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Getting started with an integrated learning ecosystem

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In a connected world, an increasing number of learning leaders now understand that placing an integrated learning ecosystem at the heart of their organization can help meet the shifting requirements of their learners and their wider business.

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Getting started with an integrated learning ecosystem

  1. 1. Bill Mastin Getting started with an integrated learning ecosystem Senior Vice President, NetDimensions Ashraaf Alexander, Director of Professional Services, NetDimensions Mike Alcock, Managing Director, gomo learning
  2. 2. What is it? A learning ecosystem is essentially a collection of L&D tools, processes, content, connections, relationships, etc. It’s made to your specifications and integrates whatever you need.
  3. 3. Should I have one? I want to know if and when there’s a correlation between the training and utilization increase and increase in sales.” “ How do we get set up to measure?” “ How can we add more social?”“ Can we integrate X and Y systems?”“ Let’s gamify the whole program! We need badges and rating systems!” “
  4. 4. Evolution of eLearning has been blindingly fast From eLearning to Digital learning in one generation...
  5. 5. Learning Ecosystem
  6. 6. Easy and accessible ● Skins, widgets, gadgets and portals ● Push and Pull ● Accessibility compliant ● Anytime & Anywhere ● Dashboards
  7. 7. DELETE THIS SLIDE Learning Record Store LCMS / Authoring Tools 3rd party LMS HRIS HRMS Workday Portals Salesforce Skillsoft Adobe Webex GoTo Trainig LMS CSV xAPI PENS Proxied Launch OLSA Connectors API
  8. 8. How does NetDimensions Integrate
  9. 9. www.netdimensions.com/resources/downloads/infographics/mobile-learning-revolution Agile approach AGILE WATERFALL Think Agile – Think Scale – Think Secure – Think Global 9% Failed 42% Successful 49% Challenging 29% Failed 14% Successful 57% Challenging
  10. 10. ` http://www.netdimensions.com/resources/downloads/infographics/mobile-learning-revolution FULL INFOGRAPHIC AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD
  11. 11. What about content Publishing? • shared drive for SCORM packages? • version control • rapid publishing PENS: Package Exchange Notification Services
  12. 12. What makes gomo different? gomo produces responsive and adaptive HTML5 content
  13. 13. gomo is cloud based
  14. 14. gomo offers integrated hosting and analytics
  15. 15. Demo of content create and launch in NetD
  16. 16. Flexible Learning Ecosystem ● Use what you have today, then evolve. ● Change is the only constant ○ GDRP, Brexit, etc.. ● Find partners you can trust. Talk to their customers! ● Define MVP requirements of your ecosystem. ○ 21 CFR Part 11 & EU GMP Annex 11 ○ Results based - cost savings and business impact ● Get systems that are interoperable now
  17. 17. Questions?