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Kinetek Elevator & Escalator Solutions

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Kinetek Elevator & Escalator Solutions

  1. 1. Kinetek Capabilities
  2. 2. Kinetek Overview  Private, US-based manufacturing company  Employs more than 2,500, including 300+ degreed engineers  28 global facilities, including 13 design centers  $400mm annual revenue (2010)  Serves growing and profitable niche markets  Strong application expertise; highly engineered system solutions  Broad range of product technologies and capabilities  Leading market share and preferred supplier in all top markets Values & Commitment  Provide world-class products and services at competitive prices  Establish long term beneficial partnerships with customers and suppliers  Positive work environment with unwavering commitment to the highest standards of corporate responsibility and ethical business behavior
  4. 4. Kinetek: Global Presence 23 Facilities including 13 Design Centers Facilities North America United States (13) Mexico (2) Europe Italy (4) China (4) Guangzhou Shunde Wuxi Changzhou North America (15) Europe (4) Asia (4) UNITED STATES ITALY CHINA MEXICO 4
  5. 5. 5 Special purpose, wound field DC and low-voltage AC pump and traction motors for battery operated vehicles. Kinetek Operating Companies Gear motors, transmissions (traction drives) and gearing for the floor care, medical/mobility AC and DC motor systems for elevator/escalator, floor care, hose reel and commercial food equipment China producer of AC and DC motors, brushless AC, DC and general purpose motors, gearboxes, and end products China manufacturer of shaft and gearing for power tools, automotive, electric motors and air conditioner compressors Sub-fractional AC, DC, brushless motors and gear motors for refrigeration, pellet stove and commercial food equipment Traction and hydraulic elevator controls, escalator controls and complete elevator packages for independent contractors and OEMs High output DC motors for floor care, hydraulic pump drive motors for industrial lift, and traction drive motors Brushless motors and electronic systems for industrial, defense and electric vehicle applications Cable hoist and platform lift products for the global building construction market Membrane switch assemblies, graphic panel overlays, shielding product, and industrial/commercial labeling products Leading Chinese elevator control and microprocessor board manufacturer for domestic and international markets AC and brushless DC motors and pump motor packages for specialized industrial and commercial markets Custom motor control design for material handling, floor care, recreational vehicles and lift trucks
  6. 6. Elevator & Escalator Solutions Motors & Drives Motors & Drives Elevator & Escalator Controllers Elevator Controllers & Boards
  7. 7. Motion Control Engineering (MCE) — Rancho Cordova, CA  Founded in 1983  Full range manufacturer of traction, hydraulic and escalator control systems  Custom engineered modernization solutions  Peripheral Product offerings include:  Door Operators  Traction Auxiliary Power Systems (TAPS)  Landing Systems  Monitoring Systems  MCE is the world’s leading open-architecture elevator controller manufacturer. Smartraq Door Operator iCONTROL ELEVATOR CONTROL W/iBOX PROCESSOR EESG Overview
  8. 8. Imperial Electric Company — Akron & Middleport, OH  Celebrated 100 year anniversary in 08.  Custom manufacturer of special application AC and DC motor systems including:  motors and drives;  motors and generators;  motors and gearboxes.  A market leader in the floor care, elevator/escalator, and hose reel segments.  Manufactures products in the US, and collaborates on the design and engineering of products manufactured for Imperial by Kinetek De Sheng (KDS) in China. PM GEAR MOTORS LARGE FRAME GEARLESS AC ELEVATOR MACHINES HOSE REEL DC MOTORS EESG Overview
  9. 9. Kinetek De Sheng (KDS) – Shunde, China  Approximately two hours by ferry from Hong Kong  ISO 9000 Certified by DNV  650,000 square feet of floor space, including on-site dormitory  State-of-the-art lab facilities, including Fourth Shift ERP, machining capability, sound labs, and test chambers  Rapid growth in international markets  Consolidated sales reached $80 million for 2008  Approximately 50% of sales exported to the US and other countries  Strong engineering capability  Over 100 technical associates and engineers EESG Overview
  10. 10. Zhongxiu Kinetek (ZXK) — Wuxi, China • Leading Chinese elevator controller manufacturer  Produces Microprocessor elevator & escalator control boards  Produces finished traction & hydraulic control cabinets  Produces integrated drive-control and regenerative products;  ISO 9001 certified  120 Employees  Supports production & engineering for domestic and international customers  Products are CE certified by TUV FACILITY IN WUXI, CHINA ZXK-3200 MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL BOARD ZXK-3200 MRL CONTROLLER EESG Overview
  11. 11. Kinetek Elevator Design Center — Wuxi, China Organization and Capabilities  An independent business unit;  Capable of producing 30 new designs and/or 200 variations annually;  In-house research, design and test capability for MRL & machine-room complete or MOD packages; Design Philosophy  Safety, reliability and quality;  Compact Shaft, lower OH & Pit Depth Requirements, Modular Design driven by easier installation;  Tailor-made per custom requirements;  Broader product range;  Embrace newer technologies and ‘green elevators’; New Factory w/ Test Towers, WUXI, CHINA EESG Overview
  12. 12. Range of Motors & Machines
  13. 13. Model WTY1 & SWTY1 Series Applications  Machine and machine room-less  Harsh environments Features  AC synchronous permanent magnet design  2:1 or 1:1 Roping; Single Wrap  Capacity: up to 1600Kg (2:1)  Speed: up to 2.5 m/s (2:1)  Machine, traction sheave, brake and encoder provided  Totally enclosed, self cooling motor  Electronically activated double-action brake solenoid available  Brushless — no brushes to maintain ACPM Gearless Machines
  14. 14. Model WTY2 & SWTY2 Series Applications  New construction or modernization  Harsh environments  Sheave shaft loads to 15,000 kg. Features  AC synchronous permanent magnet design  Max Speed: 4m/s (1:1 or 2:1 w/ db wrap)  Load capacity: up to 2500Kg (2:1)  Machine, traction sheave, brake and encoder provided  Totally enclosed, self-cooling motor; no fan needed  Electrically activated double-action brake solenoid available  Brushless — no brushes to maintain  500-580mm, 6-10 groove sheave  Heavy duty construction ACPM Gearless Machines
  15. 15. Model Jordan Series (WR: 320-2000) Applications  Machine or machine-room-less (MRL)  Harsh environments  Limited overhead MRL Features  Dual, independent plate brakes  Capacity: 320-2000Kg;  Speed: up to 1.75m/s  320 or 400mm sheave diameter  8mm or 10mm rope, single wrap  2:1 or 1:1 ACPM Gearless Machines WR-630-100-S (1:1)
  16. 16. Model WTYF2 Series  Capacity: up to 1600 kg  Elevator speed: up to 4.0 m/s  Roping 2:1  Double wrap  Sheave diameter 520 mm  Rope 4 - Φ13  Max shaft load 12000 kg  Drum brake ACPM Gearless Machines
  17. 17. ACPM Gearless Machines Frame 500 Series • Capacity, 1150Kg-1350Kg (1:1) • Capacity, 1000Kg-2500Kg (2:1) • Speed, 3.0 m/s Frame 800 Series • Capacity, 1150Kg-1600Kg (1:1) • Capacity, 1800Kg -3175Kg (2:1) • Speed, 7.0 m/s (1:1) • Speed, 3.5 m/s (2:1) • Sheave Shaft Load: 18,150Kg Frame 900 Series New Product Concept • Capacity, 1600Kg • Speed, 9 m/s • Sheave Shaft Load: 22,700Kg-27,200Kg Frame 1000 Series New Product Concept • Speed, 9 m/s • Sheave Shaft Load: 38,000Kg
  18. 18. Range of Controllers
  19. 19. Fusion Integrated drive-control for elevator and escalator Single enclosure with integrated drive and control: Small foot print; One-step setup – consolidated set of parameters; No wiring between control and drive. Optimal Performance: CAN-based serial communication - up to 4m/s; More reliable with less components and points of failure; Easy installation and service – less spare parts; Static motor auto tune; Direct to floor; Reduced floor-to-floor time (dynamic S-curve generation based on the travel distance).
  20. 20. Elevator Control WP-CAN3200C VVVF Flexible configuration and high performance in a compact AC controller The WP-CAN3200C Elevator Control from Kinetek is a well integrated example of intelligent system design. WP-CAN3200C uses modular architecture centered around the CPU main control board and the car control board. The main controller handles hoistway and machine room equipment. The car control board handles all car related equipment. Applications • Modernization/new construction/ machine roomless • High-rise or mid-rise • Gearless or geared Features • Maximum car speed: 6 m/s • Landings/groups: 64 single or double openings • Drive type: flux vector • Harmonic distortion: industry standard • Motor control: Digital closed-loop/velocity feedback • Dispatching: full backup local dispatching for up to 8 cars • CAN Bus communication • Factory matched motors/machine • EN81 compliant
  21. 21. Next Generation Controller: iControl State-of-the art components and design methodologies Developed from ground up, taking advantage of 20+ years of elevator control design and manufacturing experience Designed to optimize performance, efficiency and to exceed customer requirements Reduces overall cost of installation, maintenance and ownership iControl-AC
  22. 22. iControl Significant Product Components iBox processing unit: The brain of iControl  Main elevator control computer  Two independent safety subsystems  Terminals for the connection of all safety-related inputs and outputs  On-board diagnostics  Communications ports  Quick interconnections for drive iBox processing unit
  23. 23. Escalator Controls- Motion 3000ES™ Features • Redundant safety processing • CAN communication • LED display/keypad programming • Up to 8 display boards (4-per processor) • Voice annunciation (optional) • Remote monitoring (optional) • Seismic sensor (optional) Benefits • Hardware reconfigurable • Field programmable • VVVF or Direct Line Control Motion 3000ES (3 CABINET CONFIGURATION The Motion 3000ES Escalator Control from MCE brings new technology and control sophistication to the escalator market. Available in VVVF Variable Speed or Wye/Delta Direct Line Control versions, the 3000ES is quality engineered from concept to completion.
