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Lead Capture Best Practices

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Lead Capture Best Practices

  1. 1.   Originally  authored  by  Nate  Kalaf  for  Lead  Lizard,  a  marketing  automation  agency  since   acquired  by  Yesler.   Lead  Capture  Best  Practices:  Don’t  Forget  Your  Reese’s  Pieces     In  the  early  ‘80s,  a  lovable  alien  captured  our   hearts.  His  best-­‐Earth-­‐friend,  Elliott,  called  him   ET,  and  many  magical  bike  rides  later,   facilitated  ET’s  return  home.  The  two  provided   countless  value  to  each  other,  and  it  would   never  have  happened  without  the  help  of  a   delicious  bag  of  Reese’s  Pieces  to  bring  them   together.       You  might  be  asking  yourself,  “Okay,  why  are   we  talking  about  a  Spielberg  movie?”  But  there   is  a  point:  think  of  your  business  as  Elliott,  your   potential  leads  as  a  lost  ET,  and  the  content  used  in  your  lead  capture  strategy  as   the  Reese’s  Pieces  that  bring  the  two  together.         Bringing  aliens  through  your  front  door.       Since  the  majority  of  visitors  to  a  company’s  site  never  convert  and  become   known  leads,  it’s  up  to  marketers  to  constantly  be  improving  lead  capture   strategies.  One  strategy  that  helps  is  finding  irresistible  pieces  of  content  to  lure   potential  leads  towards  a  path  of  conversion  and  qualification.       Without  those  delicious  candy  pieces,  Elliott  would  never  have  gotten  ET  to  reveal   himself  and  come  all  the  way  to  his  house.  In  the  same  fashion,  marketers  can  use   a  trail  of  compelling  content  to  allow  leads  to  reveal  themselves  one  piece  at  a   time.       Why  did  Elliott’s  trail  of  candy  work  so  well?  Here  are  a  few  reasons:       1)   Aesthetics  –  The  candy  was  out  in  the  open  and  easily  spotted.       If  Elliott  had  hidden  the  candy  “below  the  fold,”  ET  might  have  missed  it.  Make  
  2. 2. sure  your  lead  capture  trail  is  well-­‐placed  from  the  start  and  easily  draws   attention.       This  is  a  perfect  opportunity  to  incorporate  some  A/B  testing  to  figure  out  the   best  layout,  colors,  and  copy,  or  go  even  further  with  multivariate  testing  if   your  organization  gets  enough  traffic  to  provide  statistically  relevant  tests.     2)   Value  –  The  candy  was  worth  eating  in  the  first  place.       Who  knows  if  carrot  sticks  would  have  gotten  ET  to  follow  Elliott?  So,  make   sure  what  you  are  putting  on  the  trail  is  delectable  enough  to  entice   conversion.       Exclusive  access  to  e-­‐book  chapters,  helpful  worksheets,  or  industry  research   are  all  examples  of  valuable  content  that  can  be  used.  Offer  leads  something   that  isn’t  readily  available  to  them  and  you  will  be  more  likely  to  have  them   take  a  bite.     3)   Throttled  Content  –  The  candy  was  evenly   spaced  throughout  the  trail.       ET  didn’t  find  piles  of  Reese’s  Pieces  far   apart  from  one  another,  he  found  small   amounts  that  were  easy  to  follow  and  eat   while  moving  forward  at  the  same  time.  If   you  give  too  much  content  to  leads  at  one   time,  they  might  fill  up—leaving  them  with   no  reason  to  keep  going  farther  down  the   trail.       To  avoid  leads  dropping  off  before  enough  of  their  information  is  captured,  try   setting  up  progressive  profiling  that  releases  increasingly  valuable  content  as   the  forms  get  completed  in  more  detail.  One  way  you  could  do  this  is  by   breaking  larger,  high-­‐value  content  into  multiple  parts  that  leads  will  submit   for  when  the  next  piece  of  the  series  is  ready  for  download.      
  3. 3.   4)   Strategic  Vision  –  There  was  a  clear  goal  in  mind.       ET  may  not  have  known  where  he  was  going  to   wind  up  after  following  the  first  few  pieces  of   candy,  but  Elliott  did.  If  you  are  designing  a  lead   capture  strategy,  make  sure  there  is  a  purpose  to   the  process  and  an  action  step  to  be  taken  once  it   is  complete.       If  the  action  step  is  completed  by  sales  or  an   outside  vendor,  incorporate  a  service  level   agreement  to  make  sure  it  happens  before  the   lead  leaves  the  trail.       Regardless  of  whether  you  are  capturing  aliens  or  accounts,  these  lead  capture   recommendations  will  help  set  you  on  a  path  to  success.  By  remembering  to  keep   forms  and  content  in  conspicuous  places,  offering  conversion-­‐worthy  assets,   pacing  the  efforts  of  asks,  and  aligning  around  an  end  goal,  your  organization  will   be  primed  to  capture  both  quality  and  quantity  into  the  marketing  and  sales   funnel—something  definitely  worth  phoning  home  about.