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  1. DevOps on Z July 2020
  2. Agenda 2  Mainframe DevOps - POV  Mainframe DevOps – Challenges and Solutions  Mainframe DevOps - Benefits  Tool Chains  Case Studies
  3. DevOps for Mainframe success 3 Organization's are adopting new ways of working, Improving their agility and customer focus with collaborative development models The next wave of mainframe success * Data based on survey and report from BMC/Arcati/Gartner
  4. Adopting DevOps Can Resolve Challenges Companies Surveyed Experience Benefits as a Result of Adopting DevOps 42% have shorter development/delivery cycles 41% respond faster to business needs 36% have improved collaboration and communication between silos 4
  5. DevOps On Z 5 Why ? Enables customers adopt DevOps on Mainframe, bridging traditional development practices with agile methodologies and improving the operation to be more resilient in order to keep legacy up to speed with modern-distributed and make the application meet business agility DevOps – DELIVER WITH SPEED Everyone is responsible for delivering business value to users Goals  Quicker releases into production  Faster feedback and minimal disruption  Efficient and optimal software development  Stable application  Frequent Deployments What is DevOps? DevOps is an advocate for a IT mindset change , where the team communicates, collaborates in a manner where they can work more closely with one another with focus on faster delivery using automation and shift left
  6. DevOps on Z – Challenges And Solutions Primitive tools and processes causing delays in impact analysis and delivery Lack of agile adoption across heterogeneous architectures and technologies increasing development costs No business insights about costs, benefits & RoI of IT spend & DevOps effectiveness Inability to identify defects early in the release ENTERPRISE CONTINOUS DELIVERY • Continuous integration • Continuous delivery • Test automation Key Challenges SMART TOOLS & ENVIRONMENTS • Environment automation • Modern GUI based intuitive tools • Distributed development • Version controlled Infra- components CONITNUOUS MONITORING • Event co-relation • Alerts and notification • Feedback and insights SHIFT LEFT TESTING • Test early in the release • Automated testing • virtualization • Service virtualization • SCM & dev/test tool automation DevOps Solutions & Components 6
  7. 7 DevOps on Z - Focus Areas How is Mainframe DevOps different? • Focusses on migration towards GUI based tools and for more collaboration • Shift left to Developers • Stubbing in testing • Shift left environment administration • Process automations What are the focus areas ? • Assisted development • Coupling with Agile methodology • Auto Audits using strong process and automation • Auto Deployments • Auto Testing • Environment administration
  8. DevOps on Z – Solution components 8 01 03 04 02 • Environment Stability • Self healing services for repeated Abends • Automated Service request fulfilment Continuous Monitoring • Requirement traceability • Parallel Development • Automated Build and code review • Automated Unit Test & Code Coverage Analysis • Automated Deployment and approval • Faster Rollback and Enhanced notifications • Infra as a code : Version control Infra components Continuous Delivery • Automated regression testing • Service Virtualization for virtualizing services to complete automation & coverage • Advanced Automated Test Data setup to ensure Exhaustive coverage • Test case reusability Shift Left Testing • Automated Environment Provisioning • Automated subsystem provisioning • Impact analysis, dead code and inventory reports • On demand visualization of application flow • Integration with Project management and other open source tools • Artefacts sharing with the other teams Smart Tools & Environments Collaboration
  9. DevOps on Z – Benefits 01 02 03 QUALITY • # of defects • Code maintanability EFFICIENCY • Mean time to detection (MTTD) • Rollback window • Change volume • Lead time • Failed Deployments VELOCITY • Deployment frequency • On time delivery 9
  10. DevOps on Z- Best practices and Takeaways 10 DevOps Takeaways • Align to agile • Improved Quality of service • Faster time to market • Improved collaboration • Smart operations • Improved system availability • Zero operational error • Improved system availability DevOps best practices: • Always start small • Ensure the best process is set up with selected • Define a robust process and automate it with right set of tools • Version control everything - design docs, external libs, actual code, test cases, databases • Deploy Frequently • Automate build of an environment
  11. DevOps on Z - Tools Classification 11 MS Teams, Slack Collaboration Source Control ALM Configuration Mgmt Continuous Integration TOTAL TEST, zUnit, CUCUMBER Automated Testing IDE & Analysis GIT, ISPW, ENDEVOR, CHANGEMAN JIRA, RALLY zDT, zOSPT JENKINS, BAMBOO TOPAZ, IDz, ADDI
  12. Compuware Based Tool Chain 12 Dev Agile Process Ideation Project Management Code Editing Validate Code Analyze Code Debug Code Edit / Manage Data Develop Continuous Integration Version Control Code Quality Testing Code Coverage Release Deploy Manage ITSM Monitor Dev QA Prod Dashboard
  13. 13 IBM DevOps Toolchain
  14. CA Endevor Tool Chain 14 zD&T Ideation Project Management Code Editing Validate Code Analyze Code Debug Code Edit / Manage Data Develop Manage ITSM Monitor Dev QA Prod Dashboard IDz IDz IDz IDz IBM Debugger IBM FM Version Control Continuous Integration Code Quality Unit & Performance Testing Tools Code Coverage Release Deploy IBM Debug IBM zUnit IDz IBM FA
  15. 15 DevOps On Z - IDE (IBM IDz)
  16. 16 DevOps On Z - Automated Testing
  17. DevOps on Z – Environment Administration 17
  18. Case Study – I : Using CA Endevor with IDz Challenges & Requirements • For one of the large insurance customer, a development project involving 300+ mainframe developers was underway. • Multiple deployments into the integration test environment with no checks on code quality was a big concern. • Manual build & deployments. Reduced time to market , productivity and high effort • Deployment automation with a single pipeline for Mainframe was also needed. • Leverage mainframe investments to keep pace with digital economy Accomplishments • Implemented CI/CD DevOps Pipeline using Jenkins for 400+ Mainframe Applications. Deployed IDz with Sonarlint for the code quality check • Enforced Quality Gating based on the SonarQube Analysis and generated SonarQube reports. Code promotion is allowed only if the source code passes the Quality Gating • 1 day turnaround time for deployments is now automated and completed in minutes • ~30% improvement in developer productivity Developer Code development IDE (IDz Eclipse) 1. Code developed in IDz Eclipse Version Control System – Endevor 2. Code Check- in 4. Trigger Deployment of a selected version Mainframe Environment DEV Requirements Captured RTC 12 Mainframe Environment QA & Pre-Prod Tools & technology • IBM’s IDz • JENKINS • Endevor Web services • zOSMF • Brightside’s ZOWE CLI • SonarQube & SonarLint Upcoming features • SNOW integration • GIT for Endevor 5. Trigger Deployment to higher regions CI/CD Pipeline