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  1. Emirates Neenu Pappachan
  2. Emirates is an airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The airline is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, which is wholly owned by the government of Dubai's Investment Corporation of Dubai. It is the largest airline in the Middle East, operating over 3,600 flights per week from its hub at Dubai International Airport, to more than 140 cities in 81 countries across six continents.
  3. • Emirates is the world's fourth largest airline by scheduled revenue passenger-kilometers flown. • The fourth-largest in terms of international passengers carried. • The second-largest in terms of freight tonne kilometers flown. • Emirates had the longest non-stop commercial flight from Dubai to Auckland until it was surpassed by Qatar Airways flying from Doha to Auckland.
  4. Fleet of Emirates • Emirates A380 • Boeing 777-300ER • Boeing 777-200LR • Boeing 777-300 • Boeing 777-200 • Airbus A340-500 • Airbus A340-300 • Airbus A330-200
  5. In-Flight Services • A mid-flight shower and spa • On Air Inflight Wi-Fi system • In-flight Dining • Chauffeur-driven service. • Young Flyers. • Family Bonus • Business class lounges
  6. Product life cycle Maturity stage Emirates is now in its maturity stage. In view of heavy competition, Emirates is concentrating on heavy advertising and promotion. They have added large number of destinations to their list and intend on adding many more. With the growth in passenger numbers worldwide Emirates is expected to maintain its current growth pattern.
  7. BCG MATRIX Emirates is a cash cow when it comes to the BCG matrix. As a leader in the mature market the company exhibits greater return on assets than the market growth rate and hence generates more revenue than they can consume. This organization is able to fund its own research and development to service its debt and to pay dividends to its shareholders. Since emirates generates a stable cash flow its future cash flows can be determined with reasonable accuracy.
  8. Promotion Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) for an Airline can take place in the form of; • Advertisements • Public Relations • Sales Promotions • Sponsorships
  9. Sponsorship • Infrastructure • Cricket • Football • Rugby • Tennis • Motorsports • Horse Racing • Golf • Arts & Culture
  10. E-Marketing Strategies • Video Ads • Mobile Ads • Search engine • Forum and online help • Banner Ads • Loyalty Card
  11. Advertisements Emirates Airlines releases a series of multi-media advertisements under its popular taglines. Some of those slogans/taglines are; • Fly Emirates. Keep Discovering • Fly Emirates. To over 100 destinations • Fly Emirates, In six continents • Fly Emirates. Hello, Tomorrow • Fly Emirates. Meet Dubai
  12. Inflight advertisement • 3 x in-flight magazines • In-flight TV • Airport lounges
  13. 3 x in-flight magazines • Open Skies • Portfolio • Dubai Voyager
  14. Open Skies Rate Card US$ Full Page 16,500 Double Page Spread 30,525 Inside Front Cover Spread 59,400 Inside Back Cover 28,050 Outside Back Cover 36,300 Open Skies is intelligent, creative an in-flight magazine that focuses on people and stories as much as destinations. We work with the world’s best writers and photographers to create a magazine that reflects the brand values of Emirates.
  15. Portfolio Rate Card US$ Full Page 11,000 Half Page 7,700 Double Page Spread 20,500 Inside Front Cover Spread 39,600 Inside Back Cover 18,500 Outside Back Cover 24,200 Fiannel Panel 13,000 Contents 12,500 Portfolio is an elegant monthly publication that is exclusive to Emirates’ First Class and Business Class passengers.
  16. Dubai Voyager Rate Card US$ Full Page 4,500 Double Page Spread 8,400 Inside Front Cover 8,100 Inside Back Cover 7,700 Outside Back Cover 9,900 As the official magazine for the Dubai Airport and Dubai Duty Free, Dubai Voyager is the ultimate guide to the airport facilities and shopping experience.
  17. Interesting facts about Emirates
  18. Go Big or Go Home
  19. Six Continents because the last ones is pretty much ice
  20. In it For The Long Haul
  21. They're also all about the green
  22. They basically introduced personalized inflight entertainment
  23. Digital Age Flight
  24. Their First Class Cabins are face meltingly awesome
  25. Its starts before the flight
  26. Personal Executive Service
  27. Thank you