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The Hero's Journey--Your Adventure as a Student

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The Hero's Journey--Your Adventure as a Student

  1. 1. The Hero’s Journey— Your Adventure as a StudentNancy Goodman, MSEd, LPCCentral Academic Advisinggoodnanc@isu.edu, 282-3277
  2. 2. • What is the Hero’s Journey?• What is a metaphor?• Who is the hero?• What will mark your student’s adventure?• Who is here to help you?
  3. 3. What is the Hero’s Journey?
  4. 4. al Refus of the Call KNOWN UNKNOWNRe fuof t sal hCa e Ref us ll of th al e Cal l Refusal of the Call = The Abyss al al Refus Refus of the of the Call Call
  5. 5. What is a Metaphor?• In English class…• In Psychology class…• In Anthropology class…
  6. 6. The Hero’s Journey is Your Journey The Hero You • Are leaving your comfort•Leaves the crowd to venture zone to attend collegeout alone • Have many resources at•Has aides, allies, and tools to your disposalassist in the journey • Will have many moments•Confronted by things that of fear and self-doubtare strange, foreign, andscary • Will evolve into bigger version of self•Values and identity aretested time and time again • Will gain values, knowledge, and skills to•Has something to offer offer society that youworld as result of adventure don’t have now
  7. 7. Who is the Hero? Traditional Students Nontraditional Students• Rite of Passage • Journey has led you here• Differentiation • Don’t like current job, process—who are divorce, job loss, bad YOU? relationship, raised kids first• fear • FEAR• Doing it with cohort • Doing it alone• Choosing Adventure • Adventure Choosing You
  8. 8. The Warrior Hero• Fundamental Hero Archetype• Protectors of culture, village, way-of- life• Moral code, sense of duty• Call to defend• Wounded warrior
  9. 9. What will mark your student’s adventure? Revelations Trials• Skill-building, • Discomfort, humility• New opportunities • Fear, insecurity• Knowledge • Existential• Personal insight, questioning epiphany • Fight for• community authenticity • Isolation
  10. 10. Threshold Crossing & Gathering of Allies— Step 1 Threshold Locations Threshold Guardians• Central Academic Advising • Academic Advisors• Student Success Center • Tutors• Career Center (x2) • Counselors• Adult Basic Education • Faculty and instructors• First Year Seminar Allies• College Learning • Supporters Strategies • Like-minded people• Student activities • How are you your own ally?
  11. 11. ToolsLight Saber--external The Force--internal • Degree plans • Belief system • Study skills • Sense of self • Weekly planner • Healthy attitude • Time management • Resiliency • Appointments • Flexibility • Support system • Discipline
  12. 12. The Boon• Metaphor• What does the dragon protect?• That treasure is yourself—your best self• The dragon is also you• Aspects of yourself that block your own path• What dragons might you have to slay on the way?
  13. 13. The Boon• Bachelor’s Degree!• Long-term career flexibility• Enormous accomplishment• Intellectual knowledge and insight• Connections and experience• Growth that will last a lifetime• Expanded sense of self• Work ethic
  14. 14. Let us help you!• Make an appointment• Stop in• Visit faculty’s office hours• Visit writing or math lab• Join an organization
  15. 15. For More Information• The Power of Myth• The Hero With a Thousand Faces• An Open Life• www.jcf.org• Finding Joe• Opus Archives, Pacifica Graduate Institute• The Heroine’s Journey• Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway