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Naeyc personal branding presentation orlando v7 015 annual orlando

  1. Karen  Nemeth.  Ed.M.     Fran  Simon,  M.Ed.     Engaging early childhood decision makers How  companies,  consultants,  and  leaders   can  use  Personal  Branding  strategies   NAEYC  Annual  Conference   November,  2015  
  2. Fran  Simon,  M.Ed.   Engagement  Strategies   Early  Childhood  Inves;ga;ons     Karen  Nemeth,  Ed.M.   Language  Castle   Us  
  3.                                                                     SETTING  THE  STAGE   1 Sec;on    
  4. You   q Independent  consultant,  author   q Organiza;on/company  staff  member   q Other        
  5. You  are  here  because…         You  want  to  engage  early   childhood  decision  makers  so   you  can…?    
  6. Do you worry ? Branding  is   so   commercial!   Personal   branding  is   like   bragging!  
  7. Don’t  worry!   The  an;dotes  to  crass  commercialism  
  8. It’s  as  much  about  listening  and   responding  as  it  is  about  presenHng   yourself.   8  
  9.                                                                     Branding?  Engaging?   2 Sec;on    
  10. Branding  is……   Branding  is  the  encapsula;on  of  a  company’s  mission   statement,  objec;ves,  and  corporate  soul  as  expressed   through  the  corporate  voice  and  aesthe;c.     Margie  Clayman     A  brand  is  the  emo;onal  rela;onship  between  the   consumer  and  the  product,  you  must  engage  with   consumers  and  build  posi;ve  brand  associa;ons.  The   deeper  the  rela;onship,  the  more  brand  equity  exists.     Neil  Feinstein  –  True  North   A  brand  is  the  set  of  expecta;ons,  memories,  stories  and   rela;onships  that,  taken  together,  account  for  a   consumer’s  decision  to  choose  one  product  or  service   over  another.  Seth  Godin  –  Author  of  Linchpin   30  Branding  DefiniHons   By  Heidi  Cohen   Ac;onable  Marke;ng  Guide   hYp://­‐branding-­‐defini;ons/    
  11. Word  of  Mouth   That  trainer  from   last  week’s  session   really  says  what   she  knows  and   does  what  she   says.  Hire  her!   “Earned”  raves  are  more  valuable  than  any  other  inten;onal   strategy  you  can  deploy.  Now,  how  do  brands  earn  raves?  
  12. WOW  them  with  WOM!   -­‐Ravtopia  Word  of  Mouth  Toolkit  
  13. OrganizaHons  are  mosaics   of  the  people  who  work  for  them-­‐ internally  and  externally.  
  14. Personal  brands  are            How  people  perceive  you   Do  others  see  a  true  reflec;on  of  you?  
  15. Judy  Jablon  clearly  ar;culates  what  she  represents   and  what  specific  exper;se  she  possesses.     She  authorita;vely  expresses  her  philosophies   throughout  her  websites,  in  person,  and  in  wri;ng.     Represent  what  you  believe:    
  16. Relevant   Sustainable   -­‐   You   Personal  and   corporate   brands  must   be…  
  17. Share  your  specific  exper;se.  
  18. Three  goals  for  demonstra;ng  thought   leadership   Add  authen;c  value  and  create   genuine  trust  so  your  target   audience  wants  to  connect  with   you  and/or  your  organiza;on.   1  
  19. Goal     Differen;ate  yourself:  Make  it   clear  what  makes  you  or  your   organiza;on  unique  and  valuable.     2  
  20. Goal     Make  yourself  discoverable:  It’s   not  enough  to  be  good  –  people   have  to  be  able  to  find  you!   3  
  21. Print     Mail     Ads   Email   Promo  blasts   and  content   SEO,  SEM  and   Digital  Ads   (PPC)   Webinars   Free  Content   Wri;ng   ar;cles,   books,  blogs   TwiYer   Facebook   Blog   LinkedIn   YouTube   Online   Chats   Pinterest   Blogs   Website   Being  discoverable   Your  brand  as   it  appears  to   the  world  
  22. hYp://     Adapted  from     Christopher  Mengel   1.  What  is  your   mission?   2.  Do  you  have   logos,  website,   visual  materials,   photographs?   What  else?   3.  What  are  your   products  and/or   services?   Ask  these  ques;ons  to  define  your  brand   4.  What  are  the   benefits  of   working  with  you?  5.  What  you  stand  for?   6.  To  whom  do     You  offer  products   and  services?   7.  What  is  your   voice  in  wri;ng     and  in  person?   8  What  makes  you  and  your   offerings  special  and  unique?  
  23. 1)  Your  personal  mission  statement     2)  The  benefits  of  working  with  you   3)  Your  unique  value  proposi;on   …and  share  with  neighbors   Time to reflect… Right here, right now!
  24.                                             3 IDENTIFYING  YOUR   AUDIENCE   All  Early  Childhood  Educators  and  organizaHon   are  not  the  same  
  25. Market  Segments  and  funding  streams   Pre-­‐k   Child  Care  Head  Start   Blended   Private   • USDOE  >  States     • Low  income  families     • USHHS  >  Grantees   >Delegate  Agencies   • Low  income  families     • Tui;on   • CCDBG  >  States>  programs   • TANF>States>Subsidies   • Corpora;ons   • Military   Blended   Private  
  26. Who is your customer ? What  are  his/her:   •  challenges?   •  highest  priori;es?   •  needs?   •  preferences  for  selec;ng   products,  services,   consultants?      
  27. Head  Start  Administrator   •  Challenges?   •  Needs?   •  Requirements  for   adop;on?   Pre-­‐K  Administrator   Child  Care  Administrator  
  28. Know  the  landscape   What’s   going  on   with:    •  compe;tors   •  collaborators   •  funding   •  customers   •  research   •  related  fields  
  29. Listen  to  the  landscape   •  Google  alerts   •  Social  media   •  conferences   •  mee;ngs   •  surveys   •  journals   When  you  read  or  meet,  do  you   think,  “How  does  this  relate  to   my  brand  objec;ves?  
  30. Well,  in  addi;on  to   sessions,  we  should   network,  gather   “intel”  about  our  niche   and  compe;tors,  and   make  our  exper;se   shine.   What  should  we  do   while  we  are  at  the   conference?   Now  is  the  perfect  ;me  to  get   started  branding  yourself.  
  31. Ready  to  Be  a  Thought  Leader   •  hYp://  
  32. The  Start-­‐up  of  You   •  hYp://  
  33. All  Marketers  Tell  Stories   •  hYp://  
  34. Karen  Nemeth.  Ed.M.   @KarenNemethEDM   Fran S. Simon, M.Ed. @FSSimon Ques;ons ?