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Migration to share point online

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Learn from the experts at Netwoven on how to define your cloud strategy for SharePoint.

Key Takeaways:

- Develop your cloud migration strategy for SharePoint Online
- How to prepare for your migration
- Design your SharePoint Online Information Architecture
- Avoiding common errors while moving content and users to the cloud
- How to develop a successful change management plan
- What tools do you need for successful migrations? What are the trade-offs?
- The hard part – best practices for defining the migration logic for your organization
- Testing strategies for ensuring complete data migration

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Migration to share point online

  1. 1. Welcome Everyone! Thank you for joining us as we explore 8 Things to Consider for Making your Migration to SharePoint Online a Success! Migration to SharePoint Online Netwoven Confidential & Proprietary Information
  2. 2. How to Ask Questions • Webinar content will last for 50 minutes followed by Q&A session which we will try to address key questions or we will follow up after the webinar. • If you have a question or an issue: o Type your question in the question window of the GoToWebinar control panel on the right side of your desktop o We will sort through the questions real time and present those most frequently asked to our panel at the end of the presentation o If you have any issue, click on the hand • If you have a question that does not get addressed, we will post answers in our Netwoven blog or contact us via email . Migration to SharePoint Online Walt De Petris
  3. 3. Who is Netwoven • Netwoven is a solution consulting firm serving large & mid-size enterprises • We were founded in 2001 by former Microsoft executives • Top domain experts from multiple industries and technology firms like Microsoft, Accenture, Oracle & Intel • U.S. headquartered company with global development center Save the Children
  4. 4. Netwoven Services Customers TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION CONSULTING • Migration to Office365 • Dynamics CRM solutions • Social and Search based solutions • Expert Staffing Assistance • Nintex Authorize Reseller • Enterprise Content Management • Web, Intranet & Collaboration Sites • Big Data Management& Visualization • Integrated Digital Marketing • Platform Managed Services
  5. 5. Andrew “Drew” Sutton • Engagement Director at Netwoven • Cloud Services Practice Lead • Clients include Federal Reserve Bank, VMware, Stanford Management Company and Juniper Networks • Served both Fortune 500 & mid market clients as an ECM strategist and Migration Expert • Has worked with SharePoint since 2003 release and O365 since its inception • Extensive knowledge in Infrastructure, Information Architecture, Enterprise Search, Enterprise Architecture, Workflow, ECM/WCM, Branding, Custom Solutions, Migrations
  6. 6. Today’s Agenda • Market Trends • Migration Preparation • Information Architecture • Site Provisioning, Branding, Templates and Governance • Migration Logic • Proactively tackling migration errors and omissions • Managing Migration Issues – Handling Broken Links – Estimating and Managing your Migration Timeline • Manage Organizational Change • Wrap-Up • Expert Panel Q&A
  8. 8. Cloud: Potential Game-Changer -> Essential Ingredient of Modern IT Source: CompTIA Report • 43% of the companies have been able to cut costs • 42% companies found it as a better option for multiple reasons • 40% companies witnessed modernization of legacy IT • 38% experienced reducing capital expenditures • 35% found this to be a better model for licensing and upgrades • 49% found integration with existing system as the biggest challenge • For 40% it brought changes to their IT policy • Learning curve for Cloud model was a challenge for 39% • 35% found costs to be higher than originally estimated • Defining/justifying ROI was a hard part for 30% Benefits Challenges
  9. 9. Marketing, Collaboration, Productivity Apps are the easiest to move 61.6% of the IT professionals surveyed claim to have up to 30% of their IT applications and platforms hosted in the cloud, and about 24% claim to have between 30% and 70% of their IT estates in the cloud. Some more trends to notice: • 35% are already using cloud-based collaboration platforms • 30% are already using cloud-based marketing and productivity applications • 38% said they plan to migrate their marketing applications to the cloud over the next 2 years • 37.45% plan to move their collaboration platforms to the cloud Source: Business Cloud News; surveyed 312 enterprise IT professionals in the UK, Europe and North America
  11. 11. Assemble a Working Group
  12. 12. Educating the Team Run a Workshop to answer the following questions: • Collaboration Strategy and Common Issues • What is SharePoint? • What is Information Architecture? • How do Permissions, Inheritance and Groups work? • What types of Site Templates and what does my Organization need in them? • What can and should we do with Creative Design and Branding? • What is Governance and why should I care?
  13. 13. Pre-Migration Analysis • Reports – Content, Versions and Distribution – Permissions and Inheritance – Migration Known Issues (File Size, Unsupported File Types, etc.) – Identify where extra attention is needed: Workflows, Custom Features, InfoPath Forms, etc. • User, Group and Template Mapping • Purchase a Migration Tool! • Baseline your Migration Throughput and Tune • POC your Migration and identify Post Migration Configurations required • Dial in the configuration options available with the Migration Tool
  14. 14. Data Cleansing • Disposition or skip migrating unnecessary content • Clean Up Permissions or don’t migrate them Embrace the opportunity that has presented itself and don’t forklift extra baggage into your shiny new 3CS Platform
  16. 16. Why Would I Design When I Can Just Build? • Architecture and Design is not intended to be done by the masses • Make it easy to determine where to put content as well as how to find it • One design doesn’t fit all, however a common, extensible foundation works as a starting point for nearly everyone
