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Who uses Vine, Pinterest & Instagram well?

  1. Pinterest • Audience: Women, ages 18-44 • The average user spends 20~ minutes on Pinterest • Pinterest is a good way to “personify” a campaign • Both Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama have been praised for their upkeep of highly successful Pinterest accounts • Appeals to more than politics – boards such as “Crafts/DIY” and “The Obama Family Table” expand campaign influence into less politicized areas of interest
  2. Who’s using it well: Gavin Newsom, Michelle Obama Gavin Newsom: Winter of Love, Photo of the Day, Books, San Francisco Giants Michelle Obama: Great Memories, People Who Inspire Me, Recipe Ideas
  3. Instagram • Very large audience: 6.5 billion users; 300 million are active monthly • About 50/50 split of male and female users • Each user spends 21~ minutes on the site each day • Young, technologically-savvy audience • Image-based sharing is easier for audience to engage and connect with; very popular with young voters
  4. Who’s using it well: Elise Stefanik • Stays highly connected with district members via Instagram • Provides frequent photo updates of meetings, speaking engagements, and Congressional happenings • First candidate to Instagram her official Congressional filing
  5. Vine • Short, 6-second videos that users can “re-vine” and comment on. Option for users to sort vines through categories • Both parties have utilized vines to reach public; many Republican candidates used it to respond to Obama’s State of the Union address • Options like Periscope, Meerkat allow for similar engagement but no length limitations (but unlike the two newer apps, Vine does not delete videos) Who’s using it well: Eric Swalwell (D-CA) • Frequent viner, engages and “reloops” users often • Has vined himself voting on controversial bills in California Vine Username: RepSwalwell
  6. Vine: Examples
  7. Live Video Apps: Periscope and Meerkat • Both platforms let users broadcast live, shareable video • Voters can interact in real-time with messages, hearts and comments • You can subscribe to a user’s video feed, enabling candidates to build strong engagement bases • Periscope was launched by Twitter, while Meerkat is an independent app (that users still engage with via Twitter)
  8. Meerkat • Live, shareable video platform • Users can receive • notifications every time a candidate goes live • Can share, retweet, comment • Videos disappear after live event ends Who’s using it well: Jeb Bush • Shares speeches, press releases, etc. • One of the first politicians to integrate Meerkat into political efforts
  9. • Live videos on Twitter + option of saving them for 24 hours • Senator John Thune and Jerry Moran used it to give recent speeches, press conferences Periscope