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Transparency international board 9 february 2015

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Presentation to the Transparency International Board of New Zealand about the Open Government Information and Data Programme

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Transparency international board 9 february 2015

  1. 1. - Transparency International workshop, 9 February 2015 - Keitha Booth, NZ Open Government Data Programme Manager
  2. 2.  NZ Government Open Access & Licensing Framework (NZGOAL)  NZ Data & Information Management Principles  Declaration on Open and Transparent Government  Data.govt.nz Clear Cabinet decisions and intent Foundations built
  3. 3. Economic growth •New business & employment •New tools, products •Taxation revenue Better social outcomes •Data to improve daily decisions •Insights from analysis Efficiencies •Greater use of a single authoritative source •Evidence-based policy Transparency and democracy •Public participation in policy development •Reporting on performance
  4. 4. Within the ICT Strategy and Action Plan commitment Supports 3 OGP grand challenges: Supports the 4 OGP principles: •improving public services • increasing public integrity, and •more effectively managing public resources •transparency •accountability •participation •technology and innovation
  5. 5. Election results Legislation online Census data Crime statistics Company and land registers Parliament processes/voting etc. Local government processes/voting etc.
  6. 6. Demystify open data Find common understandings and interest •Work with Community Networks Aotearoa and other networks •Identify topical issues where open data could assist with advocacy •Provide practical guidance and tools Seize opportunities to engage Community Development conference, Unitech, 19 February 2015 Your advice, please
  7. 7. http://ict.govt.nz/programmes-and- initiatives/open-and-transparent-government/ opendata@linz.govt.nz #opendata kbooth@linz.govt.nz @keithabooth