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DGX POD Top 4 Sessions From GTC 2019

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If you were unable to attend GTC 2019 or couldn't make it to all of the sessions you had on your list, check out the top four DGX POD sessions from the conference on-demand.

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DGX POD Top 4 Sessions From GTC 2019

  1. 1. 4 DGX POD Sessions from GTC 2019 You Can’t Miss
  2. 2. How to Accelerate and Scale AI Deployment with Proven Architecture Designs While every enterprise is on a mission to infuse its business with deep learning, few know how to build the infrastructure to get there. Short-sighted approaches to data center design can lead to long-term consequences that make the ROI of AI elusive. Learn about the insights and best practices we at NVIDIA have gained from deep learning deployments around the globe to shorten deployment timeframes, improve developer productivity, and streamline operations. WATCH NOW
  3. 3. Building and Managing Scalable AI Infrastructure with NVIDIA DGX POD and DGX POD Management Software NVIDIA DGX POD is a new way of thinking about AI infrastructure, combining DGX servers with networking and storage to accelerate AI workflow deployment and time to insight. Hear the lessons learned about building, deploying, and managing AI infrastructure at scale — from design to deployment to management and monitoring. Our speakers show how the DGX Pod Management software (DeepOps) along with our storage partner reference-architectures can be used for the deployment and management of multi-node GPU clusters for Deep Learning and HPC environments, in an on-premise, optionally air-gapped datacenter. WATCH NOW
  4. 4. Edge to Core: A Meta Study of Data Complexity in AI (Presented by DDN) Learn about the challenges uncovered in AI and deep learning workloads, the most efficient approaches to handling data, and use cases in autonomous vehicles, retail, healthcare, finance, and other markets. This talk covers the complete requirements of the data life cycle including initial acquisition, processing, inference, long-term storage, and driving data back into the field to sustain ever-growing processes of improvement. DDN provides examples of data life cycles in production triggering diverse architectures from turnkey reference systems with DGX and DDN A3I to tailor-made solutions. WATCH NOW
  5. 5. Data Loading: The Next Frontier in Scale-Out Deep Learning (Presented by Pure Storage) Learn how to create efficient input pipelines that are tailored to your training data. Gain guidance on tradeoffs between pre-processing datasets and in-line data processing, and review results from a distributed training environment with multiple NVIDIA DGX-1s and a Pure Storage FlashBlade to highlight performance impact at scale. Learn how to maximize time to accuracy and, ultimately, time to shipping models. WATCH NOW