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Corporate Profile - iDigiSoft Tech

  1. 1 iDigiSoft Technologies Chennai (India), Europe & USA Welcomes Our Valued Customer for Presentation on Our Capabilities in the field of Web & Mobile App Design & Development and Software Services
  2.  iDigiSoft Technologies is a Global innovative Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing and Software services Company. We have established our business in Chennai-India, Dublin-Ireland & Milwaukee-Wisconsin-USA within a very short span of time and opening up our delivery centres in Singapore & UAE shortly.  We are also proud to endorse us as an Off-shore Technology Partner of one of the Dubai IT Consulting giants “Black & White IT Consulting, LLC”, Dubai, UAE.  Although our presence is in Asia, UAE & Europe at present, our services are dedicated and personalized to the clients from any region across the globe.  We have satisfied client base which is increasing rapidly that makes us stand out from our competitors in web & Mobile App design & development and software services industry.  We deliver best piece of quality Web & Mobile App design & development and software services work at competitive cost which our competitors cannot offer for sure.  Our service is personal. Our expertise is building your on-line presence that generates more revenue for your business. 2
  3.  We want what’s best for you and to your precious customers. Our customers are precious to us. That’s why we deliver the best service and attention to detail during all stages of the web design process.  We make it easy for you to turn your ideas into tangible ways to promote your business.  We want your website to look and feel stylish and professional, the way you do.  We give you apps that work in tandem with your website, increasing your market reach and delighting your users.  We show you ways of getting your message across the right way to the right people in order to conquer your competition.  Our relationship does not end after we deliver the finished product.  We take you under our wing and make sure our product is working for you on an ongoing basis.  We publish content that is relevant to you, with simple ideas to build on your business prowess. **With iDigiSoft by your side, you are certain of success** 3
  4.  We have 10 members team who are passionate with very good professional expertise and have strong knowledge with 6 to 8 years of experience in the areas of website development, web design, mobile App development, software services and digital marketing solutions.  We allocate dedicated & personalized resources to each and individual client, to ensure that we are meeting the customer service excellence and quality standards.  Our approach on each of yours project development is unique.  We keep our clients updated with their respective project development progress regularly to ensure transparency at each & every phase of design, development until delivery to clients following the maintenance work also.  Smart and hard work of our resources has set iDigiSoft Technologies unique from our competitors and helps us move towards success in a very positive & professional way. 4
  5. 5  Responsive Design  Mobile App (Android, iOS, Blackberry & Windows)  Mobile Cross Platforms (Phone Gap, Kendo Mobile Frame Work, Cordova & Merid concept)  PHP  Code Igniter  Cake PHP  Bootstrap  Ajax  Wordpress  Drupal  Ruby on rails  Joomla  Magento  Prestashop  Open Cart  X-Cart  HTML  CSS 3  ASP .Net  SQL 2008  Java & Jquery
  6. 6 Some of our valuable clients are:
  7.  By 2016 we aim to be the first company thought of when it comes to Web & Mobile App Design & Development Technology.  We want to be in the minds of all kinds of businesses, from sole traders to large firms as the central component of their success on the web.  We aim to beat our competitors by giving our customers what they want, when they want it and even more if that’s possible. **We won’t rest until we get there** 7
  8.  To be the best at what we do.  Our customers depend on us to help them showcase their products and services on the web.  We depend on delivering the best to our customers so they keep coming back.  We strive to be a multi-cultural, cross sectional, multi-faceted, global entity that delivers second to none products and services. **We won’t over promise and we won’t under deliver** 8
  9. Web Development  End to end website development solutions is the core business of the iDigiSoft. We have been going through the vast research to identify which has been the most effective way to improve the business process of our clients.  After extensive analysis of various data’s and details, we have come up with the solution called Web Development.  Whether, our clients business are small medium or a huge investment in the market; to sustain and grow rapidly it has become mandatory to have presence on-line over the internet through having website that increases the chance of your business to be visible to customers looking for your kind of services and products you offer in the market.  iDigiSoft offers specialized services in the Website Development that keeps your business ahead among other rivals in the market. User Friendly, navigability, compatibility and Some of the platforms that iDigiSoft’s global expert team tend to manage are, 9
  10. Web Development The following are the platforms offered under the Web Development Services:  Content Management System (CMS)  e-Commerce Platform  Portal Development  Website Optimization  Website Application Development  API Integration 10
