meeting Compliance Invoice Business Performance Expense Documents Lead Management Sales Process Marketing Plan Sales Enablement
  29. 29. DocuSign Facts • Legally Binding, globally 50 million users across 188 Countries • 13 sending languages, ability to sign documents in 43 localized languages • U.S. federal ESIGN Act and UETA Act • European Directive 1999/93 EC on a Community Framework for Electronic Signatures • UK Electronic Communication Act. • Bank-grade security • Unique, documentable, encrypted, and tamper-evident • Multi-faceted verification of signing events. • DocuSign's mobile app on Apple's iOS App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone, and Windows stores.
  30. 30. eSignature vs Digital Signature eSignature An electronic indication of intent to agree to or approve the contents of a document. Digital Signature • Form of electronic signature • Enables authenticity of the signer • Use of Public and private key pair. • DocuSign Express Digital Signature • SAFE BioPharma digital signatures • OpenTrust Digital Signature • Timestamping for EU customers
  31. 31. Features • Extensive File Type Support • 20+ Standard and Custom Tags and Fields –signatures, initials, names, titles, company names, text, numbers, currency, notes and more • Reporting • Tamper-Sealed Documents • Audit Trial • Certification of Completion • Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure • Watermarks
  32. 32. DocuSign • Sending Party –You pay for DocuSign Subscription –Your own the document template –You want Receiving party to sign • Receiving Party –Your business partner –They sign your document –They do not pay for DocuSign –They get copy of Signed Document Sending Party DocuSign Account Templates Fields Envelopes Signed Legal Documents Receiving Party Sign Document DocuSign Account Not required Receive Signed PDF Document Copy
  33. 33. DocuSign Setup DocuSign Subscription • Your Login is Authorization Account Your Documents • Upload Template (Word/PDF) • Insert Fields • Save as Template • Setup Sign Role and Order
  34. 34. Signature Optional Signature Initial Optional Initial Signer Attachment Full Name First Name Last Name Email Address Company Title Date Signed Approve Decline Data Field Check BoxRadio Button Drop Down Note Formula DocuSign Fields
  36. 36. Nintex Live • Nintex Live is a hosted service • On Microsoft Azure platform • Extends Nintex Workflow and Forms • Manage and handle authentication, data transfer and storage • Provide message queue management and services catalogue • Real-time, web-based intelligence within the business processes
  37. 37. DocuSign Nintex Actions Send a document for electronic signature using the DocuSign system. Populate fields with values of a template stored in DocuSign Send an envelope with draft status from DocuSign. Retrieve DocuSign envelope status Download a document from envelope in DocuSign
  38. 38. WORKFLOW CHALLENGES Best Practices for Requirements, Design, Implementation and Project Management
  39. 39. Challenges • Requirement Alignment with Stake holders • Framework • Adaption • Governance • Training • Economy of scale
  40. 40. Requirements Best Practices • Use Case Details • Flow Chart • Process Flow • Wireframes • Notifications • Security • ………..
  41. 41. Extensive Experience • High Level Architecture • Technical Constrains and Options • SharePoint Content Hierarchy • Lists and Library Settings • Content Types and Site Columns • Workflows • Security • Process Flow Diagrams • Data Lifecycle and Capacity Plan • Audit and Reports
  42. 42. Call-to-Action - Build Your Workflow Solution Today Jump start your custom workflow solutions for Strategy Expert AdviceNintexReview Sign up today! • Free workflow solution design session • Free 30 day Nintex trial tenant • Free TechDog training START CREATING WORKFLOWS TODAY TO STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES
  43. 43. Today’s Agenda • Solution Approach • User Experience Demo • Nintex Platform Overview • DocuSign Platform Overview • Nintex and DocuSign Integration • Workflow Challenges • Q&A
  44. 44. Webinar Prize Winner!! 4-in-1 Power Stylus Pen All attendees who registered and are attending the webinar today! And the Winner is…. Congratulations!
  45. 45. Expert Panel Andrew Sutton Engagement Director Netwoven Viraj Bais CTO & Founder Netwoven Rajesh Agadi Engagement Director Netwoven Matt Maher Technical Director Netwoven
  46. 46. Thank you for participating! Connect with us! Visit us • www.netwoven.com • www.netwovenblogs.com