  24. 24. Applications • Small footprint requirements • MRL or machine room • Low to high rise buildings • Groups to 8 cars • Service to 16 floors Benefits • Complete engineered solutions • Minimized installation time • Fully optimized control/drive/machine interface • Designed to minimize hoist-way noise and highest riding quality • Precise attention to detail and individual requirements Single Source MRL or Machine-room Solution Market Segments and Product Portfolio 1. Standard MRL (450-1600Kg; <=1.75m/s) - patent pending; 2. Cantilever MRL (450-1250Kg; <= 1.75m/s); 3. Large capacity MRL (2000-4000Kg; <=1.75m/s); 4. High-speed machine-room package (<=3500Kg; 6m/s); 5. Custom MRL and machine-room packages; 6. Others: panoramic, car-lift, hydraulic and escalator packages;
  25. 25. Single Source MRL or Machine-room Solution What differentiate us from other packager providers? Proven track record of electrical components – controls & machines:  Large selection for boarder speed & capacity range;  Rich custom features; High quality OEM hoist-way and safety components:  Built to Kinetek design and quality standard; Strong components supply-chain management  Strict qualification and quality control; Solution provider  Strong engineering expertise – mechanical and electrical.
  26. 26. YH SERIES HYDRAULIC BUFFERS YH Series buffers are high quality, hydraulic compression, spring return buffers. All YH buffers are TUV certified. Buffers are provided with compression switch and oil level dipstick. Models YH/100 YH/175 YH/206 Maximum speed 1.0 m/s 1.6 m/s 1.75 m/s Minimum impact speed 1.15 m/s 1.84 m/s 2.01 m/s Minimum mass 900 kg 900 kg 900 kg Maximum mass 3000 kg 3000 kg 3000 kg Hydraulic oil type L-HM 68 L-HM 68 L-HM 68 Applications • Modernization or new construction Benefits • Rapid return • Quality construction Acceptable Hydraulic Oils • Mobil D.T.E. 26 • Esso Nuto H 68 • Shell Tellus Oil 68 • Sunoco Sunvis 831 WR • Texaco Rando Oil HDC 68 ELEVATOR SAFETY
  27. 27. PROGRESSIVE ELEVATOR SAFETIES Kinetek progressive elevator safeties have been assessed against the provisions of EUROPEAN LIFT Directive 95/16/EC Annex XI and authorized for provision with the CE Certification. Specification AQ10 AQ5Z Tripping speed 0.58 to 2.62 m/s ≤ 3.22 m/s Allowable mass 1200 - 3000 kg 1200 - 4000 kg Guide rail thickness 16 mm 16 mm Applications • Modernization or new construction Benefits • Quality construction ELEVATOR SAFETY
  28. 28. OVERSPEED GOVERNOR The XS200 and XS300 are bi-directional, centrifugal overspeed governors assessed against the provisions of EUROPEAN LIFT Directive 95/16/EC Annex XI and authorized for provision with the CE Mark. Model Rated Speed Counter Poise Rope Diameter Rope Tension XS200 < 1.5 m/s 15 kg 6 mm ≤ 600 N XS300 <2.0 m/s 20 kg 8 mm ≤ 1000 N Applications • Modernization or new construction Benefits • Bi-directional operation • Electrical over speed switch • Slack rope switch • Remote reset ELEVATOR SAFETY
  29. 29. AC PM Gearless Modernization Package “Green” replacement for geared application (1:1 or 2:1) Pre-engineered and manufactured solution:  Less engineering calculation and guaranteed performance;  Sub-structure included – no fabrication required;  Less installation time. Green - no oil lubricants. Optimal Performance:  Accurate control across the speed range;  Low speed direct drive (no gears);  Less noise (30% less compare to that of the geared application);  Cooler operation. Dual, independent brakes allow external rope brake to be eliminated (each brake will hold 125% of rated capacity)
  30. 30. Thank you!