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Inquiry letter

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Inquiry letter

  1. 1. Inquiry Letter Writing Plan 1) State clearly and concisely what you want to say—general information, catalogue, price list, sample question etc. 2) If there is a limit to the price at which you are prepared to buy, do not mention this otherwise the supplier may raise the quotation to the limit you mentioned. 3) Most suppliers state their terms of payment when replying, therefore there is no need for you to ask for them unless you are speaking for the special rates. 4) Keep your inquiry brief and concise. Sample Inquiry Letter Request for Samples. Dear Sir, We have received a number of inquiries for false ceiling for the our new building. It would be helpful if you could send us samples showing your range of suitable ceilings and if one is available, a pattern-card of the designs in which they are supplied. Yours faithfully, Enumerated Inquiry Dear Sir, Our firm expects to move its business offices into the new quarters with entirely new equipment. In the Accounts department thirty new computers are to be installed. In the reference to your advertisement of Pentium systems in the Daily News dated 24, 2009, I would like you to answer the following questions:
  2. 2. 1) How o you r computers stand wear and tear? 2) Do they produce better results? 3) Does your company give the uniform services in the ways of repairs and replacement? 4) Is there any guarantee for the equipment? 5) Will you be able to install the computers at our premises? 6)Your will be very valuable in helping me to make a good selection. I shallgreatly appreciate your immediate reply.Yours truly,Responding to the Inquiries.Reply to the request for samples.Dear Mr….Thank you for your enquiry for samples and a pattern-card of our falseceiling fittings.We have sent to you today by rail a range of samples specially selected fortheir hard-wearing qualities but regret that we have no pattern card to sendYou. For the purpose you mentioned, we recommend a42356, which isspecially recommended for the departmental stores.We encourage you to test the samples provided. Once you have tested and ifyou feel it would help your intended purpose, we will arrange for ourtechnical representative to call you for an appointment. In the meantime, ourprice list is enclosed which also shows details of our conditions and terms oftrading. We hope these will be of use when you wish to place an order.Yours truly,Reply to the Inquiry letter.Respected Sir,
  3. 3. Thank you for inquiring about our products. In answer to your inquiry of--------- about computers, we are glad to give the benefit of our experience.Enclosed you will find an illustrated catalogue which lists all the types ofcomputers available with us. However, we recommend the use of model2453. Its main distinguishing features include: 1) It is easily handled and cleaned. 2) All parts have a guarantee of two years. 3) After sales services are available at competitive rates. 4) The company allows a good rate on old machines turned in. 5) It is greatly resistant to office wear and tear. 6) It is the most popular machine used in businesses all over the world. If you have further inquires, please feel free to contact us. We shall be glad to assist you. Sincerely yours, ACKNOELEDGEING AN ORDER LETTER Dear Sir, Thank you for the order of-------. It is a pleasure to have you on our list of customers. I assure you that your instructions are being followed most carefully. Enclosed is a memorandum bill which shows the amount due. You shall receive the goods before the date specified. We hope that our business relation will grow ever more prosperous. If you have further inquiries, please feel free to contact us. We shall be glad to assist you. Yours truly, DECLINING ORDER DUE TO NON-AVAILABLITY OF STOCK Dear sir, Thank you for your order of-------- for the computer systems. For sometimes we have been receiving orders which are far in excess of our
  4. 4. output and even with our suppliers working night and day , we have notbeen able to fill some of our old customer’s orders till now.We regret this condition very much, which makes it impossible for us toaccept you order. It would be unfair to accept your order even if wewished, because we cannot meet the delivery obligation.Yours truly,Complaints and Claim lettersMaking a ComplaintWhen you have a genuine complaint you will feel angry, but you mustshow restraint in your letter, if only because the supplier may not be toblamed. Following points now need to be considered:1) Do not delay, as this will weaken your position and the supplier may have difficulty in investigating the cause.2) Do not assume that the supplier is automatically to be blamed; there may be a perfectly good defense.3) Confine your complaint to a statement of facts, followed by either an enquiry as to what the supplier proposed to do about it, or a suggestion of how the matter can be rectified.4) Avoid rudeness; this would create ill-feeling and cause the supplier to be unwilling to resolve matters.Dealing with a complaintMost suppliers naturally wish to hear if customers have caused tocompliant. It also provides an opportunity to investigate, to explain, andto put things right. In this way goodwill may be preserved. Receivingsuch complaints may also suggest ways in which the supplier’s productsor services could be improved. When dealing with dissatisfied customers, remember the following rules:1) It is often said that the customer is always right. This may not always be the case, but it is sound practice to assume that he may be right.2) Acknowledge a complaint promptly. If you are unable to reply fully, explain that it is being investigated and a full reply will be sent latter.3) If the complaint is unreasonable, point this out politely and in a way that will not offend.
