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Trailhead - The bridge between Salesforce and MuleSoft

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Trailhead - The bridge between Salesforce and MuleSoft

  1. 1. NYC MuleSoft Meetup Group 7th August, 2021 Trailhead - The bridge between Salesforce and MuleSoft
  2. 2. Safe Harbor Statement ● Both the speaker and host are organizing this meet up in individual capacity only. We are not representing our companies here. ● This presentation is strictly for learning purpose only. Organizer/Presenter do not hold any responsibility that same solution will work for your business requirements also. ● This presentation is not meant for any promotional activities.
  3. 3. Pranav Sudhakar Developer Success Engineer Salesforce Introduction Neeraj Kumar Community Group Leader Speaker Host
  4. 4. What You’ll Learn From This Presentation ● Why learn Salesforce + Mulesoft Skills? ● What is Trailhead? ● What makes Trailhead special? ● Cheat Sheet to blaze the Mulesoft Journey ● Let’s get Hands-On! ● Tips & Tricks 4
  5. 5. Why Learn Salesforce + Mulesoft Skills?
  6. 6. Salesforce Customer 360 6 Fast Time to Value • #1 CRM • Flexible & Scalable • Trailblazer Economy • Work From Anywhere
  7. 7. Guided by Our Core Values 7 Trust We are committed to trusted stakeholder relationships, reliable infrastructure, and data privacy Customer Success We guide our customers to deliver transformative outcomes and mutual success Innovation We apply a beginners mind, creativity, and continuous learning to disrupt and transform Equality We are all allies. We strive for a more equal, inclusive, sustainable, and better world
  8. 8. Canada Jobs: 33K Revenue: $20B United States Jobs: 869K Revenue: $514B Americas Jobs: 1.6M Revenue: $634B New Salesforce economy jobs by 2025 Global Jobs New business revenue by 2025 Global Economic Impact 4.2M $1.2T Mexico Jobs: 223K Revenue: $38B Brazil Jobs: 491K Revenue: $62B Spain Jobs: 49K Revenue: $17B United Kingdom Jobs: 144K Revenue: $71B Netherlands Jobs: 35K Revenue: $23B Germany Jobs: 62K Revenue: $30B France Jobs: 154K Revenue: $79B Australia Jobs: 42K Revenue: $26B Japan Jobs: 200K Revenue: $110B India Jobs: 548K Revenue: $67B Singapore Jobs: 9K Revenue: $6B 5 6 7 8 9 10 3 4 12 11 13 1 2 3 2 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 Western Europe Jobs: 492K Revenue: $242B Asia Pacific Jobs: 799K Revenue: $208B 10 12 11 13 Source: IDC white paper sponsored by Salesforce, The Salesforce Economic Impact: 4.2 Million New Jobs, $1.2 Trillion of New Business Revenues from 2019 to 2024, October 2019. The statements are based on the data from 2019 through 2024. Rest of World Jobs: 1.3M Revenue: $98B The Salesforce Economy 8
  9. 9. Career Paths Whether your goal is to become a Salesforce Administrator, Developer, Architect, Consultant or Business Analyst there is a learning journey for you. Careers in Sales, Service and Marketing have a Career Path for you too! Learn More For more info visit: trailhead.salesforce.com/career-path Demand Extends Across Multiple Career Paths 9
  10. 10. Trailhead Empowers Employees Company-Wide Build an agile digital organization with learning across multiple roles Salesforce Administrator Salesforce Architect Salesforce Developer Business Analyst Salesforce Consultant Marketing Manager Data Analyst Designer Service Manager Sales Manager 10
  11. 11. What is Trailhead?
  12. 12. The Way We Learn Has Changed Bite-Sized Learning content Learner-First Focused on experience Personalized For roles and levels Online & Mobile Optimized to learn anywhere Gamified Interactive design 12
  13. 13. Learn New Skills for the New Normal with Trailhead Skill up from anywhere Learn in-demand skills Business, tech & soft skills On-demand & in classroom Earn resume-worthy credentials 1000+ badges 48 credentials Connect to opportunity Mentorship to employment Trailblazer Community 13
  14. 14. Trailhead Platform Free, gamified learning platform that empowers anyone to skill up for the future Trailhead GO Learn marketable skills from anywhere on the Trailhead GO mobile app Trailhead LIVE Reinvented classroom experience with live-streamed expert-led classes on today’s most in-demand skills Learn on-demand at your own pace for free Trailhead 14
  15. 15. Trailblazers are Reaching New Milestones 35M Badges Earned 2.8M Learners 15
  16. 16. What makes Trailhead special?
  17. 17. Meet the Trailblazers Carlos Frias Salesforce Admin Cheryl Feldman VP in Business Analysis Mark Tossell CIO Justice Sikakane IT Manager Gita Borovsky Director CRM Zac Otero Salesforce Einstein Analytics Admin Mariel Espinal Salesforce Admin Codey Developer 17
  18. 18. Trailhead Terminology 18 Trails: Guided learning paths made up of modules and/or projects. Modules: Bite-sized units on specific topics with interactive challenges Projects: Hands-on practice with Salesforce technologies via step-by-step instructions Credentials: Superbadges and Certifications Trailmixes: A custom list of modules, projects, trails, and/or superbadges.