  17. 17. Site Collections and Site Architecture YourTenant-my.sharepoint.com YourTenant.sharepoint.com My Sites and OneDrive for Business YourTenant.sharepoint.com/teams/home BUsDivisions Teams YourTenant.sharepoint.com/sites/projects General Projects 1 Projects / Inter-Team Collaboration General Projects 2 General Projects N Sensitive Projects and Team Sites Project Sites YourTenant.sharepoint.com/sites/communities Member Comms 1 Communities Member Comms 2 Member Comms N Open and Private Communities Community Sites YourTenant.sharepoint.com Intranet Home ... ...
  18. 18. Cohesive Navigation Top Level Global Navigation Structural Team Site Collection Global Navigation
  19. 19. Classification Taxonomy • Consider whether you have any organization-wide tagging requirements first • Move into more specific cases as you Define your templates • Don’t worry if this is not part of your initial rollout… Many times it comes later with structured Document Management or ECM for your Intranet Portal Security Classification Expiration Date Project Phase Gate Business Requirements Document Examples
  21. 21. Site Provisioning • Build a Custom Site Provisioning Application – Leverage the AMS CodePlex Project • Automate the governance rules for Site Creation to reduce ongoing overhead and remove potential for mistakes • Consider the ability to introduce a Workflow into your Site Provisioning Process • Stick to the OOTB Master Pages and use JS Injection
  22. 22. Web Templates • If you decide against taking the Custom Site Provisioning App approach, at the very least: – Keep living sites that you create your Web Templates from in a central location – Strictly enforce the policy for managing, updating and deploying your Web Templates across your content site collections – Employ JS in your Master Pages to enforce where your site owners can create sites of each template type • Consult with an expert to avoid the many pitfalls with using Web Templates… There are a lot of them!
  23. 23. Branding • Centralize your branding components for ease of management (CSS, JS, Images and other Assets, etc.) • Strongly advocate keeping it simple and leveraging the Theming Framework for Collaboration Branding • Be cognizant that you don’t break Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) with your branding and JS
  24. 24. Governance
  26. 26. Why Should I Organize the Mapping Logic Capture? • Why can’t I just let my site owners do this on their own accord? • Team sites… representatives from each to reflect the desired organization hierarchy into the site structure • Central validation from someone that “Get’s it” • Save money on Migration Tooling Licenses • Automate the migration and testing from the structured logic captured
  28. 28. Proactive Migration Error Handling • I have yet to find a migration tool that correctly captures all of its own errors and omissions when run at a large scale • Don’t put yourself in an endless support situation, automate the testing of the migrated content • Provision Testing Rig Servers to run your Multi-Threaded Automated Tests • Test: Lists, Libraries, Configurations, Views, Versions, Authorship Data, Navigation, Web Parts
  29. 29. BROKEN LINKS
  30. 30. Fixing Links versus URL Redirection Fixing Links • Permanently Fixes the Problem • Requires Specialized Tooling • Can be time consuming and expensive to implement • Need to ensure it covers all file types you need • Can be difficult to manage updating absolute hyperlinks on Wiki and other Page Content during migration URL Redirection • Requires ongoing support of another solution • Overhead of ongoing management is fairly low • Cost to implement is comparatively low • Supports redirecting of all links in all types of content
  32. 32. Migration Process and Focus Focus • Minimize your Blackout Window • Catch as many issues as possible with automation • Continually reinforce your unified communications Process 1. Pre-Migration Analysis 2. Migration Logic Capture 3. Full Migration, Automated Testing and QA 4. Delta / Incremental Migration, Automated Testing and QA 5. URL Redirection and Go-Live
  33. 33. Estimating and Managing your Timeline • This project likely affects the whole organization… Getting the timeline right is very important • Size of Content required to be moved after cleanup / Avg. Throughput Rate = Time for Full Migration • Content Growth in Source over time * Full Migration Duration / Avg. Throughput Rate = Time for Delta Migration • Break the Migration into Logical Steps or Chunks • Plan on overlapping QA/UAT for one Step with Migration of the next
  35. 35. Communications Plan • Unified Communications • Regular Email Messaging from Communications • Insert prominent Announcements and Notifications in system to be retired • Create a Site with all project publicly shared information (Timeline, Status, Open Issues, Updates, etc.) • Create a Help Center / Community where people can ask questions and find answers • Collaboration Strategy
  36. 36. Adoption and Training • Questions your users need to know the answer to: – What is our Organization’s Collaboration Strategy? – Where can I look for Help and How to Content? – Who can I talk to if I need help with how to best leverage SharePoint? – Are there new features of SharePoint that I should consider leveraging to enable better collaboration with my colleagues? • Allow your team to leverage the platform to its fullest!
  37. 37. Recap Today’s Agenda • Market Trends • Migration Preparation • Information Architecture • Site Provisioning, Branding, Templates and Governance • Migration Logic • Proactively tackling migration errors and omissions • Managing Migration Issues – Handling Broken Links – Estimating and Managing your Migration Timeline • Manage Organizational Change • Wrap-Up • Expert Panel Q&A
  38. 38. Call to Action Jump start your Migration strategy with our expert advice! 39  Information Architecture Workshop  Migration Strategy Review  Migration POC StrategyExpert Advice MigrateReview
  39. 39. Webinar Prize Winner!! Amazon Gift Card of Retail Value $75! All attendees who registered and are attending the webinar today! And the Winner is….
  40. 40. Expert Panel Viraj Bais CTO & Founder Netwoven Andrew Sutton Engagement Director Netwoven Matt Maher Technical Director Netwoven
  41. 41. Thank you for participating! Connect with us! Visit us • www.netwoven.com • www.netwovenblogs.com