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EZmaintain CMMS

  1. Computerized Maintenance Management Software CMMS + IoT Sensors
  2. CMMS = Computerized Maintenance Management Software also refereed as EAMS = Enterprise Asset Management System
  3. Current Maintenance Scenario CMMS Users in 2016 Manual Process CMMS Tool Only 25% companies in uses CMMS tools
  4. What is the Purpose of a CMMS? ● Centralize storage of all your Asset information ● Easy Planning of your Preventive Maintenance Task ● Work Orders are generated and tracked Digitally online ● Digitize all your communication for future reference ● Alerts you on Spare Parts which are running low in stock ● View all your maintenance task via Graphical Dashboard ● Sends email alerts to Third Party for Maintenance in PM
  5. Why an Organization Needs a CMMS CMMS helps companies to improve preventive and predictive maintenance, extend the life of their assets and overall achieve a lower Total Cost of Operation (TCO) and greater Asset Effectiveness CMMS Reduce equipment downtime, and inventory requirements while improving service intervals Companies are in a position to make more informed decisions faster and adjustments that optimize maintenance and operations
  6. How CMMS Works – Flow Chart
  7. Introducing Predictive Maintenance  What is Predictive Maintenance?. Predictive Maintenance directly monitors using smart IoT Sensors the condition and performance of equipment during normal operation to foresee Asset failures. The goal of predictive maintenance is to keep the frequency of maintenance performed on Asset low to avoid both unplanned breakdowns and or performing unnecessary preventive maintenance tasks.
  8. How Predicative Maintenance Works
  9. How CMMS Benefits Long Run Zero Communication Errors Maximize Productivity Increase Asset Life Reduce Failure Rate Add Smart IoT Sensors
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