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IT in Healthcare

Whether it's directly improving patient care or helping lower costs to provide more access to healthcare, organizations are continuing to use IT to move the needle for an industry that is at a pivotal point in innovation.

Learn how our innovative storage solutions can help your organization meet its healthcare Big Data challenges: http://www.netapp.com/us/solutions/industry/healthcare/

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IT in Healthcare

  1. 1. IT IN HEALTHCARE I'l NetApp
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Today, healthcare organizations worldwide depend on innovative clinical data and IT storage solutions to help improve healthcare workflows - from patient care to research. In fact, a recent report from BCC Research shows that the market for healthcare IT will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.8 percent until 2019. II‘. this sIi. des| *iow_ will §I‘iCI‘. ‘/ICEJSG e>-: ami: ile-: on how ti‘: -e lii: ‘l'tl*i~: aii3 llT'L‘1J‘SIT‘_s. ’ is using ll to ad-ii-arii: e various «ii-: ;%_D€CZ'LS oi‘ I‘ir? €l= II. l'lC. }l‘€—‘. ll NetApp
  4. 4. BROOKLYN HOSPITAL CENTER (TBHC) Despite being in the early stages of deployment. NetApp and Cisco‘s FlexPod is making a tremendous difference in the day-to-day activities of clinicians at TBHC. "l/ I/it/7 faster, more reliable access to patient records, our doctors and nurses can now spend more time treating patients, " says TBHC's senior vice president and chief information officer Bill Moran. W NetApp
  5. 5. HEALTH CHOICE NETWORK (HCN) Now that HCN has moved virtual machines and data to the new NetApp array. latency is no longer an issue. Physicians and clinicians simply point. click, and quickly get the required data, minimizing delays and optimizing the quality of patient care. ll NetApp
  6. 6. DUPAGE MEDICAL GROUP The ability to deliver services and medical images 24/7 with zero downtime enhances the delivery of patient care. "With our FlexPod environment, doctors and clinicians have the data and images they need any time of the day or night to enable delivery of the best care possible, "says Tony Beaird. manager of server. storage. and IT security infrastructures at DuPage Medical Group I1 NetApp
  8. 8. BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE "Our Discovery Research Cloud built on FlexPod allows our researchers to focus on medical science, not IT. " says Alexander Izaguirre. CIO/ CTO and vice president. Information Technology, Baylor College of Medicine. "They can easily build accurate cost estimates into their grant applications and get what they need without ever talking to an IT person. They can begin their experiments sooner, get results faster, and / earn more during their time at Baylor. " I'I NetApp
  9. 9. INOVA TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE INSTITUTE (ITM| ) With the ability to efficiently deliver HPC resources on demand, lTMl can quickly launch new studies. including genomic studies and other investigations for health issues such as heart disease. diabetes. and cancer. "When experts can quickly access and analyze multiple datasets simultaneously, correlations may appear that could lead to new discoveries. " says Aaron Black. director of Informatics at ITMI. I'I NetApp
  11. 11. INTERMOUNTAIN HEALTHCARE Despite 30 percent annual data growth. lntermountain has been able to manage its infrastructure with the same number of employees. "lntermountain has an initiative to provide healthcare coverage with rates rising no faster than the consumer price index plus I percent. while delivering improved care, " says Don Franklin. assistant vice president of Infrastructure and Operations for lntermountain Healthcare. I'I NetApp
  12. 12. CHILDREN'S MIRACLE NETWORK HOSPITALS Moving to FlexPod has also improved performance and uptime for websites and web-based applications crucial to fundralsing efforts, maximizing the potential for donations. More money means more resources to care for sick children. I'I NetApp
  13. 13. CONCLUSION Whether it's directly improving patient care or helping lower costs to provide more access to healthcare, organizations are continuing to use IT to move the needle for an industry that is at a pivotal point in innovation. I'I NetApp