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Casey Lord, CAF Venturesome & Julie Roberts, HelpAge International

  1. Creative financing: building complex investment models Casey Lord Investment Manager, CAF Venturesome Julie Roberts Marketing and Fundraising Manager, HelpAge International 24 th November 2011
  2. Building vs. Buying
  3. Matching financial mechanisms to funding needs Unsecured Loan Overdraft Quasi-equity Equity Grant Pre-funding capital fundraising Higher risk working capital Development capital Standby Facility LOW RISK HIGHRISK Property/Asset purchase (mortgage) Appropriate Funding (correlation) Patient Capital Secured loan Cashflow bridging LOW CHANCE OF REPAYMENT HIGH CHANCE OF REPAYMENT
  4. Creating the right funding structure to meet the challenge Unrestricted DEC & appeals Institutional grants Age UK restricted
  5. The big idea: fundraising in new markets
  6. Leveraging mechanism Commercial terms Benefit from ‘first loss’ cover provided by social investors Grants focused solely on areas where needed most Social investment unlocks commercial finance, thereby increasing the scale and social impact
  7. Q&A Casey Lord [email_address] 03000 123 279 Twitter: @cafventuresome Blog:

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. Strong market research Pilot Define what financial and social success will look like Define what failure will look like: trigger points Draw down linked to success Use own reserves first, then other investors in-step (pari passu)