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"Harry Chung"
> | Add to Address book |This is
To: "shanmugavel nagarajan" <nagaraja...
2. Uni Hosiery makes an contract with you for your service and do not hire you as an
So Uni Hosiery does not off...
Harry Chung
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  1. 1. From: "Harry Chung" <HarryChung@UniHosiery.com > | Add to Address book |This is spam To: "shanmugavel nagarajan" <nagarajansp@rediffmail.com> Subject: India Job Offer Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2006 00:27:52 IST Cc: "Kenny Chung " <kennychung@unihosiery.com>, "'Brian Chung'" <brianchung@unihosiery.com>, "Sheen Gak Kang " <sheenkang@unihosiery.com> Go to Attachment(s) UNI HOSIERY CO., INC. 3829 S. BROADWAY ST., LOS ANGELES, CA 90037, U.S.A. TEL : ( 323 ) 846-9900 , FAX : ( 323 ) 846 - 5109 , ( 323 ) 846 - 1755 E-MAIL : HarryChung@UniHosiery.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your applying for the position of Regional Purchasing Manager. I'm Harry Chung, The President of Uni Hosiery Co., Inc. My first job is showing the way where the company should go. My second job is hiring people, giving them the chance & environment to develope & show their ability and reward them according to their performance. Uni Hosiery Co., Inc., as a manufacturer, importer and distributor of socks, T-shirts, and men's & ladies' underwear which has superior quality with the lowest price in the industry for last 20 years, has 2 sports sock factories in California & Alabama and Buying Offices in Korea, Pakistan ( Karachi ), Bangladesh ,China and Head office & Distribution center in Los Angeles and several Sales & Distribution Center are located at San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, Los Angeles, etc. in U.S.A. Currently we are importing Men's ,Boys' & ladies' underwear including bra & girdle , brief, boxer shorts, bedsheets and socks from Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China, etc. Due to increasing competition for underwear, We decide to import from India and hire purchasing agents in India to get better price, quality and delivery time . New hired purchasing agents in India will work at their home in India under the instruction of purchasing manager from Head Office in U.S.A. As a purchasing agent, we offer following conditions : 1. Monthly basic pay for your service is US $1000 /month.
  2. 2. 2. Uni Hosiery makes an contract with you for your service and do not hire you as an employee. So Uni Hosiery does not offer any salary, benefit,etc. and purchasing agent should take care of everything including taxes, etc. Uni Hosiery pays US $250/month as a Monthly Expense including travel expense, transportation, telephone bill, fax bill ,etc. Uni Hosiery will not pay any extra expenses over US $250/month monthly expenses except freight charge for samples ( Condition #5 ). 3. For samples shipping to Uni Hosiery , you can use Uni Hosiery Account of D.H.L. & FEDEX in India. and Uni Hosiery pay shipping charges in U.S.A. or you pay shipping charge and Uni reimburse at the end of every month. 4. Service Fee & Expense will be wired to any bank in India. 5. There is no contract forms between you and Uni Hosiery. We evaluate your performance every month and ,as long as Uni Hosiery recognize you as a good regional purchasing agent, Uni will wire you expenses & service fee every month. Otherwise Uni Hosiery will stop wiring with 15 days notice and Vice versa ( you have the same rights which means you can quit your job with15 days notice). But you are not allowed to have another job or do your own business. This purchasing agent job should be your full time and only job. 6. Uni Hosiery purchase goods only by L/C base and open L/C directly to manufacturer. Uni Hosiery put Inspection Certificate sentence on every L/C and Inspector from Uni Hosiery where are located in Pakistan or China or Korea visit factory to inspect before they ship. There is no cash transaction on any case. 7. There is a performance commission except your service fee. Please see attachment. Factories you have already contacted for your sourcing ability will not be included in this performance commission. If you can accept above conditions, please e-mail me when you can start to work. To save our time, I would like to remind you that above conditions are not negotiable. It is your previlage not to take this position if you do not like above conditions. Thank you.
  3. 3. Harry Chung