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Preparing for the future

Preparing for the Future during this global health crisis

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Preparing for the future

  1. 1. PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE Agile Ontario Meetup Create Better Future with 'Future Hunt Navigator' Presented by Nasima Shafiul High dream Low dream Presented by Savita Pahuja Hosted by Ardita Karaj
  2. 2. AGENDA: High Dream Low Dream  Future Hunt Navigator: Brain Game Debrief What will be the new normal? Debrief & Poll
  3. 3. Think of a situation you’re n right now, and the outcome you’d like it to have. Are you more attached to your High Dream or to the Low Dream?  What can you learn from the other one, to help you get closer to the desired outcome? Activity #1 When we think about something we’d like to have in our life, we create a High Dream (we think about how great would be to have it and explore the details in our mind) and a Low Dream (“I can’t have this because … “). 1. 2. 3. HIGH DREAM LOW DREAM
  4. 4. YES OR NO
  5. 5. Leave alone the past is powerful: mindset Let go is a strength: Align your motions & Move ON! Dream creates possibilities: Map the mission Mirror Mirror: Dress for the success  Future is always future: The Mirage Present asking for the maximum attention: Manage your time Uncertainty is certain: Map your mission Celebration is a feeling: It's a Habit! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  6. 6. YES OR NO Past Present Future Dream Courage Persistance Win Celebration
  7. 7. Activity/Game on Trello Information/ Rules of about the Future Hunt Navigator Game: 1. Checkin with your Team+ add a cover(post your group photo)=>then set the intension to be the 'Futurist Team' 2. Spot the Future Hunt Navigator items (listed down) 3. You need to show/add your proof (e.g. pictures, images, links, description, etc.) 4. Mark each Future Hunt Navigator item as complete 5. Be the 'Futurist Team' as soon as you will find all the Future Hunt Navigator items marked and claim the victory!!! (so when done simply type in the chatbox ["room (your room number) done"])
  8. 8. Activity/Game on Trello Questions to ask at the Future Hunt Navigator Game: 1. What is the most interesting strength you have discovered during this pandemic? Discuss for a minute and write down below? (write as many as you want) 2. Share at least one vulnerability/gap/weakness that you have discovered during this global health crisis? Discuss for a minute and write down below? 3. Will things going to be normal again? Yes/No/Maybe/something else 4. What one of the things that you cannot touch but you would like to carry with you from your past? write or attach a picture
  9. 9. Activity/Game on Trello Questions to ask at the Future Hunt Navigator Game: 5. Attach PICTURE of something or describe in one word that you can express as your favorite past. 6. What you dream future look like(In personal/Professional/Social or combined)? write in one/few words or post a picture that resonates 7. Attach picture of something that represents your future 8. Now you have landed to your dream future....How would you celebrate your win?
  10. 10. YES OR NO Debrief
  11. 11. YES OR NO
  12. 12. YES OR NO Debrief
  13. 13. Out of Crisis by Eric Ries: highlights leaders from all sectors who are providing and coordinating relief efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic https://www.breaker.audio/out-of-the-crisis/ Effective Agility in the Age of Coronavirus https://www.agilealliance.org/resources/videos/suddenly-distributed-effective-agility-in- the-age-of-coronavirus/ How to Work from Home Efficiently https://www.scrum.org/resources/blog/remote-work-how-work-home-efficiently Mental Health Support https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/topics/mental-health-wellness.html Resources
  14. 14. Thank You!