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Retailing in the Metaverse

  1. Cassandra Napoli Senior Strategist, WGSN Insight Into the Metaverse Epic Games
  2. 2 Into the Metaverse
  3. Into the Metaverse 3 Roblox 01 Defining the Metaverse 02 Entering the Metaverse 03 Meta Commerce
  4. 01 Defining the Metaverse Unit 2 Games Limited
  5. “ The Metaverse is a massively scaled and interoperable network of real-time rendered 3D virtual worlds which can be experienced synchronously and persistently by an effectively unlimited number of users with an individual sense of presence, and with continuity of data, such as identity, history, entitlements, objects, communications, and payments.” Matthew Ball, venture capitalist
  6. Facebook: A Metaverse Company 6 Defining the Metaverse Trend 1 Meta Alex Castro The Verge
  7. The State of the Metaverse 7 Defining the Metaverse $800 billion in 2024 “The global Metaverse revenue opportunity could approach $800 billion in 2024.” -Bloomberg Intelligence Oculus
  8. 8 Avatar Economy Defining the Metaverse Wolf3d Roblox
  9. 9 Meta “ Jessica DeFino, journalist It’s fair to wonder and worry about the beauty ideal the metaverse might inspire: Meta Face, or the real-world approximation of the unrealistic facial features popularized by our animated metaverse avatars.”
  10. 10 The New Wander Years Defining the Metaverse Vans
  11. 11 Digital Awe Defining the Metaverse @blakekathryn @james_films
  12. “ But the concept of Reality Privilege resonates. Not everyone has the chance to live in Manhattan. Not everyone is able to visit the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu. As our online lives become richer and more vibrant—and as technology improves—digital experiences will at least come close to capturing (and, in some cases, will likely surpass) those offline experiences.” Rex Woodbury, Digital Native
  13. Bankless
  14. 14 Work Defining the Metaverse @media.monks Microsoft Meta
  15. Brave Virtual Xperience Defining the Metaverse 15 The Metaforce Hyundai Samsung “ We recently have started hearing about brands considering the creation of special metaverse teams, just like how they put together teams to focus on specific social media channels not too long ago.” Christina Wootton, Roblox's VP of partnerships
  16. 16 Education Defining the Metaverse Roblox The Stanford Daily
  17. 17 Socialization Defining the Metaverse @ria_ria_tokyo Epic Games Roblox
  18. 18 Health Defining the Metaverse Rey Rey
  19. SHINHAN CARD CARD Defining the Metaverse 19 Meta-Societies Twitter KB Kookmin Bank Sandbox
  20. Entering the Metaverse 02 British Fashion Council
  21. 21 In-game Experiences Entering the Metaverse Fortnite Roblox Animal Crossing
  22. 22 Roblox Entering the Metaverse Warner Bros. Warner Bros.
  23. 23 Roblox Entering the Metaverse British Fashion Council British Fashion Council
  24. 24 Roblox Entering the Metaverse Gucci Gucci
  25. 25 Roblox Entering the Metaverse Nike Nike
  26. 26 Roblox Entering the Metaverse Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren
  27. 27 Digital Playgrounds Entering the Metaverse SK-II SK-II SK-II
  28. 28 “ P&G BeautySPHERE was inspired by our ongoing commitment to find new and surprising ways for people to connect with our brands, products and values. Our hope is that, through these fully immersive, digital experiences, visitors can interact with our brands in surprising, engaging new ways.” Alex Keith, CEO, P&G Beauty
  29. Meta Commerce 03 Around
  30. “ Using AR we were able to simulate a fashion environment, showcasing the designers work with MACHINE-A in an augmented, interactive space. Using traditional campaign spaces allowed for us to democratise fashion and support designers, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.” Cattytay, Co-founder of the Institute of Digital Fashion Institute of Digital Fashion Institute of Digital Fashion
  31. Augmented Reality 31 Meta Commerce Snap Inc. Snapchat
  32. “ Karinna Nobbs, founder of The Dematerialised For Chanel or Burberry or Gucci, brands that typically have an entry price point, the first interaction you might have with that brand might be [to buy] a lipstick for $30. An NFT might be an alternative for an entry relationship with that brand [...] NFTs are the perfume or lipstick of the future." Fakurian Design / Unsplash
  33. 33 NFT Boom Meta Commerce Dolce & Gabbana TikTok
  34. 34 NFT Boom Meta Commerce Fred Segal
  35. 35 New Formats Meta Commerce
  36. 36 Adidas’ Into the Metaverse Meta Commerce Adidas Adidas Adidas
  37. 37 Digital Fashion Meta Commerce @rtfktstudios @rtfktstudios @rtfktstudios
  38. 38 Fast Fashion Meta Commerce boohooMAN Forever 21 Zara x Ader Error
  39. 39 Direct-to-Avatar Commerce (D2A) Meta Commerce Facemoji
  40. The more embodied you feel in your avatar, the more likely you are to invest in its appearance and behavior traits. For example, a $10 Louis Vuitton skin might be expensive in the virtual world, but, if the digital purchase allows you to live vicariously in your favorite fashion designer’s clothes, $10 becomes an affordable luxury.” “ Samantha G. Wolfe, founder of PitchFWD Gucci
  41. 41 Direct-to-Avatar Commerce Meta Commerce Genies
  42. 42 Direct-to-Avatar Commerce Meta Commerce Ralph Lauren Crocs Levi’s American Eagle
  43. 43 Metaverse Fashion Week Meta Commerce The Fabricant
  44. Phygital Department Stores 44 Meta Commerce Selfridges Selfridges
  45. 45 Virtual Stores Meta Commerce Samsung
  46. Meta Malls 46 Meta Commerce Republic Realm Republic Realm
  47. 47 The Meta Marketplace Meta Commerce Around Around
  48. Key Takeaways 48 Pay attention to the generational differences Enable AR marketing and commerce experiences Closely monitor new sales opportunities 01 02 03 04 Begin to experiment in the metaverse now
  49. This report is provided for internal purposes only. Neither the report nor its content may be downloaded, printed or distributed outside of your organsation except as expressly authorised by WGSN. All rights reserved. Each image contained within remains property of the originator. Cassandra Napoli Senior Strategist