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How AI Is Accelerating Retail Transformation

Learn how AI is accelerating retail transformation and innovation for consumers.

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How AI Is Accelerating Retail Transformation

  2. 2. Retail is transforming with Big Data … Retailer’s Guide to Big Data Infographic
  3. 3. 6 BILLION Mobile subscriptions worldwide 1.01 Billion Facebook users worldwide 400 Million Tweets per day 87% World’s Population 604 MILLION Users log-in monthly from mobile 84 MILLION Users access Twitter via Mobile The volume of data emerging from point of sale, in-store engagement, mobile platforms, and social media is unlocking value from technology beyond traditional expectations. Retailer’s Guide to Big Data Infographic
  4. 4. Resulting in disruptive and new technological shifts in key retail business areas according to McKinsey.
  5. 5. Paving the way for AI technology to deepen the understanding, connection, and creation of superior experiences for retail consumers. Forbes Shutterstock Image READ MORE
  6. 6. “There an estimated 3,000 AI startups worldwide, and many of them are building on NVIDIA’s platform. They’re using NVIDIA’s GPUs to put AI into apps for trading stocks, shopping online and navigating drones.” Read more … Aaron Tilley Writer
  7. 7. The retail sector is now best positioned to leverage AI and Deep Learning, as these new technologies are developing…
  8. 8. READ MORE AI software such as Computer Vision is being developed by startups to help retail consumers find the perfect and individualized fit. THIRD LOVE A app that enables women to find the right fitting bra from home using a mobile device and deep learning. VOLUMENTAL Offers computer vision applications for sizing shoes and eyewear to create a individualized retail experience for customers.
  9. 9. Daisy Intelligence is using AI to determine what deals a retailer should offer or what the featured product on a ad campaign should be, using massive sets of consumer data.
  10. 10. “You send us raw data, our machine analyzes it and spits out decisions. We don’t change your process at all, except that now you have a new piece of information to consider … It’s about making smarter decisions; there are all mathematical quantitative things that computers do better than people.” Read More …
  11. 11. Startup, GoFindAI created an AI search- engine powered app that scours over one million products from 1,000 online retailers looking for similar items. The app’s intelligence analyzes patterns, structures, styles, and colors to recommend the perfect product. READ MORE
  12. 12. Deep Learning startup, ebo box, is helping consumers shop for gifts by learning about the gift-givers and recipients and combining that with data collected about general user preferences in the market.
  13. 13. “Artificial Intelligence can uncover linkages that humans can’t. Finding those kind of connections in massive amounts of data requires heavy-duty computing. That’s why we started using NVIDIA GPUs and that’s why we use deep learning.” Read More … -Marwan Sledge Founder and CEO ebo box
  14. 14. Stitch Fix’s natural language processing algorithms decode written answers from customers’ feedback on what they liked or disliked about each item. This data is then used to make better recommendations to the next shipment. Fashion startup Stitch Fix is applying deep learning to match their customers with personalized clothing recommendations. READ MORE
  15. 15. “At the minute, a picker is standing at a station and they go and pick a product, and then in order to verify that they have given the customer the right product they have to scan it.” That has a barcode, I need to get it in that position to scan it." Online retailer Ocada is replacing barcode scanning with AI ‘vision’ to speed packing processes. READ MORE
  16. 16. How will Deep Learning Impact Your Business? LEARN MORE