  5. 5. 4) If you are to blame, admit it readily, express regret and promise to put the matter right. 5) Never blame any of your staff, in the end, you are responsible for their actions. 6) Thank the customer for informing you about the matter.Writing PlanThe following basic principles should be used in writing letters ofcompliant: 1) Explain carefully and tactfully what is wrong. 2) Include any details necessary to identify your claims, dates, catalogue numbers, and styles, order no etc. 3) Indicate the loss or inconvenience you have suffered, but do not exaggerate. 4) Explain in general, what you believe the company should do about your claim but do not be unreasonable. 5) Avoid negative acquisitions or threats. Useful openings and closings for complaint letters Openings 1) The goods we ordered from you on------- have not yet been delivered. 2) Delivery of the goods ordered on-------- is now considerably overdue. 3) We regret having to report that we have not yet received that the goods ordered on------ 4) We regret to report that one of the cases of your consignment was badly damaged when delivered on------------ 5) When we examined the goods dispatched by you on------- we found that------- 6) We have received a number of complaints from several customers--- Supplied by you on------------ Closings 1) Please look into this matter at once and let us know the reason for this delay. 2) We hope to hear from you soon that the goods will be sent immediately. 3) We feel there must be some explanation for this delay and await your prompt reply.
  6. 6. 4) We hope to learn that you are prepared to make some allowance in the circumstances.Claim letter regarding defective goods.Dear Sir,We remained satisfied, till October 23, 2010 with the working of thetwelve 4876-DX4 PCs; you supplied us against our order no 45326, datedJuly 23, 2009 with one year warranty. However, we are sorry to state thatquite contrary to their previous performance and reputation the memoryof two of them has started diminishing and the mouse of another hasstopped functioning. We are sure that these problems developed not dueto malfunction on the part of our operators but due to some internal fault.We expect that you shall immediately arrange replacements of all thethree defective PCs and send your experts to examine the rest of thecomputers to prevent any further damage.Yours truly,Complaint concerning damaged goodsDear Sir,We ordered 36 compact discs on 3rd January, 2010 and they weredelivered yesterday. Unfortunately, I regret that 8 of them were badlyscratched.The package containing these goods appeared to be in a perfect conditionand I accepted and signed for it without question. It was on unpacking thecompact discs when the damage was discovered, and I can only assumethat this was due to careless handling at some stage prior to packing.I am enclosing a list of damaged goods and shall be glad if you willreplace them. They have been kept aside in case you need them tosupport a claim on your supplier’s compensation.Yours truly,--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 7. Adjustment LetterUseful openings and closingsReplies to complaintsOpenings1) We are concerned to learn from your letter------ that the goods sentunder your order no---- did not reach you until------2) We are sorry that you have experienced delays in the delivery of------3) We note with regret that you are not satisfied with the goods suppliedto your order of ========4) Thank you for your letter of----- which has given us the opportunity torectify the most unfortunate mistake. 5) We wish to apologize for the unfortunate mistake pointed out in yourletter of------Closings1) We assure you that we are doing all we can to speed delivery and offer our apologies for the inconvenience this delay is causing you.2) We hope you will be satisfied with the arrangements we have made, and apologies for the inconvenience caused.3) We trust these arrangements will be satisfactory and looked forward to receiving your future orders.4) We regret the inconvenience it has been caused in this matter.5) We apologize once again for the unfortunate mistake and can assure you that a similar incident will not occur again.===================================================Adjustment positive responseDear sir,Thank you for your letter of June 10, in which you appraised us of apossible discrepancy regarding order 123/ Df of computer supplies. We express our concern and apologize for the inconvenience it may havecaused you. We have made an immediate change as per your instructions.You should receive the correct items within a day or two.
  8. 8. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We shall try to strengthen the areas in which we fall below our high operational standards. Yours truly, Refusing Adjustments Most companies willingly grant reasonable adjustments requests since favorable adjustments help their reputations. However, in cases where the customer has misused the product or is mistaken about the company procedures or services you must write a refusal. A refusal calls for delicate balance. On one hand, you must clearly explain why you cannot grant the adjustment. On the other, you must say that the reader is mistaken. To maintain this balance: 1) Keep your tone friendly. 2) Use the passive voice to avoid acquisitions. 3) Subordinate negative details so that you don’t offend the reader Dear Sir, Thank you for your letter of June 10, in which you informed us of a possible discrepancy regarding the order 125/Gf of computer supplies. An extensive of our records indicates that no mistakes were made and that the items dispatched are correct as stated,. Moreover, our reports suggest that the defect may have developed due to reckless handling. Therefore, we regret that the replacement under such conditions is not possible. In adjustment, If you discover additional information about the situation please feel free to contact us. We shall be obliged to serve you. Sincerely yours,ORDERS AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ORDER LETTERS
  9. 9. WRITING PLAN 1) Begin directly with definite action verbs, such as please send or please ship us rater than indefinite phrase such as I am interested in or I am looking for…. 2) Describe the items accurately following these categories: a) Quantity desired b) Product or catalogue number c) Product name or description d) Size and colour if applicable e) Unit price f) Total price 3) State your method of payment. When using a credit card including the number and expiry date. 4) State how you want the merchandise shipped 5) Give the shipping address if it is different from the inside address. 6) Indicate the date you need the product if applicable.ORDER LETTERDear Sir,We are greatly obliged for the quotations of----- for the supply of computersystems. We find your terms and conditions satisfactory and will appreciateif you send us the following by train:NO QTY Description Model no Rate/ Rs Total Rs1 20 Super speed MC413 45,000 900,0002 5 Pioneer 124 25,000 125,0003 5 Compaq Electra DC 451 10,000 50,000Please pack the consignment in strong wooden cases with adequateprotection for shipping. Make sure that the consignment reaches us before-------------. The docking receipt may be sent through our bank The National
  10. 10. Bank------ The payment will be made through our bank after the goods havebeen received intact.Sincerely yours,