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Quick Guide to Reframing

Reframing can be a quick and easy way to shift your perspective and behaviour in situations. It can help you to get unstuck when in a rut or feeling frustrated about something. It will help you to move closer to achieving your goals.

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Quick Guide to Reframing

  1. 1. REFRAMING 2 ACTIONS TO TAKE NOW I notice repeated negative self talk, I have beliefs that are stopping me from making progress in the way I would like to. I often feel unhappy with what I have, the grass often seems greener on the other side!� I have a situation that I'm struggling to make progress with, or relationships that feel tricky to manage. Reframing can be a useful way to get unstuck when you're in a rut. �It can help you to think differently when you're feeling low. 3 REASONS TO REFRAME 2 QUESTIONS TO ASK TAKE TIME TO MONITOR NEGATIVE THOUGHT PATTERNS AND REFRAME! 1 2 3 1 2 Challenge your assumptions. Is what you believe really true? What evidence do you have? What would your friends say? Use milder words, be kind to yourself! You can swap out "got to" with "get to" to think more positively about something 1 2 "What can I learn from this?" "What is the best way for me to�move forward?"