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Minutes of Meeting with JJO                               Planning the MusicalDate – Tuesday 6th December 2011Participants...
Action agreed                                                              By whom    1. Find out/estimate the costs of se...
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Minutes - 6th December 2011

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Minutes - 6th December 2011

  1. 1. Minutes of Meeting with JJO Planning the MusicalDate – Tuesday 6th December 2011Participants – JJO, Navina, George and NazishAbsent –Minutes taken by – NavinaPoints discussed Discussed briefly about the following four questions: 1. What is the cost and how will this be funded? o What materials are needed for creating and designing sets – wood, canvas, paint etc. o Are we going to buy, hire or make costumes? If so, then which costumes are we going hire/buy and from where. o Are we going buy, hire or make props? If so, which props are we going to hire/buy and from where. o How are we going to promote the performance and sell the tickets? Are we going to promote on radios or/and hand out leaflets or/and publish in local newspaper or/and put up posters etc. 2. Are you going to require taking the CH out of action for 3 days or is the set moveable to allow normal use of the Concert Hall during the school day? o If the set is moveable. o Can we block the stage during break and lunch time? How? 3. Who are your target audience for the matinee performance? o Whether or not our target audience for the matinee – primary school children are suitable for watching our performance. o If we are going to call primary schools, call local schools. Plan everything very carefully – how long will it take for them to reach our school, what kind of transportation, how many primary school teachers are going to supervising etc. Also change the timing, not in the afternoon – midday is when primary schools have lunch. o Instead invite students from Ms Crocker’s school – Lampton secondary school. o Hold the matinee performance on Wednesday, before the evening performance. This would make reduce the time spent on moving/setting up things. 4. Are you going to sell the tickets to raise money and how much? o Are we going to hold some events to raise money to cover the costs – e.g. sell cup cakes etc. What’s our budget? What are the costs of hiring head mics for soloists? Could the money possibly come from W-factor?
  2. 2. Action agreed By whom 1. Find out/estimate the costs of set, props, costumes and publicity. 2. Find out how many head mics we need. 3. Work out the total cost, which will also be our budget. 4. Work out how many tickets need to be sold to cover the cost. 5. Instead of calling the primary school children for the matinee Everyone in the performance, call students from Lampton School and students meeting. from Brentford School for Girls and Green School, who were a part of the YMT workshop. 6. Holding the matinee performance on Wednesday 22 nd February 2012, before the evening performance.