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Progressing as a Software Developer

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The world of Information Technology offers an ever-growing, vast pool of opportunities. As a software developer you are primed to take advantage of the best of those opportunities. Chances are you've worked with a variety of different stakeholders including business analysts, project managers, system administrators, testers and even executive leaders. You may have even served in one of these or other capacities. The broad range of exposure means the career opportunities available to you are virtually limitless. You have to be proactive in pursuing those opportunities.

We will discuss seven key areas and activities you can start focusing on today to ensure you are well-equipped to advance in your career.

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Progressing as a Software Developer

  1. 1. PROGRESSING AS A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Nate Brown Desert Code Camp 2017.1
  2. 2. ABOUT ME • Director of Software Engineering at AppointmentPlus • Team of 25+ in US and India • SaaS using LAMP, Laravel, Angular, React, Vue • Mobile apps in iOS and Android • MS Office apps in C# .Net • Previous roles • Software Development Manager at AppointmentPlus • Lead Software Developer at AppointmentPlus • Senior Application Systems Analyst at University of Arizona College of Medicine • Workstation Specialist at Saint Xavier University • Helpdesk Intern • Freelance/Self-Employed Multimedia Designer
  3. 3. IT WORKED FOR ME • “Reverse engineered” the successes in my own 10 year journey • Helpdesk Intern to Director of Software Engineering • Delivering mouse pads to leading an international multi-discipline team • Over 4x increase in salary • There are other ways! • I’m still learning and progressing
  4. 4. 7 KEY ACTIVITIES 1. Catalog Your Successes 2. Calculate Your Impact 3. Know Your Value and Your Worth 4. Promote and Advertise Yourself 5. Ask for Feedback 6. Keep Learning 7. Seek Advancement Opportunities Proactively BONUS: I to I Leadership Growth Model
  5. 5. CATALOG YOUR SUCCESSES • You do cool stuff… document it! • Actively maintain a portfolio of your achievements • Tell your complete story • Good tool for self-reflection What do I Capture? • code snippets/screen shots/videos • descriptions of your projects • metrics and success factors • copies of your performance reviews • recommendation letters • articles and technical documentation • Certificates/continuing education • your updated resume #1
  6. 6. CALCULATE YOUR IMPACT Quantitative • Use your portfolio to calculate • How much money did you save the company? • How much revenue did it generate? • How much time did you save the company? • How many clients did you gain/retain? • Know your industry/company success metrics! Qualitative • Providing significant and relevant contributions during meetings • Sharing knowledge • Staying late to support large projects #2
  7. 7. KNOW YOUR VALUE AND YOUR WORTH Your Value ROI your employer gets on their investment in you; your irreplaceables • Your unique knowledge and skills • Your longevity within the company and “tribal knowledge” • Your consistent and reliable effort • The problems you solve Your Worth Having the self-awareness to properly self assess and understand what you can demand in the job market • Are you earning what the market says you are worth? • Are you developing and maintaining the skills that will keep your competitive in the current job market? #3
  8. 8. PROMOTE AND ADVERTISE YOURSELF • Get comfortable talking about yourself • Be your own best cheerleader • Remind your superiors of your achievements • Keep building your portfolio • Build and maintain a consistent professional image • Understand who you are • Identify your values (i.e. your non- negotiables) • Identify your passions • Expose who you are • Share, share, share • Be consistent #4
  9. 9. “ ” Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. – Winston Churchill
  10. 10. ASK FOR FEEDBACK • Soliciting external feedback from your peers and leaders is one of the most important actions you can take in moving your career forward. • Have the self-awareness to receive and apply constructive criticism. • Identify and enhance your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses. • Don't just limit yourself to formal feedback loops (one on one, performance evaluations, etc). • Just ask (the right people)! #5
  11. 11. “ ” I like constructive criticism from smart people. – Prince
  12. 12. KEEP LEARNING • Stagnation leads to irrelevance! • Know your craft: depth and breadth • Learn more than technology • Leadership and management • Financial management/planning • Better communication • Project management • Time management • Share your knowledge #6
  13. 13. “ ” [A person’s] ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. — Jack Welch
  14. 14. SEEK ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES PROACTIVELY • Be proactive and assertive about your own growth and development with passion, enthusiasm and urgency • Volunteer to lead • Step up when no one else will • Have an [informed] opinion • Let your direct manager know you want to do more • Make meaningful connections #7
  15. 15. “ ” Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning. -- Denis Waitley, Author, Speaker and Consultant
  16. 16. SUMMARY 1. Catalog Your Successes – keep an updated portfolio of your achievements 2. Calculate Your Impact – understand the effects of what you have done 3. Know Your Value and Your Worth – understand your leverage 4. Promote and Advertise Yourself – brag! and portray a consistent image 5. Ask for Feedback – find out where you need to improve 6. Keep Learning – don’t become stagnant and diversify your knowledge 7. Seek Advancement Opportunities Proactively – it’s up to you!
  17. 17. www.nate.bio Thanks for listening!