  11. Creative Design and Branding  iDigiSoft understands that your business model changes often depending market trends, so we offer specialized website customization, web redesign and responsive website design services.  Our creative design experts just don’t create designs; We innovate and create creative designs that are beyond imagination.  It is our passion and we are keen to develop websites that are user friendly and easily navigable. Our expert team have immense experience and knowledge designing the web pages which increases traffic flow to your site.  However your site may be whether built and lost its presence on-line at web or your website down at present due to low maintenance, we can help you recover your website live, get up and run actively.  We redesign website easing the navigation and browsing compatibility within the website. We make your site look beautiful, contrast and users friendly giving a new look to your existing site. 11
  12. Creative Design and Branding The following are the custom Web Design & Redesign services offered :  Responsive Design  Flash Animation  Business card Design  Brochure Design  Newsletter Design  HTML5 Based Animation 12
  13. Mobile App Development iDigiSoft has experts who has got more than 4 years of proven experience in Mobile App Development. We specialize in both Native & Hybrid App development. Following are our specializations: 13  Android Development  iOS Development  Windows App Development  Blackberry App Development Frame Works  Phone Gap  Cordova  Kendo Mobile Frame Work  Merid Concept
  14. Business Application Development  iDigiSoft very well understand that companies are striving hard to manage their business performances both internally and externally in the global competitive business environment. Since the market is dynamic and changing often due to modernization it is hard for the businesses to have profitable return on investment (ROI) and to maintain very good customer relationship.  At iDigiSoft we have specialist development team comprises of Business Analysts, Developers and testers to understand each and every unique requirements of your organization and business performance. **Gathering your organization and business requirements, our expert development team develops customized business Applications that can manage your business operations in most effective manner that definitely increases productivity, yields business profit and helps you sustain in the market that you compete with your rivals** 14
  15. Business Application Development Our expertise in business application development expands across various industries from banking & financial services industry including insurance, Medical, IT, infrastructure, logistics & supply chain management and many others.  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Business Process Management (BPM)  Supply Chain Management (SCM) 15
  16. Digital Marketing  At iDigiSoft we always helps you to move your products and services to next level that enables you to achieve great success through Digital Marketing & Internet Marketing.  We consider your success our value. We take your business to top level among your competitors. Our Digital marketing solutions are one of the most effective methods to boost up your business.  Our digital marketing solutions help you precisely measure where your leads are coming from and what actions are taken when the leads reach your website. ** We have a team of research analysts and business analysts who conducts market research to identify your competitor’s strength and promote your business on-line more effectively giving you a shot of sure success** 16
  17. Digital Marketing The following are the Digital Marketing Services offered :  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  Pay Per Click (PPC)  Social Media Networking  Social Media Optimization (SMO) 17
  18. iDigiSoft’s Process Flow Chart 18 Requirement Gatherings & Planning (Business Analysis) Documentation (Business Analysis) Wireframes (Business Analysis) Custom Design (Creative Designers) Development (PHP, .NET, HTML) Testing (Software Testers) Deployment (Technical Team) Maintenance (Developers/Technical Team)If Issue Rises during Maintenance we Plan & Develop Technology Solutions
  19. iDigiSoft’s Work Structure The following are the iDigiSoft’s Work Structure: Stage 1 (Requirements Gathering)  At iDigiSoft we have a team of expert and client friendly Business Analysts. Once you approach iDigiSoft for any of your Web Development, Web design, Mobile app, Business Application development or Digital marketing needs; one of our friendly Business Analysts will have a word with you, listen to you and then gather requirements, data’s & information from your end. We give attention to detail for your requirements.  The main objective of this approach by iDigiSoft is to have a very good and crystal clear understanding of your requirements and business model that clearly defines and make us understand scope of the project, enabling us to develop the desired website or applications for you. 19
  20. iDigiSoft’s Work Structure Stage 2 (Planning & Analysis)  At iDigiSoft our Business analysts analyzes the real, hypothetical and organizational data’s & information gathered from client’s end and investigates various business systems which includes different units involved in client’s business operations both externally and internally.  After careful analysis, our business analysts choose a path and estimate other things. We sit for discussion with other teams and finalize the methodology that best suits our client requirements and needs. Once the methodology is confirmed we move to next step called DOCUMENTATION. 20
  21. iDigiSoft’s Work Structure Stage 3 (Creating Documents)  The high level document that has been prepared by our business analyst will be submitted to our client for their reference & understanding and we request them to freeze the modules, features and functionalities. Once our client freeze the modules and features, we go ahead to continue with next progress of developing blue prints called WIREFRAMES. 21