  19. 19. Get Hands-on and Validate Your skills Trailhead’s secret sauce Trailhead Playground Put your skills to the test with access to a free Salesforce Developer environment Learn by Doing Use the Trailhead Playground for hands-on challenges to learn new features and test customizations 19
  20. 20. Trailblazer Ranks Motivate learners to aspire higher! 0 Badges 0 Points 1 Badges 200 Points 5 Badges 3000 Points 10 Badges 9000 Points 25 Badges 18,000 Points 50 Badges 35,000 Points 100 Badges 50,000 Points 20
  21. 21. Unified Profile Single view of your expertise and experience across Trailhead, Trailblazer Community, AppExchange and more Skills Graph Personalized graph that showcases all of a Trailblazer’s abilities that badges represent Vanity URL Custom short URL that links back to your Trailblazer.me profile and can be shared with future employers Trailblazer.me Profile Showcase your experience on your reinvented resume 21
  22. 22. Blazing the Mulesoft Journey
  23. 23. Basic to Advanced Trails for Mulesoft 23 Build Great APIs and Integrations with MuleSoft Get Started with MuleSoft Composer Integrate B2B Systems
  24. 24. To understand the Salesforce API Ecosystem 24 API-Led Integration for Business Reinvention Explore Integration Patterns and Practices API Planning Framework for Architects Lightning Platform API Basics User Interface API Apex Integration Services
  25. 25. Let’s Get Hands-On!
  26. 26. Logging in to Trailhead How do I sign up for Trailhead? 1. Sign up with Salesforce (Recommended) 2. Sign up with your email 3. Sign up with you favorite social account 4. Sign up for a free Developer Edition Org How do I login to Trailhead? Click “Login” in the top right corner of the Trailhead menu bar OR follow the prompts on the mobile app Navigate to trailhead.com 26
  27. 27. Let’s Start A Trail Together! Follow these steps: 1. In the search bar at the top of the page type in: “Find your way” 2. Locate “Find Your Way Around Trailhead” and click the title 3. Click on the first module title “Trailhead: Quick Look” 4. Click “Get Familiar with Trailhead” 27
  28. 28. Tips & Tricks
  29. 29. Learn Answers Collaboration Groups Salesforce MVPs Connect Community Groups Community Conferences Student Programs Give Back Mentorship BAM Have Fun Salesforce Ohana E Komo Mai Elena Iñurrategui Salesforce Administrator, Proyecto Tribo Choose Your Own Community Adventure trailblazer.salesforce.com/about Elena Iñurrategui Salesforce Administrator Proyecto Tribo 29
  30. 30. Trailblazer Community Groups 1000+ Community Groups 1,500+ Community Group Leaders 300+ Meetings per month 85+ Countries Zac Otero Salesforce Admin TrailblazerCommunityGroups.com Learn Salesforce with peers, build your network, and find mentors 30
  31. 31. By Role Are you an Admin, Business User, Business Analyst, Architect or Developer? By Level Are you a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced? By Product or Tag Further refine your search by a specific product or tag such as Integration or Security Find Content Using Search and Filters 31
  32. 32. Keep Track of Content with Favorites 32
  33. 33. Personalize Learning Journeys With Trailmixes Combine specific trails, modules, projects and/or superbadges Refine content based on role, level and/or subject matter Make it public to share with anyone Create custom learning playlists 33
  34. 34. Keep Blazing A Trail Complete the “Trailhead 12 Trailmix” sforce.co/Trailhead12 Build on what you learned today on Trailhead 34
  35. 35. Questions Please type your questions in the chat section
  36. 36. Get ready to win a “Special Gift” from MuleSoft Community TRIVIA TIME
  37. 37. Question-1 37 What is the criteria for becoming a ‘Trailhead Ranger’? A. Obtain 50 badges and 35,000 points on Trailhead B. Obtain 100 badges and 55,000 points on Trailhead C. Obtain 100 badges and 50,000 points on Trailhead
  38. 38. Question-2 38 What is the name of the Trailhead mobile app? A. Trailhead Mobile B. Trailhead Go C. Trailhead myMobile
  39. 39. Question-3 39 What are available as bite-sized units on specific topics with interactive challenges on Trailhead? A. Modules B. Trailmixes C. Trail
  40. 40. CI/CD- AUTOMATE MULE DEPLOYMENTS WITH GITHUB ACTIONS/TRAVIS CI Date: Saturday | 21st Aug, 2021 | 11 AM EDT Speaker: Archana Patel Deep Dive into Salesforce APIs Date: Saturday | 11th Sep, 2021 | 11 AM EDT Speaker: Sarah Khalid Upcoming Meetups
  41. 41. Thank You