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Questionnaire Evaluation

Questionnaire Evaluation for media research.

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Questionnaire Evaluation

  1. 1. Questionnaire evaluation
  2. 2. I chose to ask this question so I could see the rough age of my audience. I found that ages ranged from 16 to 17 with one anomalous result, knowing the main age of my audience will help me in choosing an age rating for my film too. As all of the participants were over 15, I will give my film a rating of 15.
  3. 3. I asked this question so that I could see the dominant age of the audience, I found that the answers were more or less 50/50 so I will not use the information from this question when I make the title sequence because I do not need to suit it to a specific gender.
  4. 4. I wanted to know what type of horror the participants found the most scary so that I would know which one to make my horror film. The results show that they find psychological horror scarier than gory horror, so I will aim to make my horror film a psychological horror.
  5. 5. I asked what the participants pay most attention to when watching a horror film to see what is the most important element we need to focus on. The majority of people said that they focus most on the storyline. Even though the opening wont have much of a storyline, I will aim to end it with a cliff-hanger so that the audience will be intrigued and will expect a good storyline to follow.
  6. 6. I asked the participants whether they prefer vampires, zombies, dolls or ghosts in horror films. Many said zombies, this contradicts with my previous question about whether they prefer psychological horror or gory horror. As the answers were less spread out in the previous question than this one, I am going to stick with psychological horror and ignore this question as the results in this question are less specific.
  7. 7. This was a very important question because it will help me determine the main theme of the horror film. I asked the participants which setting is most scary for a horror film: current time or olden times. Around 54% said current times and around 46% said that olden times is more scary. These results are very close so we will chose the setting based on our other answers.
  8. 8. We wanted to know if people preferred well known actors in horror films or unknown actors to see what would appeal to the audience most. The answers again were very close (almost 50/50). As this is a small production, we will be unable to have well known actors in our opening so we will use unknown actors.
  9. 9. I wanted to know what the typical clichés were in horror films so that I could stay away from them to make my horror film more original. Many people said cliché deaths are typical in horror films, knowing this, we will avoid killing an obvious characters.
  10. 10. Asking what the participants would say to a cheesy and fake actor gave us a good idea of what they would want to see in acting. Many said they would say “be more genuine” so we will make our actors as genuine as possible.
  11. 11. Lastly, I asked the participants to name their 3 favourite horror films. Asking this would allow me to see what popular horror films are liked by my audience so I can take key elements from those films and incorporate them accordingly into my opening of the film. Doing this will appeal to my audience because it’s elements they enjoyed from other films.