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Open Data - Environment Southland Information Management Conference Oct 2015

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Presentation about New Zealand Open Government Data and Information policies, expectations and re-use of open data

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Open Data - Environment Southland Information Management Conference Oct 2015

  1. 1. Environment Southland Data Management Conference 19 October 2015 - Paul Stone - New Zealand Open Government Data Programme
  2. 2.  What is open data and information? ◦ Brief description of open government data policies and the programme  Why: some innovative re-use of open government data – to get you thinking…  Your questions
  3. 3. “Open data is data that anyone can access, use and share.” (Open Data Institute https://theodi.org/guides/what-open-data) For NZ Government…  licensed for legal re-use (NZGOAL)  Non-proprietary and machine-readable format
  4. 4. TheDeclaration Data.govt.nz Open Government
  5. 5. Guidance to publicly funded agencies on how to apply Creative Commons licences to information data and content, published digitally or in hardcopy. Copyright = ownership Licence = permissions to re-use (assigned by the copyright owner) Training videos at https://www.ict.govt.nz/guidance-and- resources/open-government/new-zealand-government-open-access-and- licensing-nzgoal-framework/nzgoal-online-training-videos/
  6. 6. • Open • Protected • Readily available • Trusted and authoritative • Well managed • Reasonably priced (“…expected to be free”) • Reusable
  7. 7. • Reusable o at source, with the highest possible level of granularity o in re-usable, machine-readable format o with appropriate metadata; and o in aggregate or modified forms if they cannot be released in their original state.
  8. 8. Government direction to government agencies to proactively release all: • publicly funded data • non-personal and unclassified • high potential value for re-use • managed according to the Principles • licensed for re-use (NZGOAL) • published on Data.govt.nz
  9. 9. Our job to encourage all that to happen!  To encourage and support the release of data and information  To understand the user communities (and raise awareness)  To assess the impact of re-use
  10. 10. Publishing processes Open by design = closed by design (2 sides of the same coin)
  11. 11. It is expected that open data will lead to:  Increased social and economic benefits (through new products and services)  Increased efficiencies  Increased transparency and democracy
  12. 12. Mogeo - Campermate
  13. 13. Mogeo - MarineMate
  14. 14. Mogeo – Pest Identification
  15. 15. Mogeo – NZ Fishing Rules
  16. 16. ThunderMaps
  17. 17. Are there any location based events to notify the public about? The delivery mechanism already exists, all that is needed is the open data…
  18. 18.  Embed open data output as a requirement of all new systems  Incorporate open data into processes/publishing  Require quality data as part of any new contracts for services – that can be released as open data
  19. 19. Contact Programme: opendata@linz.govt.nz http://www.ict.govt.nz/programmes-and- initiatives/open-and-transparent-government Short Case Studies: http://www.ict.govt.nz/guidance-and- resources/case-studies/open-data Me: pstone@linz.govt.nz @enotsluap