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Introducing safex pay june2017

  1. Introductory Note SAFEX PAY: The future of Payments The one-stop-shop for all your payment needs
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  3. Merchants in India face multiple issues from present payment solutions in the market If you are a Merchant using traditional digital payment solutions in India today, chances are you understand the Payment Conundrum even better than we do. PAYMENT GATEWAYS E-WALLETS POS MACHINES Expensive Processing Rates Credit Card, Debit Card and Netbanking Processing Rates can range from 2% to 3.5%, a direct hit on your bottom line. Long and Painful Integration Processes Integrating your website with a Payment Gateway is a long and cumbersome process, with many points of failure. Long Settlement Periods Settlement can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, keeping your working capital requirementsthat much higher at all times. Transaction Failure Transaction failure rates which can result in losing business, or even worse; customers. This, in turn, can be due to entering wrong CVV numbers, bad internet connectivity, OTPs not being generated on time and much more. The Failure Rate of online transactions in India is as high as 35-40%, and is widely known to be the biggest stumbling block for business today. Further, integrating with each payment option individually and with different providers makes going live a long and painful proposition. Providing quick, holistic and smooth payment options to your customers is a simple fix that will provide the largest boost to your business.
  4. Enter SafexPay: Your one-stop payment solution. Period. With a single integration, SafexPay provides you with the complete payment spectrum at the lowest possible price: PAYMENT GATEWAY WALLETS UPI PAYMENTS COIN A unified Payment Gateway solution for: • Debit Cards • Credit Cards • Netbanking A single integration with our Gateway provides access to these 10 wallets- and more! Ability to accept UPI- based payments from your customers One-of-a-kind mobile transfer technology that allows customers to transfer money using JUST the receiver’s / merchant’s registered mobile number Today’s customer is diverse, demanding and has a short attention span. Your ability to provide them with more payment options and a quick checkout can be a large boost to your business. With SafexPay, a single integration gives you access to the full range of payment options which offer your customers unparalleled flexibility and ease in transacting.
  5. A quick introduction to Safex Pay PayGate India Private Ltd was founded in 2014. SafexPay is a brand of PayGate India. A capable team with extensive experience in Payments (PSPs and Banks) PayGate owns its own technology platform, resulting in easier feature rollouts for Web, Media and Social Media platforms Tried and tested solutions for Enterprise Clients, Banks and Resellers Get detailed insight into the customer's buyer journey, transactions and other reports …a host of other value- added features
  6. Contents Why$SAFEXPAY Product$Features SafexPay Contact$Us M;Wallets COIN Pricing
  7. The SafexPay Payment Gateway Platform brings together the full payment spectrum with a single integration White-labelling capability for Merchants/Banks/Fin- tech/Startups/IT companies Built on New technologies like Angular JS, Node JS, Spring, and Hibernate. Tried, Tested & Scalable platform Multi-Country & Multi Currency Acceptance Platform Secured platform having 256 bit encryption and 3.1 level PCI compliant Value Added Features with multiple payment methods(online Plus offline) Used by 1000+ merchants
  8. Payment Methods at a glance CARD PROCESSORS NETBANKING Accepting payments from 40+ Banks M-WALLETS Instant Single integration with 10+ wallets MULTI CURRENCY NEW-AGE PAYMENTS UPI based payments Recurring payments EMI with 9 Banks VALUE ADDED FEATURES NACH Cash Collections NEFT / RTGS / DD / Cheque International Cards Multi Currency Acceptance
  9. Scalable and Intuitive Platform built around ensuring ease of use and maximum utility ! PCI$DSS$Level$3.1$Certified ! ISO$2700172013$Certified ! Real$time$fraud$detection
  10. Contents Why$SAFEXPAY Product$Features SafexPay Contact$Us M;Wallets COIN Pricing
  11. Accept money from all these wallets with just one integration … and more!
  12. Whitelabel a wallet platform for your loyal customers SafexPay can build you a fully loaded customised wallet platform within 2 weeks. ! Prepaid wallet Platform to help merchants/Banks/IT companies launch Closed, Semi-Closed, or Open wallets ! Launch Your Wallet without a PPI license ! Scalable Platform with service oriented architecture ! Future ready features like NFC and Bluetooth ! Tested 15 day go live period ! Capability to issue Physical Prepaid cards to all your customers with corporate branding
  13. Wallet Modules and Features ! Agent Registration ! Agent Hierarchy Management ! Bulk Payment Processing ! Commission Management ! Promotion &Redemption module ! Multi card functionalities ! Tokenization ! Settlement Module ! Customer Module ! Reconciliation ! Customer Console ! Alerts Management Module ! Customize UI ! HCE Payments using NFC technology ! Integrated Payment Gateway ! User Managements ! Limit on sub wallets ! Domestic money transfer ! Android and IOS APP ! Prepaid Card issuance with Virtual Card ! Customer Enrollment ! Pricing Configuration ! QR code Payments ! Bar Code Payments ! Integrated Recharge &Bill Payments ! Beacon Payments
  14. Contents Why$SAFEXPAY Product$Features SafexPay Contact$Us M;Wallets COIN Pricing
  15. What is COIN Make payments using JUST the mobile number INSTANT settlement of funds QR Code- based Payments
  16. The quickest and safest Payment App in the market STEP 1 Download The COIN App STEP 2 Link your Bank Account STEP 3 Start transferring
  17. COIN Product Features at a glance
  18. Transaction flows: 3 quick steps and you’re done Your transaction of ₹20.0 with Ref No. 1726 is successful. Making a payment using COIN is as simple as selecting the receiver’s number from your Address Book (or typing it in), entering the amount and hitting Send. It will give users the ability to make as well as request payments.
  19. Wide-ranging benefits across the board • Simple, easy and consistent checkout experience • Seamless and smooth - no need to leave the merchant/PGs webpage or app • Safe and secure – actual card/banking details do not pass through the merchant network • Complete payment freedom- the ability to use the means of their choice to check out • Easy integration using simple APIs • Direct Integration with multiple wallet services • Secure storage of Payment and address credentials • Lesser number of clicks leading to lower cart abandonment rate • Fewer customers lost for lack of a preferred payment option CUSTOMERS MERCHANTS
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  21. Standard Pricing, however, customized packages can be developed on request Transaction Discount Rate (TDR in %) >> STARTUP ENTERPRISE PRIVILEGE Setup Fees Free ₹$7,999 ₹$14,999 All Major Credit Cards (Domestic) 1.95% 1.90% 1.85% Debit Cards (Domestic) 1.95% 1.50% 1.25% Wallets (10+ options) 1.95% 1.90% 1.85% International Cards N.A. N.A. 3.50% Netbanking (40+ options) 1.95% 1.85% 1.75% UPI 1.95% 1.25% 1.00% American Express, JCB 3.00% 2.90% 2.75% Recurring Payments N.A. N.A. 1.95% Multi-Currency Acceptance N.A. N.A. 4.50% AMC (from the second year) ₹$2500 ₹$2500 ₹$2500 Customized Pricing Packages can be developed, completely tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Please get in touch with us at for more information around this.
  22. Contents Why$SAFEXPAY Product$Features SafexPay Contact$Us M;Wallets COIN Pricing
  23. Contact us Mumbai Office: 627/628 Lodha Supremous Wagle Estate,Thane West Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400604 Gurgaon Office: 879 Udyog Vihar V, Gurugram, Haryana, 122016 Phone: +91-22-25490256 We look forward to hearing from you. Read more at
  24. Thank You SAFEX PAY: The future of Payments Introductory Note