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Naveed Abbas resume 16

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Naveed Abbas resume 16

  1. 1. NAVEED ABBAS Personal Details: DOB: 27th July-1987 Father’s name: Muhammad Saleem Religion: Islam Marital Status: Single Address: 673/C Peoples Colony #2 Faisalabad, Pakistan Tel (mob): +92 304-669-6663/ +92 323-666-7023 E-mail: naveed_h50@yahoo.com Objective: Seeking an opportunity in medical billing, where I can use my excellent medical billing skills and knowledge and learn new things. I may be able to use my training in order to facilitate revenue circle and billing procedures. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS  HIPPA training  Patient Billing CMS-1500, UB-04  ICD-9, ICD-10, HCPCS coding, CPT coding  Medical Terminology  Knowledge of Insurance Programs: HMOs, PPOs, Medicare, Medicaid  E clinical Software as Practice Management  Office ally as Practice Management  Easy Payments Software EP  Knowledge of preparing forms  Able to handle patient’s queries  Dependable and hard working  Open for advancements and willingness to learn new thing  Excellent communication skills  Strong computer skills  Strong interpersonal skills Experience in Medical Billing: Omega MBS (FSD): May 09-2013 to June 2016 as “AR (Accounts Receivable) Specialist” Indus Medline LLC: June 2016 continue. Expertise: Have good knowledge of following:
  2. 2.  Internal Medicine  Pulmonologist  Sleep Studies  Psychologist  Pediatricians  Urgent cares  Nursing Home Responsibilities:  Training fresh resources  Patient services  Client support  Payment Posting  Claims Submission  Prepare Documents for Credentialing  Responsible for operating office bookkeeping system  Appeal on claims when necessary  Analyze patients’ records and medical history  Understand insurance rules and regulations  Point out any Errors in practices  Understanding different codes and applying accordingly  Entering the codes into management software  Negotiate and build healthy relations with insurance company  Reviewing and correcting the denied claims  Maintain the records relating to medical billing  Work on payment issues and missing checks  Deal with telephone queries and respond accordingly Other Experiences: Biotic Pharmaceuticals: March 2012 - February 2013 as “Sales Promotions Officer” AAA Financial Solutions: June 2011- December 2011 as “Trainee Acountant” Personal Traits:  Good at managing time  Able to negotiate easily  High ethical standards  Able to work alone  Very challenging and goal-oriented  Able to perform under pressure  Able to handle any kind of situation Qualifications: Education Year Grade/ Marks Board/ University Matriculation 2006 57% BISE Faisalabad I.COM 2008 60% BISE Faisalabad
  3. 3. B.COM 2012 54% University of Punjab Professional Certificates: 1) IELTS prepared from English Council 2) Diploma in Applied English Language 3) Diploma in Office Management Computer skills: Basics (MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel) Internet Concepts, Ms-Access. Excellent typing speed. Good in using different billing software. Languages: Urdu, Punjabi, English and Espanol (Dispuesto a aprender) Interests: Painting, learning foreign languages, cooking and travelling