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2014 Overview of the Electrical Industry

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Revenue for full-line electrical distributors is estimated to reach at least $63 billion in 2014. What product and service offerings will contribute to the industry’s revenue? Who are the industry’s top customers? Find out all this and more.

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2014 Overview of the Electrical Industry

  1. 1. 2014 Overview of the Electrical IndustryNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OFELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORS
  2. 2. OVERVIEWNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OFELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORS The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) has more than 400 distributor companies, serving nearly 5,300 locations, and 208 allied and associate partners. Purpose • This report provides key information regarding sales, customers, and services as it pertains to members of the National Association on Electrical Distributors (NAED). Data • NAED member product offerings • NAED member service offerings • Key customer segments for NAED members • Key industry segments for NAED members Electrical Equipment Wholesaling Sales Trends • Industry customers by percent • Industry products by percent • Sales change 2010-13 for Full Line Distribution vs. Total Electrical Equipment Wholesaling • Full Line Distribution sales change by product line
  3. 3. *Distributor respondents onlyTop Three CustomersTop Four ProductsBoxes, Fittings, EnclosuresLamps, Lighting Controls, Lighting Fixtures, BallastsCircuit Protection DevicesWire; CableDrop Shipping88%79%76% Same DayDeliveryEarly a.m. DeliveryTop Three Inventory Management Services35% Electrical Contractor - CommercialIndustrial/- Original Equipment Mfr (OEM) Electrical Contractor - Residential18% 13% Top Three ServicesWire; Cable Cutting; Stripping* 72% 78% 84% Training & Education on ProductsEnergy Management Solutions85% 84% 82% 81%
  4. 4. Who Are Our Customers?* Average % of customer segments for NAED distributor members*These results are based on the average percentage of distributors reporting customers of each type; they will not total 100%. 36% Electrical contractors(commercial) Industrial/- Original Equipment Mfr (OEM) Electrical contractors (residential) Electrical contractors (other) Commercial facilitiesHotels; Hospitals; Schools; MallsGovernmentUtility18% 14% 6%6%5%5%4%
  5. 5. What Do We Sell? % of distributor respondents oering these products services. Tools, Testers or Labeling EquipmentBusway/Raceway/ConduitFire/Smoke/Life SafetyWiringDevicesIndustrial Control; AutomationDevicesPower Quality/ Stand-by PowerVoice; Sound; DataVDV/Low Voltage ProductsBuilding Automation DevicesLamps, Lighting Controls, Lighting Fixtures, BallastsCircuit ProtectionDevicesBoxes, Fittings, EnclosuresWire; CableConnection; Termination Equipment96% 96% 98% 96% 95% 94%83% 85%74% 64% 63% 96%96% 94% 77%
  6. 6. Delivery at night to a secure container on the job site24% 27% 53% 54% 59% 60% 74% 86% 92% 95% Second party warehouse close to the actual job siteBin storage at the distributor’s warehouse for products specic to the customerOn-site containers for storing distributors inventory at customer locationVendor Managed Inventory or Automatic reorderingKitting or assembly servicesEmergency delivery within two hoursEarly morning deliverySame day deliveryDrop shipping% of distributors respondents oering these products and servicesInventory Services We Oer
  7. 7. What Kind of Green Products Do You Provide? Energy management/ Green technology productsSolar energyElectric vehicle supply equipmentWind energy42%87% 39% 13% % of distributors oering these products
  8. 8. How do you feel the following items may impact theprotability of your company in 2014 compared to 2013?* NegativelyAbout the SamePositivelyNegativelyAbout the SamePositivelyHealth Care CostsOutside Competition for SalesTaxesE-commerce by Consumers* % of all respondents: distributors manufacturersTechnology Investments(i.e. automation)Stang, Hiring, Retention75% 36%35%28% 19% 7% 52% 11% 53% 12% 56% 16% 10% 44% 4% 51% 46%44%
  9. 9. Products Services SegmentationThis chart shows the size of the products or services that industry operators sell. It is based on the proportion of revenue each product or service segment contributes to total industry revenue. 21% 14% WiringLighting Fixtures11% Power distribution transformers6% Switchgear switchboard apparatus6% Motors generators35% Relay and industrial controls7% OtherSource: IBISWorld May 2014Total Electrical Equipment Wholesaling Revenue$161.0 billionBased on NAICS dened market. See Appendix for detailed market dention.
  10. 10. 10%Private and Public Power UtilitiesMajor Market SegmentationSource: IBISWorld May 2014This chart shows the size of the markets that buy the industry’s products or use its services. It is based on the proportion of revenue each buying segment contributes to total industry revenue. Commercial, institutional and governmentalConstructionIndustrial Users12% 34% 44% Total Electrical Equipment Wholesaling Revenue$161.0 billionBased on NAICS dened market. See Appendix for detailed market denition.