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NFCA Fifth Annual Meeting Afternoon Presentation, March 5, 2016

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The Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) held its Fifth Annual Meeting on March 5 at the Arts Block in downtown Greenfield, MA. The meeting brought together over 100 co-operators from 35 food co-ops, start-up initiatives and partner organizations from across our region for networking, strategic dialog and workshops.

This presentation features the BUILDING ALIGNMENT FOR SUCCESS presentation on developing strategic alignment between the governance and operational aspects of co-ops, with examples of collaboration and alignment. Workshop presenters featured:
• Kari Bradley, GM, Hunger Mountain Co-op, Moderator
• Terry Bowling, NCG Eastern Corridor Development Director
• Faye Conte, Board of Directors, Onion River Co-op/City Market
• Glenn Lower, GM, Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op

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NFCA Fifth Annual Meeting Afternoon Presentation, March 5, 2016

  1. 1.   FIFTH  ANNUAL   MEETING     “Reflecting  on   the  Middlebury   Manifesto”     5t h  March  2016     The  Arts  Block   Greenfield,  MA     AFTERNOON   SESSIONS     NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   NEIGHBORING   FOOD  CO-­‐OP   ASSOCIATION  
  2. 2. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   AFTERNOON  SESSIONS  
  3. 3. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   SPECIAL  THANKS  TO  OUR  SPONSORS  
  4. 4. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   SPECIAL  THANKS  TO  OUR  SPONSORS  
  5. 5. 1.  Celebrating  the  Next  100   Years  of  Co-­‐operation   2.  Sharing  Strategies  for  a   Competitive  Marketplace   3.  Meeting  with  Financiers:   Making  Your  Pitch   4.  Small  Food  Co-­‐ops:   Common  Challenges  &   Opportunities?     5.  Board  to  Board   Networking   6.  Healthy  Food  Access:  Food   For  All  Structure  &   Reaching  Your  Audience   7.  Marketing  Menu  for   Membership  Engagement   8.  NFCA/Associated  Buyers   Collaboration)   9.  Preparing  for  GMO   Labeling   10.  Informal  Networking   Table   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   TABLE  TOPICS  
  6. 6.     NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   AFTERNOON   WORKSHOPS  
  7. 7. Building  Alignment   for  Success   !   Stay  in  this  Room     Planning  Successful   Capital  Campaigns   !   Top  Floor   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   AFTERNOON  WORKSHOPS  
  8. 8. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   BUILDING  ALIGNMENT   FOR  SUCCESS  
  9. 9. ! Kari  Bradley,  Hunger   Mountain  Co-­‐op,   Moderator   ! Glenn  Lower,  General   Manager,  Middlebury   Natural  Foods  Co-­‐op   ! Terry  Bowling,  NCG   Eastern  Corridor   Development  Manager   ! Faye  Conte,  Board  of   Directors,  Onion  River   Co-­‐op/City  Market   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   OUR  PANEL  
  10. 10. Background     Brett  Fairbairn   University  of  Saskatchewan,  2003   “Three  Strategic  Concepts  for  the  Guidance  of   Cooperatives:  Linkage,  Transparency  and   Cognition”     http://coopfoodstore.coop   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   INTRODUCTION  
  11. 11. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   DUALISM  VS.  SYNERGY  
  13. 13. Phase 1: spring 2014 Listen and Learn from the wisdom within our community Phase 2: summer 2014 Collate and develop a long-range plan Phase 3: fall 2014 Share plan with members … ask “Did we get it right?”
  14. 14. Provide the best quality products and services, and contribute effectively to a vibrant local community. Explore expansion opportunities on our current site. Goal 1 Key Strategy
  15. 15. Improve access to healthy foods for an increasing number of people. Provide healthy foods at fair prices and a variety of educational pathways related to healthy living. Goal 2 Key Strategy
  16. 16. Be fiscally and environmentally sustainable. Explore transitioning to patronage dividends. Goal 3 Key Strategy
  17. 17. Patronage Dividend System Flexible … lower prices, new benefits, ENDs, and share as dividends Exciting … increase sense of ownership Security … during lean years, post expansion, huge tax savings
  18. 18. Member vote approves amending the by-laws to begin using a patronage dividend system: 574 YES = 91% 57 NO = 9%
  19. 19. Competition is increasing = new normal. Hannafords Trader Joe’s Closed: Mountain Greens, Greg’s Market Coming soon: Ticonderoga Co-op
  20. 20. 40 slides Celebrating local producers
  21. 21. ALIGNMENT
  24. 24. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016  
  25. 25. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   • Reasons to expand: financial sustainability & community needs (Ends) • Original Market Study (2012) • Identified Burlington’s South End to meet financial needs • Identified Burlington’s Old North End and Winooski to meet community needs
  26. 26. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   • Board Education • What decisions will the Board make? • What information is needed to make these decisions? • Strategic Conversations • Space to explore ideas, assumptions, questions • Builds common vision • But, don’t get stuck!
  27. 27. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   • Start the conversation early & come back to it often • Be clear about decisions the Board makes • Focus on appropriate Board education • Make time for strategic conversations • Bring new Board members up to speed & make room for questions & new perspective
  28. 28. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   • Think big and long term • Be nimble and patient • Be mindful of transitions in leadership and directors • Develop a vision!
  29. 29. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016  
  30. 30. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   QUESTIONS  &  FEEDBACK  
  31. 31. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   ELECTIONS  &  APPRECIATIONS   Glenn  Lower,  General   Manager,  Middlebury   Natural  Foods  Co-­‐op   ! Elections  Results   ! Thanks  to  our   Candidates   ! Special  Thanks!     ! Ed  King,  General   Manager  Littleton   Food  Co-­‐op  
  32. 32. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   NEIGHBORING  CO-­‐OPERATOR  2015  
  33. 33. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   NEIGHBORING  CO-­‐OPERATOR  2016  
  34. 34. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   In recognition of and in gratitude for special contributions to the advancement of our vision and of the wider Co-operative Movement in our region, The Neighboring Food Co-op Association hereby presents Terry Appleby with the 2016 Neighboring Co-operator Award ____________________________ Kari Bradley, President ____________________________ Erbin Crowell, Executive Director Co-operatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. In the tradition of their founders, co-operative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others. 5th March 2016 Date _______________
  35. 35. ! Judy  Ziewacz,  NCBA   CLUSA   ! Our  Facilitators  &   Presenters   ! Our  Staff  &  Board  of   Directors   ! Franklin  Community   Co-­‐op   ! The  Arts  Block   ! Our  Attendees,  Guests   and  Sponsors   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   SPECIAL  THANKS  
  36. 36. NFCA  Northeast   Start  Up  Gathering   ! May  7,  Keene,  NH   CCMA  2016   ! June  9-­‐11,   Amherst,  MA   HR  Training   ! Sept.  13,   Montpelier,  VT   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   2016  SAVE  THE  DATES!    
  37. 37. ! Please  fill  out  a   meeting   evaluation  form   NOW  to  be   entered  in  our   raffle   ! Drop  nametags  at   registration  desk   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   EVALUATIONS  &  RAFFLE  
  38. 38. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   PLEASE  JOIN  US     FOR  CO-­‐OP  HAPPY  HOUR!  
  39. 39. PLEASE  JOIN  US     FOR  CO-­‐OP  HAPPY  HOUR!   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016