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The Importance of Good Work Relationships

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The Importance of Good Work Relationships

  1. 1. The Importance of Good Work Relationships Mykhailo Odyniuk
  2. 2. Disclaimer  It's my opinion  You can shouldn't agree  You can have an opposite opinion
  3. 3. Introduce  Importance of work relationships  Effect for me and my colleagues  Total impact on project
  4. 4. Emotions  You make a day for yourself and their colleagues  Negative emotions  Positive emotions  Indifference
  5. 5. Do you know who work with you?
  6. 6. Do you welcome your colleagues?
  7. 7. Are you interested in the affairs of your team?
  8. 8. People meet in the kitchen or in the smoking room!
  9. 9. Respect your partners and members of team as professionals.
  10. 10. Be polite and careful when you criticism of others!
  11. 11. Perfectionism when you coding but not when reviewing!
  12. 12. You should respect the personal space of others! Don't touch things of other people!
  13. 13. You should appreciate the time other people!
  14. 14. Thank You! Questions?
  15. 15. Contacts: Github: mlogix Twitter: @mlogixx Skype: m.odyniuk If life gives you question, Google gives you answers.