  22. iDigiSoft’s Work Structure Stage 4 (Developing Wireframes/Blue Prints)  Our expert team at iDigiSoft creates WIREFRAMES or blue prints as same as like professional designers to give our clients with deep and insight understanding of how their website & mobile app designs will look like and the features that each modules will contain. Wireframes will be created based on the data and information collected at initial phase and modules, features, & functionalities freezed by our clients reviewing our document at stage 3. 22
  23. iDigiSoft’s Work Structure Stage 5 (Creative Design)  After the acceptance of wireframes, we have professional and expert creative designers at iDigiSoft to develop custom design that attracts our clients the most. Our design team develop the best design that is a perfect mixture of vibrant look and high functionality, customized for your business needs. Our custom designs for your website and mobile apps are trend setting and User Interface (UI) friendly that fetch you more customers to visit your site and easily navigate through different pages of your website. We assure you that our designs will definitely throw everlasting positive impressions on your website visitors. 23
  24. iDigiSoft’s Work Structure Stage 6 (Development & Testing/Quality Assurance)  Once we complete the custom design process. We have very well experienced and expert developers who have their several years of hands on experience specializing in web application & mobile application development technologies like HTML5, CSS3, .NET, MySQL, PHP and other open source technologies such as JOOMLA, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, PHP Code Igniter, Twitter Bootstrap and Android & iOS that enables and get your website and mobile application project up and run live efficiently and effectively.  Once the development progress releases are initiated, we have software testers at iDigiSoft who tests the development releases and monitors if there are bugs on the development and intimates the developer to fix the bugs at each and every stage of phase by phase development release.  Our software testers have extensive knowledge to track the issues with your website, web application and mobile app development and deliver only the best to our clients end. 24
  25. iDigiSoft’s Work Structure Stage 7 (Deployment & Maintenance)  At iDigiSoft once the development and testing is done and the website or mobile app we develop are ready to launch. Our professional technical team take care that your project development hits the market with very good quality and security. This is where all our planning, research and work will be combined and implemented to see the result.  Our relationship does not end after we deliver the finished website/ mobile app/ business application development or digital marketing solutions. We take you under our wing and make sure our website, mobile applications and digital marketing solutions are working for you on an ongoing basis at free of cost at initial stage for the minimum of 6 months after launch.  We also provide a maintenance package that very best fits your business needs at affordable annual maintenance charge, which includes our dedicated professional technical team taking care effective functioning of your website/ mobile app/ Business app/ Digital marketing solutions. We consider your success our value. We promise to deliver innovative web solutions on time 25
  26. Please find below some of our Project Development Wireframes :  Content Management System (CMS) Wireframes URL Palm Beach Restaurant : http://yv6he4.axshare.com/#p=home Sicame Corporate Website : http://bmab62.axshare.com/#p=home  e-Commerce Wireframes Vidyasalai : http://tku7yt.axshare.com/#p=home Booked IN :  Intranet System Wireframes Inquilab Housing Intranet Application - http://mn8412.axshare.com/#p=home Opprise Real Estate Intranet : http://dvtv8e.axshare.com/#p=administrators_login  Mobile App Wireframes IOS : http://3nml6x.axshare.com/#p=home Android : http://lvzh93.axshare.com/#p=home http://ehh0gz.axshare.com/#p=home 26
  27.  Website Samples http://www.social-webb.com http://www.creosols.com http://www.idigisoft.com/mockup/B&W/ file:///C:/DOCUME~1/compaq/LOCALS~1/Temp/Rar$EXa0.606/Additonal_Samples/index.html file:///C:/DOCUME~1/compaq/LOCALS~1/Temp/Rar$EXa0.040/Additonal_Samples/index1.html http://www.idigisoft.com/mockup/SampleDesigns/index5.html http://www.idigisoft.com/mockup/SampleDesigns/index4.html www.idigisoft.com/mockup/SampleDesigns/index1.html http://www.idigisoft.com/mockup/SampleDesigns/index2.html www.idigisoft.com/mockup/SampleDesigns/index3.html http://www.idigisoft.com/mockup/SampleDesigns/index6.html Mobile App Samples http://www.idigisoft.com/mockup/SampleDesigns/index8.html http://www.idigisoft.com/mockup/SampleDesigns/index7.html http://www.idigisoft.com/mockup/SampleDesigns/index9.html Note: Currently we are Designing & Developing Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) for the services of Dubai based projects viz., smartlabours.ae, balaash.ae and ajmanded.ae Video Animation https://www.dropbox.com/s/vxys6tx2edsz8yb/HD_Option_01_1080p.mp4?dl=0 Note: Currently we are creating Promotional Info graphics Video Animation for balaash.ae, Dubai 27
  28. 28
  29. 29 Contact us : iDigiSoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd. & Inc 1c, Jyothi Nagar Main Road, Tambaram (West), Chennai 600 045, India 1st Floor, 29 Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, Ireland 7904, West Lisbon Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53222, USA Phone : +91 9710484984 (India) +353 1555 1142 (Ireland) +1 21 33591 736 (USA) Email : idigisofttech@gmail.com nareshanantharaj@gmail.com Skype : idigisoft.skype
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