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Ca eed 2014 milan wg5 4 nl split incentive

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NL presentatie op de #CA-EED plenary meeting in Milaan oktober 2014, werkgroep #Energyservices and #ESCo's, over #Split-incentive, Menu #GreenLease, Menu #EnergyPerformanceContracts #EPC

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Ca eed 2014 milan wg5 4 nl split incentive

  1. 1. CA EED Plenary Meeting Milan, Oct 2014 Core Theme 5 – Energy services and ESCo’s WG 5.4 Split incentives NL Irma Thijssen
  2. 2. Split incentive • Barrier for implementing energy efficiency measures • Financing: Different organisations have to pay for investments in energy measures, for procurement of energy, for maintenance, and for the energy bills • Agreements needed between owners (landlords), users (tenants) and facility management organisations • 63% of offices (80.000 office buildings) • Also local government buildings, such as retail, theaters, sports centres, libraries, commynity centres, parkings, etc • Special problem in multi-tenant buildings • Tendency that leases are getting shorter
  3. 3. National Energy Agreement • National Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth, 2013 • Agreement between more than 40 organisations • “Wet Milieubeheer” (Environment Management Law) • Energy measures with an average payback period (return on investment) of 5 years are obligatory • Extra budget for preservation by competent authorities • Official list of “acknowledged energy measures” in 2014 • Cooperation of Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs & VNO-NCW (labour market organisation)
  4. 4. Action Plan Ministery of Internal Affairs • Memo ‘split incentives’ April 2014 • Responsibility of the Market; government facilitates 1. Research on the extent of the problem 2. Development of a Guidance 3. Sharing of knowledge (by Platform Sustainable Housing) 4. Monitoring and evaluation after 2 years 5. Establishing an Expertise centre (2015)
  5. 5. Possible solutions? • Agreements in lease contract > Green Lease Menu & Dashboard • National Government buildings 2016: rent all-in (with energy) • Duolabel and Energy Card Retail • Energy Performance Contracts > EPC Menu & App • ESCo’s • More?
  6. 6. Sustainable Housing Platform: Green Lease Menu and Dashboard • Online tool for owners and users, to make buildings more sustainable and make agreements in a green lease contract (including use, facility management and exploitation) • Cooperation between tenants and landlords • Translation of sustainability policy and CSR • Communicate a sustainable image • Get grip on energy costs and on total accommodation costs • Based on BREEAM • Legal status of the contract • Compiled by Jones Lang LaSalle real estate consultancy on the instructions of and in cooperation with the Sustainable Housing Platform and VGM NL
  7. 7. GasTerra & Triodos - Groningen Sustainable renovation G > A+
  8. 8. Deutsche Bank & Deka Immobilien - Amsterdam Sustainable renovation LEED certificate
  9. 9. All-in rent for National Government Buildings > From 2016 the RVB will pay all energy bills • Central Government Real Estate Agency (RVB) - formed in 2014 by the merger of four government real estate agencies - Defence Real Estate Agency, Government Buildings Agency, State Property and Development Agency, Government Real Estate Directorate • 13.3 million m2 - prisons, court buildings, military barracks, airports, defence sites, ministerial offices, ports, tax offices, listed buildings and historical monuments, museums and palaces • EED Art. 5 - Alternative approach: 2% energy savings per year - 2.4 mln m2 (454 buildings): offices of government departments, courthouses, buildings of customs and police and prisons - 1.3 mln m2 defense buildings (850 buildings) • Savings: 1.4 PJ
  10. 10. Duolabel for retail sector • Survey amongst 3000 shops / businesses • 2/3 has Energy Label A • No relation with real energy use • Duolabel: 2 labels, 2 reports, 2 advises • Cooperation RVO and Retailsector (Neprom, Syntrus Achmea, Corio, Bouwinvest, Search)
  11. 11. Energycard • 1 mln m2 with label • Potential savings: 1 mrd kW € 100 mln • Energy Card developed by Corio and Search in cooperation with Van Haren, Lidl and C&A
  12. 12. Energy Performance Contracts Menu & App • Offers both clients and contractors a framework for drawing up a sustainability and performance contract • For energy management & maintenance of building-specific installations or entire buildings • Cost reduction • Eliminating the split incentive • Addition to Green Lease • Implements EED Article 18.1 • Option menu > • Based of Breeam-NL In-Use • Legal Status • Online November 2014 • new or existing building; • energy-saving measures or no energy-saving measures • building-specific installations only or the entire building • funding or no funding by the contractor
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention Any questions? www.rijksvastgoedbedrijf.nl/english www.platformduurzamehuisvesting.nl www.platformduurzamehuisvesting.nl/ performancecontract_menu Irma.Thijssen@rvo.nl