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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Education

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Education

  1. 1. Education Microsoft Dynamics CRM Schools and universities can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to improve efficiency and get the most from their existing resources. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can: Get a 360-degree view of your school, district, or campus with tools for educators and administrators that are easy to use and manage.• Increase productivity and enhance collaboration.• Quickly develop applications for learning, education, research, faculty, and student management with the xRM framework.
  2. 2. Alumni and Donor Management Get the tools that your institution needs for … build long-lasting more effective fundraising and development. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can gain relationships. insights about your donors to help you boost contributions and build long-lasting relationships. • Provide a complete view of individual donors, including past interactions with your institution. • Identify top alumni donors to better target communications to them. • Automate communications to key donors and the community to strengthen these vital connections. • Analyze fundraising campaigns and identify trends to further refine your efforts and help increase contributions.2
  3. 3. General Administration Controlling administrative costs is an enormous challenge for educational Now, Microsoft institutions. Now, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes that challenge easier with efficiencies gained through automation and access to real-time Dynamics CRM information. makes that • Use built-in tools to automate processes for workflows and for challenge easier collaboration with other institutions. with efficiencies • Tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your needs with intuitive, Web- gained through based design tools to modify forms, data fields, and relationships. automation and • Get in-depth views of various operations including transportation, access to real- food services, and asset management, and use the information time information. to increase your efficiency. • Increase productivity with a familiar interface that works like other Microsoft productivity software, so little training is required and adoption is quick. • Create sophisticated reports on your organization’s performance—without the need for IT assistance. (continued)3
  4. 4. 321 Recruiting and Communications Student Information Retention Systems Whether you want to attract and Communications are critical to Gain a comprehensive view of every educational institution, but each student and streamline the retain outstanding educators or with today’s lean budgets and management of records and bring more students to your school, limited resources, it can be processes with Microsoft college, or university, Microsoft difficult to keep your key Dynamics CRM. Reduce your Dynamics CRM makes it easier to administrative workload and get audiences informed. With target your audience, track Microsoft Dynamics CRM, insights into school performance responses, and analyze results, as however, your communications to help you serve students better. well as monitor performance. can help you build stronger • Centralize the management of relationships with your student records such as • Take advantage of the community. attendance, curriculum, out-of-the-box capabilities discipline, and extracurricular • Automatically distribute of Microsoft Dynamics activities to provide a complete communications to parents and view of every student. CRM to prospect for and the community to increase awareness of key events and • Take advantage of real-time recruit qualified educators achievements. visibility into student data and and students. classroom or school • Help reduce the need for performance to proactively Track event attendance extensive e-mail • address potential issues before communications between and measure the success they become problems. distance-learning students and of marketing or teachers through a quick • Automate processes and consolidation of information. communications to reduce informational campaigns administrative tasks and, at the within Microsoft Dynamics • Have student records—such as same time, help ensure that attendance, curriculum, CRM. student privacy is protected. discipline, and extracurricular activities—readily at hand so • Give administrators the you can respond quickly when ability to evaluate school, parents or others contact you department, or faculty performance with real- time information and trending analysis. Take advantage of the out-of- the-box capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to prospect for and recruit qualified educators and students. 4
  5. 5. Faculty and Staff Management Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a fast, flexible, and affordable solution that helps you achieve higher levels of efficiency with tools that can help you, your faculty, and your staff manage day- to-day activities and make more informed decisions. • Eliminate paper processes for managing the teacher certification process and other career-related activities. • Provide faculty, administrators, and staff with mobile access to take advantage of tools and information at any time, from almost anywhere, with advanced data synchronization and mobility features. • Simplify the management of substitute teachers and staff with easy, visual scheduling and a centralized view of calendars andMicrosoft Dynamics resources.CRM is a fast, flexible,and affordablesolution